When A Giveaway Ends Up Being Much More.

I don’t often hear follow up from my giveaways, but one of the Claudette team sent me this email this morning and I thought it was worth putting up here. Victoria was the winner of the  Neon Dessous set earlier this month, and Lindsey from the Claudette team sent me an update with some fun pictures.

Here’s what she has to say:

The lucky girl who won your contest lived near by so I offered for her to come in for a fitting at our offices and to pick up her set. She walked in thinking she was a 34C and long behold ended up being a 32DD. Her mom even got fitted and thought she was a 38B and walked away in a 34E! They were both so happy and excited she won!

I’m so glad that Victoria got a great lingerie set and that Claudette refit two people into the right size! Thanks again to Claudette for sponsoring the giveaway.


Full Busted Pick of the Week: Linen DD+ Pintuck Tunic from Figleaves

So Florida got tropical storm Debby and Mississipi got…nothing. As of today, we’re looking ahead to 10 days of nearly 100 degree temperatures without a break. I’ve never lived in a place where huge rainstorms were welcomed with open arms before, but I’m starting to understand why people are such a fan of them. It doesn’t help that I’ve spent most of the past two weeks in situations that require conservative necklines, stockings and knee length skirts. Since I don’t have any in person meetings this week, I’m spending it in cool comfortable clothes while living off mint iced tea. That said, I don’t want to feel awkward if I have to talk to the delivery guy or walk to the farmer’s market, which is why this dress is my pick of the week. 

Figleaves is such a friendly retailer for full busted women so I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that we’ve even been thoughtfully included in their linen dress line. This dress has no buttons unlike their other offerings, but also features an elasticated underbust for comfort. I’d wear this with a colorful belt, some casual gold jewelry and my new sandals that I just got.

What do you wear to beat the heat?

Fashion Inspiration From Moonrise Kingdom!

I finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom on Friday! It finally opened here. Apparently, when they say limited release they do not mean medium size southern cities. There’s so much good stuff in the movie: troubled kids actually behaving like nuanced human beings, fantastic repurposing of Benjamin Britten’s music and all of the typical Wes Anderson wackiness. What really stuck with me over the weekend was the color palette and the fashions. I’ve put together some items which are to my eye a more grown up interpretation of the styles seen in the movie (while trying to avoid any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen it yet).

1. A Wear Belted Shorts by ASOS
I’ve never been a huge fan of uniforms but the way the Khaki Scout uniforms look in this movie is sure to inspire tons of fashionable trends. From homemade badges to colorful scarves, each boy decorates his uniform in a unique and artistic way. These shorts definitely reflect the spirit of the scouts with their attached orange belt.

2. Caprice Mi-Bas Stockings by Philippe Matignon
I really need to figure out how to wear knee high stockings. In the movie, Suzy is never without her knee high socks, even when hiking through the woods. While they look appropriate on her 12 year old character, these are a great grown up version for the rest of us.

3. Calico Cat
While cats aren’t really fashion accessories (and shouldn’t be purchased/adopted as such) I definitely believe that calico kitten owners will feel slightly superior after they see this movie.

4. Wicker Cat Carrier by Oak and Willow Garden
I thought that Suzy’s wicker cat carrier/purse must have been a vintage piece but it turns out places still make stuff like this. I love this version from Oak and Willow garden, although it’s slightly different than the one in the movie.

5. Peter Pan Collar Pintuck Trim Blouse by ASOS
Moonrise Kingdom is awash in dresses with Peter Pan collars on them, but I love this highly wearable blouse version as well. This would look wonderful with a pencil skirt and a plain pair of heels for a stylish day at work.

6. Corningware Blue Cornflower Coffee Pot
I’m crazy about vintage housewares and I’ve had my eye on some Corningware pieces for awhile now. This coffee pot made a brief cameo in Moonrise Kingdom and looked adorable. I may end up getting the teapot version of this off Ebay soon.

7. Gourd Garden Dress by Modcloth
This movie has the most fantastic color palette of oranges and yellows. This dress would fit right in.

