Friday Full Bust Roundup: Body Images and Disney Princesses

It’s been a long week here! Hurricane Isaac mostly passed us by but between the state of emergency, prepping for any potential danger and watching depressing pictures of my favorite city flooding on the news I feel pretty worn out. Did you guys get any crazy weather this week?

I’ve been thinking lots about body image this week, mostly as a result of this interview I did for Ash In Fashion. It’s the first really personal interview that I’ve done, but it covers a lot of ground and I found myself talking about lots of things I don’t normally open up about.

In other body image news, this piece from the Butterfly Collection blog about how to help a busty teen emotionally is very much worth reading. I wish I’d had someone to do this for me when I was 16. Hell, I wish I’d had someone to do this for me when I was 22.

And last but certainly not least, this Tumblr full of people who have decided to stop hating their bodies is really inspiring.

If you’re a fan of Disney Princesses, than you need to check out these Disney Princess inspired illustrations featuring lingerie. I’ll take both Cinderella and Belle’s lingerie sets, please.

I was featured (along with some other amazing bloggers) on Bra Queen’s site this week. I love all the different perspectives we have on blogging.

Lastly, I’m hoping that you readers can help me find the perfect overnight bag. I love this one from Disaster Designs, but it’s $109 which seems like a lot for something I won’t use very much. I’m going to take a quick mini-vacation in the French Quarter next month and want a cute bag that will hold 3 or 4 days of light clothes, one or two pairs of shoes, and some other basics. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Eight Dreamy End of Summer Choices for Full Busted and Curvy Women

When I was a kid, September meant that you broke out the heavy coats and sweaters that you’d stored all winter. Now that I live in the South where there isn’t a real cold season and bundling up means throwing on a cardigan, I’m seeing my wardrobe as one year round thing rather than as seasons. Luckily, this means I get to indulge my love for delicate girly things all year round!

Traditionally, fuller busted woman have more trouble wearing more frilly and feminine pieces. Today, I’ve put together a list of eight pieces that will work beautifully for all curvy women.

1. Bernini Dress by Shabby Apple
I saw To Rome With Love a few months ago, and this dress reminds me of the things that the stylish Italian women wore in that movie. I like my dresses to be both beautiful and practical, so this dress fits the bill perfectly. It runs large at the bust to accommodate fuller busted women, is made from a comfy stretch fabric, and can be machine washed.

2. Avery Shoes by Miz Mooz
I first found out about Miz Mooz shoes on Ash’s blog and have been dying to try some ever since. I’m normally stuck in flats due to back and neck issues, but these may be my answer when I want to wear heels. They’re created to be extra comfortable and all of their offerings are seriously cute.

3. Salon Chaton Little Lemon Cake Knicker
They’re handmade panties inspired by petit fours. What more do you need to know to fall in love with these?

4. HM Finezja Bra by Ewa Michalak
I’m heartbroken that this style of bra isn’t made in larger cup sizes. Hopefully one day Ewa will figure out how to expand the size range in this shape. Luckily, Cece has a great review here if you want more details about sizing. I love the delicate lace and the pale pink color.

5. Salon Chaton Red Velvet Torta Knicker
I’m not a fan of actual red velvet cake, but these panties are gorgeous. Again, they’re part of the Salon Chaton Petit Four range and are just perfectly delicate.

6. Luscious Dress in Mint with Mira the Mermaid by Pinup Couture
I’m so glad that vintage colors are coming back into style. I’m seeing them everywhere — I even saw a beautiful mint green vintage car driving through my neighborhood last week! This dress is made of a thick t-shirt material, so you can dress it up or wear it when you’d otherwise throw on a pair of jeans. The mermaid embroidery is slightly cheeky without channeling that whole sailor tattoo thing.

7. Primrose Bra by Bravissimo
This cheerful bra is just too pretty to resist. Thrillingly, it also is available up to a K cup! It’s the lingerie version of lemon sorbet.

8. Garden Dream Bow Flats by Ruche
As I said earlier, I mostly wear flats. It’s surprisingly hard to find cute flats these days! Luckily, these shoes by Ruche are affordable and would go with everything.

