Get Ready for Spring with a Soak Wash Giveaway!

Since I didn’t go to Curve NYC this week, I got to stay home and bask in a slow inbox while I worked. I also started my spring cleaning, which involves sorting through my clothes and finally tackling that basket of handwash only stuff that has been sitting around for a month. I suspect my overflowing handwash laundry hamper isn’t unique, so the Soak Wash team and I wanted to make it a little easier for you this week!

The newest Soak scent is Yuzu, which I was lucky enough to try out this week. Their website describes it as a light citrus scent combined with crushed eucalyptus  but to me it just smells delicious. If you have sensitive skin, Soak Wash products are amazing. They are also eco-friendly and phosphate free, which means you can basically bathe in the stuff if you love it that much. In confidence, I’ve been known to bathe Didy in it in a pinch when I’ve run out of dog shampoo (although he’s really embarrassed when he smells like Celebration for two days).

This contest is open to everyone, so go ahead and start entering! It will close on March 7th, when I’ll email a winner.

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Sally Jones Launches “Sirens” – A New DD+ Collection!

I first ran into Sally Jones through the boutique Violet’s Knickers ages ago, and immediately put them into the category of designer that I loved but wouldn’t ever get to wear. These two pieces in their Song Bird collection took my breath away:

Image via Violet's Knickers

Image via Violet's Knickers

All of this means I was extra excited when I saw that Sally Jones is expanding their range to include a new DD+ collection influenced by vintage screen starlets called “Sirens”. In addition to having the same great aesthetic as the regular Sally Jones line, it’s all gorgeous yet wearable luxury nightwear. As much as I love a great bra and panty set, the sleepwear side of the full bust world has been lagging behind the more traditional part of it. It’s great to see indie designers expanding the territory into new categories like this. The new collection will run from XS to XL and will include nightgowns with matching robes, french knickers, light control knickers, and tangas.

Image via Sally Jones

This red plunging nightgown is at the top of my wish list for the new season. It’s classic and sexy, but still basic enough to be wearable around the house.

Image via Sally Jones

I’ve wanted the perfect classic long nightgown for ages now, and this one looks amazing. While these pieces aren’t bra sized, they are built with underbust support, reinforced cups with side support, and adjustable straps.

Image via Sally Jones

Pieces will come in black, white, purple and red which means the line should function as a great luxury basics range. I’ve seen some amazing full bust friendly pieces made out of stretch silk, so I’m really optimistic about the designs and materials of this new line.

Pieces should be available in August, which means I have until then to track down a UK or US based supplier!

What do you think of the new “Sirens” line? Is it your cup of tea?

Full Busted Bra Review: The Bravissimo Mai Blossom Bra and Darling Heart Bra

Image via Bravissimo

After having such good luck with the Satine bras from Bravissimo, I thought I’d try some of their non-plunge offerings as well I was mostly motivated by the new Darling Heart set, but was ecstatic to see that the Mai Blossom set in orange had been put on sale in my size as well. I’ve never met a bright orange bra that I was able to resist!

Image via Bravissimo

I had heard that Bravissimo brand bras tend to run smaller in the cup, so I picked up both in a 32JJ instead of my usual 32J. I also grabbed both matching thongs in a size large, since I thought that both bras were unique enough that finding matching underwear might be difficult.

Bravissimo produces sheer bras in the lower cup sizes and the same bras with extra lining in larger cup sizes. This can make it hard to tell what your HH+ cup bra will look like, but thankfully they’ve started putting up photos of the bras with the extra lining on Facebook. I tried to grab pictures of the bras, but none of my came out as accurately in terms of color as the ones from Bravissimo did. Here’s the Darling Heart with the extra lining:

Image via Bravissimo

I don’t mind the extra lining, but I’ve heard some people complain that it looks weird with the sheer matching underwear. Depending on how devoted you are to completely matching sets, this may or may not be an issue.

Both bras were on the tighter side of a 32 band, but still perfectly wearable. If you’ve tried the Satine, these bands are markedly tighter (as much as a whole size tighter). Both bras were a great fit in the cups and were extremely supportive, but also seemed like very different bras. The Mai Blossom has a thick and very stiff section in the cups with a ribbon decoration at the top. It’s a stiffer bra and the ribbon would cut in easily in the wrong size. I suspect this may be one of the reasons that people size up in this style – an open top design would make the whole thing much more forgiving. The Darling Heart is a more standard feel and fit, and will work for a larger percentage of women. I also suspect that due to the fabric, the Darling Heart will stretch a bit more in the cups with wear.

Both bras are incredibly supportive and really boost your breasts up nicely – they almost rival Ewa Michalak for lift on me. They’re also both gorgeous and unique, which is a rarity in the full bust and plus size markets. I’m seriously impressed by the work of the Bravissimo designers and can’t wait to see what the late spring collection has to offer.