8. Citrus Chic Dress by Modcloth
This dress is a fun and wearable take on 60′s fashions. Pair it with a fun pair of heels and a plain belt and you have a great summer outfit for multiple occasions.

9. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle
In the movie Suzy declares her love for fantasy novels with girls in them. My preferences at her age tended to run the same way, which is how I became a lifelong fan of Madeline L’Engle. I was horribly upset when she died a few years ago. If you’ve never read the Wrinkle in Time series, you should. If you have, you should check out her adult novels which are both relatable and profound.

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? What did you think of it? Are you anti or pro Peter Pan collar?

Etsy Lingerie Round Up from The Bare Intimates!

Erinn of The Bare Intimates and I have a definite mutal admiration society going on. I love her approach to lingerie and graphics and her Etsy posts are one of my favorite. I was also thrilled to see that she was mentioned in The Lingerie Addict’s 5 Lingerie Blogs to Follow In 2012 article along with me! 

Erinn is the expert at finding great lingerie on Etsy, which is full of amazing independent designers. She was nice enough do a guest post today to help us sort out the best bits for our own lingerie drawers. 

Confession: I spend way too much time on Etsy. Probably way more than the average person and certainly too much time for my own good. I just can’t get enough of the hand made world and I love wearing, decorating and using hand made goods in my every day life. When I started blogging about lingerie, I knew I absolutely wanted to dive in to the world of Etsy Lingerie…and let me tell you – it does not disappoint!

From panties to bras and corsets to chemises, you can find it all on Etsy. Made to measure pieces flood their database, each with delicate designs and exquisite craftsmanship. I adore the summer time collections the most – so many flowing, printed fabrics and crisp designs. I’m rounding up a few of my favorites that I can’t get enough of these past few weeks.

Image by The Bare Intimates

1 // Pale Rose Cotton Ruffle Bra – I absolutely adore this bra. Hand Crocheted from a durable cotton yarn, this could even double as a bikini top because it’s pool and ocean safe. The weaving is tight enough to provide just the right amount of coverage.

2 // Lolita Flowers Bra – I can’t get enough of this bra this summer. The pattern is perfection, and you’ll get all the coverage and boost you need with the underwired support.

3 // Floral Underwire Bra – this bra is a girly girl’s dream. Made from flower printed silk satin and French leavers lace, the bright pops of coral and orange are my favorite.

4 // Tea Rose Cotton Fringe Bra – Fringe is on my good side this year. I love that you can sport this around the house, to a summer music festival or to a beachside bonfire. Unleash your inner flower child and enjoy the summer!

 1 // Polka Dot Panties – These magenta polka dots sold me instantly, and then when the giant satin bow in the front AND the scalloped lace edges caught my eye…well, let’s just say they were instantly ordered.

2 // High Rise Retro Lace Panties – These navy high waisted panties are some of my favorite. Classic lace combined with Swarovski crystals – talk about summer elegance!

3 // Floral Bikini Panty – I love these panties. I can’t decide what I love most about them – the floral printed silk satin and French leavers lace combination, or the soft lavender lace and yellow scalloped edges.

4 // Satin Elastic Panties – These cheeky panties are perfection from the color to the cut. Wouldn’t you agree?

Image by The Bare Intimates

1 // Cotton ‘Coquette’ Liberty Print Babydoll & Knickers Set – This set just screams summer to me. I adore liberty prints and this is so fresh and airy that it would be perfect for a Florida summer.

2 // Wedding Night Lingerie Set – This organza nightgown and bolero has been on my wish list for ages – and I’m already married! It’s so romantic with its European details and textures.

3 // Organic Cotton Underwire Bra and Panties – This set needs to get in my closest stat! Made from Organic cotton and French Leavers lace, this modern bra and panties looks like something you’d find in a French boutique.

4 // Maria Lace Set – This seductive set would be just darling on a vintage summer bride, no? I love the detailing in the top and the ruffled hem on the bottoms.