What are your favorite girly or delicate pieces in your wardrobe? Which is your favorite piece on the list?

Dresses for Curves Review: Portofino by Day Dress by Eliza Parker

I would like to start by pointing out that I took tons of pictures of this dress for this review. Predictably, Murphy’s Law took over and the camera card is now stuck a computer hard drive accidentally so we’ll have to make do with this one with spotty sun lighting.

I did a designer interview with Eliza Parker a little while ago, and was really flattered when they offered to send me a dress. I was also excited because I’ve never owned a maxi dress before, but after seeing gorgeous versions of them on other bloggers I was dying to give one a try. I asked to try out the Portofino by Day in Deep Magenta in a 10/12. I was a little nervous, because the measurements of the dress are a 43″ bust, a 36″ waist and 44″ hips. I was going to be under all the measurements except for the bust one, and I really wasn’t sure it would fit.

As you can see, the color of the dress is different in person. I was actually pleased by this, since I own tons of dark magenta and the dress is more of a rich plum color in person. It’s made out of an incredibly high quality jersey material, which means it stretches and looks slimming on. It also feels like you’re wearing the world’s most comfortable and glamourous nightgown (in the best possible way!). The band around the waist made the fit just perfect.

Eliza Parker sells a Portofino by Night version of this dress that has dressier fabric, but I’ve tried dressing this up and down and it works for a wide variety of occasions. I’ve worn it running errands around town with purple and pink flats and out with gold jewelry and heels. I’m not sure it would make it to a black tie ball or a symphony, but it will work for just about anything else life throws at you. When I’m wearing it for work or quick errands, I throw a black tank on under it. It looks long on me in these pictures, but it is really the perfect length for my 5’4″ frame. I can wear it with heels or with flats. This may change as I lose more weight, but it will be easy to have it taken up at that point.

My ultimate review (and if you know me you’ll know that this is a big deal) is that I would happily pay full price for this dress and feel like i had gotten a good deal. I’ll definitely be back for more from Eliza Parker, especially since they have such great end of season sales. As I get older I’m learning that you honestly get what you pay for, and Eliza Parker pieces are worth the price tag.

Naked Princess Unveils Full Busted Bralettes for Spring/Summer 2013.

Image used with permission of Naked Princess

These gorgeous pictures showed up in my inbox on Friday, so I’m really excited to share them. Naked Princess has now added two pieces for full busted women to their Spring/Summer 2013 lineup. These bralettes are designed to be pretty, luxurious and supportive. They will come in a variety of colors that range from bright to basic as well.

Image used with permission of Naked Princess

Naked Princess has been great about creating a line that looks fantastic on all shapes and sizes, so it’s nice to see them putting out pieces that include full busted women as well. I’m particularly in love with the retro feel of the Silk Chiffon Bralette.

What do you think of the new bras from Naked Princess?

Full Bust Friday Roundup: Can We Just Decide Which Way We Want To Photoshop Women Already?

I had this issue earlier this week when I went to do up a pair of high heeled shoes. Even if you’re in shape, you can’t always lean forward comfortably when you’re full busted. In addition, Busty Girl Comics just reached their 200th comic! Go check out her work if you haven’t already.

In bizarro fashion news, the string of weird body/photoshopping controversies has a new entry. Now, we’re photoshopping women bigger rather than smaller. Apparently it’s all in the name of “health”, but that still equates health to body size. It’s like some crazy opposite day thing with all the stupidity of the original issue. Size doesn’t always indicate health, guys. However, photoshopping pictures to make women crave unrealistic body types never works out well for anyone.

Miss Underpinnings reviewed her new Ewa Michalak bra this week, which I am terribly jealous of. It’s pink and girly and gorgeous on her. I really hope they come out with more girly PL styles soon.

Every time someone I know tells me they are going on a cleanse diet I assume they’re kidding, but lots of people love them (including some sane people that I know and respect, so I may be biased). That said, this seems like an honest and hilarious review of one of them. I think I’d be dead on day three.