5 // White Grecian Nightgown – If you could see my every day wardrobe, you’d instantly realize it’s filled with Grecian inspired dresses. I love draped fabrics and loose fitting but still flattering patterns. This Grecian nightgown is so, so pretty.

6 // Linen Bralette and Shorts – This preppy, linen set is so perfect for us Southern ladies. It’s cool, crisp and comfy – and really what more do you need to get through these Southern Summers?

So much pretty, right? I admire Etsy Lingerie designers for their independence, artsy inspirations and dedication to their craft. Do you have any favorite pieces?



Making Underwear Outerwear

Looking at, and trying on lingerie all day can definitely start to affect what I wear.  Sometimes I come across a bra and panty set, or a bustier that is just so adorable I want to wear it out of the house.  Unfortunately, those types of decisions are generally frowned upon in society.  The good news is that there are increasingly more ways to work your underwear into becoming part of your outerwear, in an acceptable fashion.

But what I’ve found, for myself at least, is that I tend to wear garments strictly as they’re modeled.  I spot a lace camisole and the model is braless and lounging with a feather boa? I’ll be doing the same.  Or that floral kimono robe that’s being shown with sky-high heels and the belt loosely undone?  You can bet I’ll be parading around my room as if I’m the actual model.  It isn’t until I fall so in love with a garment that I just have to let it leave the house and be a main character in my outfit, that I have my eureka! moment and everything falls into place–appropriately.

Real quick, lets just do a little review of what it is I’m talking about…

If you do this in your lace bed dress, stay inside:

Image from Lingerie Talk

Or try this street friendly version!

Image from A Glamorous Little Side Project

One of the easiest ways to start incorporating your items in your everyday outerwear is using a body suit and a skirt.  Just your body and sheer lace is totally sexy in the bedroom, but even the most liberal of cities might blush at this as outerwear.  Throw on a bra, and layer a white camisole underneath, then top it off with a high waisted pencil skirt, or even high waisted shorts.  And I think that a nicely fitted blazer never hurts any outfit.  Love love love this piece from Lola Haze.

Camisoles are another great piece to transition from night to day.  Often modeled without a bra and with matching panties, this is an easy fix.  Just grab a bra and throw pants or a skirt on top of those matching panties and you’re street approved. Couldn’t decide which I liked better from Amuse Bouche–the floral lace, floral appliqués, or the hair.

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche










This is another camisole from Sonata Lingerie which seems more like a blouse to me, but it would be adorable wherever and however you choose to wear it–with jeans, tucked into a skirt, under a blazer, or just with the matching panties in your own home!

Bella Bella Boutique

Kimonos and bed jackets are current trends that you can show off in multiple fashions.  If you need a little refresher on the trend click here.  I use them the same way I would use a sweater or a tunic–throw together to make leggings/jeans and a tank top look super fancy when you really didn’t have to try that hard at all :)  These are two of my favorites, a bed jacket from Brown Belly (found at Etsy), and a wrap that can double as a dress from Between the Sheets.


Between the Sheets









Now that I’m mastering the transition from boudoir to public areas, I’ll have just another excuse to expand my lingerie wardrobe! What’s your favorite way to incorporate your lingerie pieces into everyday outfits?

Birchbox Review June 2012: There’s A First Time For Everything

In an effort to shake up my look a bit, I signed up for Birchbox last month. The whole thing was a mystery to me when I signed up, but I had heard good things about it from fellow bloggers and $10 seemed like a reasonable amount of money to try something new. I’m pretty new to the beauty product thing, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like anything or not. Surprisingly, I really loved my whole Birchbox and am really excited about what will show up next month.

The Products:

Cynthia Rowley Bandaids:

I’ve already read some complaints about this item but I actually loved it. I’d just run out of band-aids and these are an extra cute version. I’m not sure I’d spend the money on them, but they’re cute and don’t require a trip to the store so I’m happy.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner:

My Eyeko stick was black and not one of the colorful ones, but it’s definitely motivated me to experiment with eye makeup. I’ve never tried eyeliner for fear that I’d poke myself in the eye, but this seems reasonably easy to get a straight line with. It also lasts really well. I tried it out on my hand and it lasted the whole day with no smudges.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac:

I really love this stuff. I’m not a huge fan of powder blush, but this gives you a nice natural flush that isn’t too pink. It also looks great on my lips, although I’m not sure that it will replace my Stila glosses. For now, it’s great to throw in my purse when I have to be out of the house for long periods of time.

Melvita Floral Water:

I love this stuff. It’s nearly 100 degrees here every day and this rose water is really hydrating and refreshing. I have extra dry sensitive skin and this is great for a refresh when I’m at my desk. I’m not sure I love it enough to pay full price for it, but I can definitely see how it would help you out on a long plane flight or trip.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream:

I was really excited when this cream was marked for sensitive skin and eczema, since I have major issues with both of those. Strangely enough, I’ve liked it the most as a chapstick but it’s a great heavy duty moisturizer as well.  A little goes a long way and it seems to stick around better than lots of other ones that I’ve tried.

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? How do you like it?

Five Blogs That I Love!

All bloggers spend a lot of time reading well…other bloggers. Copywriters also have to spend lots of time reading other blogs, which basically has me convinced that I read twice as many blogs as the normal blogger. What I don’t do is tell people about them, which is a shame. I’m trying to do better today by telling you about some of my favorite blogs currently and why you too should check them out.

Miss Underpinnings Blog:

Cece is a real life professional bra fitter who blogs about full busted bra matters, adorable clothes and other fun stuff. She’s also funny and writes in a real voice that I find addicting. I love her blog so much that I don’t even resent that she can still wear the same skirt that she got in seventh grade.


Darlene is the owner of Campbell and Kate shirts but also runs the Hourglassy blog about all matters full busted. She has great fashion and lingerie advice and her new series of columns about how to alter your clothes has me wishing that I owned a sewing machine. When you want real actionable information about full busted matters, Darlene is the woman to go to.

Ash in Fashion:

Ash is a New Orleans based plus size fashion blogger. She’s also one of the smartest and most thoughtful bloggers out there. Her blog covers far more than outfits and makeup. She frequently takes on topics that other bloggers don’t touch and her Friday roundup posts are some of the best on the internet.

The Fab Gabs Vintage Blog:

Julie runs one of my favorite vintage stores, but has recently revived her blog with a serious challenge. She’s trying to lose 50 pounds (the same amount I am) while wearing 365 different ensembles and blogging about every day of it. Her closet is all vintage and her outfits are amazing. I also value her perspective on healthy weight loss and the challenges that it presents. I’m glad that she’s back for a year and hope that she’ll keep posting far beyond that!

Braless In Brazil:

June lives in Brazil, where bras are apparently square and one size fits all. She’s valiantly ordering her bras from the UK and trying to rebuild her closet after some major weight loss. June is also one of the founders of the Bra Band Project, which is out to prove that lots of women wear 28 and 30 band bras.

What bloggers do you love that I’ve missed?

Large Cup Bra Review: The Ewa Michalak PL Lato and PL Carmen

Anyone who knows me also knows that I can’t say enough good things about the Polish bra brands that are gaining popularity in the US recently. I’ve now tried both Ewa Michalak and Kris Line and would love to try Comexim as well once I figure out how to!

I’ve now been through several sets of Ewa Michalak bras at several different sizes, which is why I haven’t reviewed any until now. It seems like just as I get settled, I drop a band size and have to reorder. However, I’ve seen lots of people talking about these two bras so it seemed like a double review was in order.