I’m not nearly as good about following other bloggers as I should be, but the Sweet Nothings NYC blog has popped up on my radar recently and I’m in love. She’s fun, sassy, and a hell of a writer. She also blogs about baking and dancing along with lingerie. I hereby invite her to be my new best friend.

Have a great weekend everyone! Any and all flu recovery tips are appreciated if you want to leave them in the comments. 

The Quick and Dirty Definitive Guide To Lingerie Marketing

I have a confession: I’ve been meaning to put this post together for a long time and I’ve only now gotten around to it since I’ve had the flu this week. I write a ton of columns and I’m pretty terrible at advertising the fact. Lots of people read my Lingerie Addict stuff, but I also write tons of marketing articles. When you put them all together, they make a nifty guide for those looking for some advice.

Today, armed with chicken soup and my trusty canine crusader, I’ve created a mini-marketing guide for you! All of these articles are relevant, short, and will help you jazz up your marketing. They cover SEO and keywords, press kits, web copy, upsells, ways to talk to your audience, ways to make more money, and the ever awkward but necessary lecture on how not to get screwed by an unknown service provider. If you still have questions at the end, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get to them later today.

The Quick and Dirty Definitive Guide To Lingerie Marketing:

1. Four Reasons You Need Original Product Descriptions (And Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Write Them)

2. Three Reasons to Create Your Press Kit and Dump Your Outdated Press Releases

3. Five Ways To Increase Sales For Your Online Lingerie Business

4. The Power of Personality: How The Right Story Can Turn People Into Lifelong Customers

5. Three Easy Ways to Build Upsells Into Your Business

6. Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Copywriter

7. Four Summer Marketing Tasks for Your Lingerie Business or Brand

Guest Boutique Review: New Vision Lingerie Boutique

Kelsey is back! This time she’s guest posting about her lingerie boutique discovery in Lake Placid. I’m really fascinated by boutique reviews, since I don’t get to do many and I have to buy off the internet so heavily. Although, New Vision would have had me at water and chocolates too!

Ever since I started learning more about the lingerie industry, I’m fascinated with what’s actually out there on the market and not just conveniently located at my nearest Victoria’s Secret.  Turns out, there are more, and way better options.  Unfortunately, living in Poughkeepsie, New York, there aren’t tons of options of lingerie stores besides the regular big chains, and department stores.  I’ve found that department stores generally carry a pretty good selection of brands, but there’s obviously still a difference from a boutique with associates that are specialized, and actually interested in the garments.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that although the beauty of the internet gives me access to pretty much any brand of lingerie I want, it’s not the same as visiting the store, chatting with the workers, and yes, actually trying something on.

It’s funny I should talk about the value of trying things on since I’m normally a shopper who prefers to “wing it” instead going through the process of actually taking off my clothes, putting on something that probably won’t fit right, just to have to change back into my original clothes.  It’s exhausting!  However, after I blogged about my first real bra fitting (yes, I’m a real girl now!), learning my actual size, and feeling how a bra should actually fit, I accepted that it would be helpful to try a couple bras on if I have the benefit of being in an actual store.

Which brings me to my main point–I was recently in Lake Placid, New York for our annual family vacation.  I’m a “black sheep” of sorts in my family, they all enjoy being outdoorsy and hiking 10 miles a day, where I’m more of a lay-by-the-pool-with-a-drink kind of vacationer.  Alas, in a town like Lake Placid, filled with quirky gift shops and hiking stores, I did manage to find a lingerie boutique, New Vision Lingerie.  The name is fitting to one of the many reasons I love lingerie, it gives you a new way to see yourself.

 Inside, it was filled with walls and walls full of bras. Pretty much every wall looked like this from floor to ceiling, so there certainly wasn’t a lack of options.