The PL Lato:

This bra contains some of my favorite elements: elegant florals, turquoise and great uplift. I’ll admit to being fairly biased and buying almost all PL styles from Ewa these days. There really just aren’t any other bras like them on the market. The straps on this are thinner than on some Ewas but still provide plenty of support. I tend to go up a cup size for plunges and up a band size for Ewa, so I bought this bra in a 34J (75J). I’ve had it for more than a month now and it has held up incredibly well considering that I’m wearing it multiple days of the week. I bought the thong to go with it and again I’m impressed that Ewa Michalak’s matching panties seem to great the same great design attention that their bras do. I love the asymetrical bow detail on the thong that goes with this set.

This band has a stretchier band than some Ewa bras, which means between band stretch and dieting I went from the loosest setting to the tightest fairly quickly. If I bought another one of these, I might buy my usual band size due to the stretch.

For more reviews of the Lato, check out Curvy Wordy’s blog!

The PL Carmen:

This may truly be the sexiest and most supportive bra that I’ve ever had. The lacy overlay on the bra is wonderfully detailed and the giant bows are fantastic. I bought this in a 34J (75J) as well, but the back hasn’t stretched nearly as much as the Lato. This bra was a little larger in the cup than the Lato, but I’ve found that all Ewa Michalak bras stretch a bit in the cups once you wear them a few times. I’m extra impressed with the ruffle detailing on this bra. It’s prominent and sexy without showing through your clothes which makes this a very wearable bra for me.

I bought the thong to go with this and it’s just as comfortable as all of the other Ewa Michalak thongs. I’m getting close to having gone through six or seven Ewa sets at this point and they’ve all been great. In terms of price, both of these bras and thongs with shipping cost me a little over $100. It’s hard to resist ordering tons of bras when the price and the quality is so good. I’m almost into a 30 band size, so I’m looking forward to trying out some of Ewa’s newest designs when she comes out with them!

We’re branching out into fashion articles!

Today I have guest posts up at two great fashion and beauty blogs! I’m going to be writing more about fashion for curvy and busty women in the coming months as I try and switch up my look some, so please let me know what kinds of articles you’d like to see.

For more about how to use hair accessories to insert extra personality into your work outfits, check out this piece on The Bare Intimates.

My piece featuring three great dresses for busty women that are all under $50 is up on Hourglassy today as well.

Sexy At Any Size: The Claudette Neon Dessous Giveaway!

As someone who is working on losing weight, I hear a lot about it from other people. Lots of people tell me I look skinnier and then go on to tell me about how much weight they lost. Some women tell me I shouldn’t be losing weight at all because I’m just giving into some male generated notion of how women should look. Some women have told me about how they’ve lost incredible amounts of weight and still feel fat in their size six dresses.

All of this says to me that whether you’re losing weight or not, there is a value in loving the body you have currently.  It’s easy to spot our flaws, but much harder to find things we really love about our current bodies. It doesn’t help that many companies make bras for one size range or another, instead of a wide range. If you’re in-between categories, or just like the look of one company but can’t fit into their bras then it’s easy to feel like you just don’t fit in. 

This is one of the many reasons I love Claudette. Their bras currently come in band sizes 30 to 38 (with 28 bands in Spring 2013!), and their cup sizes range from A through G. They’re promising to expand up to a K cup in Fall 2013 as well.  Instead of forcing women into categories by size, they’re helping spread the message that you can feel sexy (and wear a sheer mesh neon colored bra!) at any size.

I started chatting with the Claudette team when they had just launched the Neon Dessous line and you can now find it in Bare Necessities and tons of other online boutiques like Faire Frou Frou. They’re also the nicest crew of people you’ll ever meet and they’re working hard to keep up with demand for a wider range of sizes. As soon as they go above a G cup, I intend to pick up the whole line. I loved my pink dessous when I was a smaller size!

If you do fit into their size range you’re in luck today, as Claudette has been nice enough to partner with me to give away their new Neon Dessous bra in turquoise! If you’re in the 30A to 38G size range then there is a version of this bra to fit you.

To Enter:

1. “Like” Love Claudette on Facebook. 

2. Enter your information into the Rafflecopter widget below and leave a comment saying what the best feature of your body is. Nothing aspirational or judgmental, just what your favorite feature of your body today is. 

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