Even things I didn’t know I wanted somehow manifested themselves in this small shop in an even smaller town.  Like this piece from the bridal wall.  I’m nowhere close wanting to settle down, but after staring drooling at the bridal pieces, I started warming up to the idea…

It was a great opportunity to actually try on brands that I’ve seen online, but haven’t gotten around to seeing in a store.  The fitting rooms were roomy and had great lighting (which really helps when you’re trying on a bra after eating a big meal…), and a measuring tape was in there too.  Just out of curiosity, I measured myself again to see if I really was a 28D that another store had told me.  Turns out I was, and Victoria’s intriguing little secret is really just hiding your true bra size from you.  I guess I’m a little miffed that I went five-ish years being told I was a 34B.  New Vision Lingerie also offered free water and chocolate by the dressings rooms too, talk about customer service!

I love anything with "free" and "chocolate" :)

Just like the other boutique I had been in, I was given about a million different options in a couple different sizes to see what was the most comfortable.  While they didn’t carry the 28D in the white push-up bra I had my heart set on, the 28C fit just as well.  I walked out with the white bra from Affinitas, matching lace panties, and of course I couldn’t pass up the wonderful Jezebel bustier with garter straps.  

Although I put up with a lot of things that were out of my element on this adventurous vacation, I stumbled up New Vision Lingerie on the last night in town and took it as a sign that it was my reward for making it through another family vacation.  But it also reminded me that until you’re comfortable knowing how you fit into certain brands and styles, really the only way to figure it out is through the trial and error of dressing rooms.  And there’s no better place to do it than a boutique, where the associates are happy to help, and the quality of the shopping experience is almost as good as that of the products.

Happy shopping!

Pick of the Week: Claudette En Dentelle Intense Underwired Bra

Image via Figleaves

I haven’t been talking as much about Claudette lately, but I’m so happy to see all of their new stuff come out. When Claudette shows up in articles people tend to focus on their amazing Neon Dessous line, but they’ve created some new styles for this season that are just as spectacular.

I saw this style last February at Curve and fell in love with it. Like the Neon Dessous, it comes in multiple electric colors and up to a G cup. It’s a great alternative for people who feel like the Neon Dessous line is just a little too bold. Claudette is rapidly expanding their range to include 28 backs and K cups, which will make their line just about perfect.

Birthday Giveaway At Hopeless Lingerie!

I never post on weekends, but this giveaway is too great to pass up. Think of this as an addendum to the Friday round-up, if you will.

Hopeless Lingerie is one of my favorite lingerie designers, so I’m extra thrilled to see that she’s doing a birthday giveaway. She creates elegant pieces that range from basics to fun sheer bodysuits. Her work is inspired by B movies and other fun things.

The giveaway only goes until Sunday, so make sure to get your entries in quickly! The winner will get $200 to spend in her fabulous store.

Full Bust Friday Roundup: US Bra Sizes and Shopping Issues

It’s Friday! I feel like I should have more to say here, except I’m totally exhausted and mostly brain dead after this week. Luckily between my tea from the turkish grocery and my weekly link file, we’re good to go.

I ordered this bra from the US version of ASOS this week. It’s the first time I’ve ordered in US sizes and…just ugh. I know it’s just a letter and a number, but ordering a 32M bra is hard to get my head around. Does anyone else feel like UK sizes are just better all around, both in terms of our psyches and logic?

I’ve been doing lots of window shopping online this week. Candidly, I’m really struggling with this whole weight loss and clothing thing. So far I’ve lost 7 pounds and gotten out of the “obese” section of the BMI. I’ve definitely shaped up, but haven’t fully gone down a size yet. So, to buy or not to buy? I like to look nice and I have some pieces that really need to be replaced. I also feel like I should be “saving up” for when I’m at my goal, which simultaneously seems incredibly far away. So, what do you guys do? Do you buy clothes during the process or save your shopping for a treat at the end? I could really use some advice at this point. 

Speaking of shopping, I think these purple cashmere thigh highs are the coolest thing ever.

Ash has a great preview of the Miz Mooz Fall/Winter stuff and I love all these shoes. I’m not even a huge shoe person, so that’s saying something.

What are your plans for the weekend? What items are you coveting? Leave a comment and let me know!