Spring Trends: Aqua, Turquoise and Tiffany Blues

Blues for Spring

Autumn used to be my favorite season, but it’s almost impossible not to fall hard for spring in the South. It’s full of gorgeous flowering trees, dramatic rainstorms and beautiful natural scenery. The best part is you can even enjoy it as the weather is perfect! Every year, I find myself lightly restocking my wardrobe in honor of spring with new colors that catch my eye. This year, it lines right up with the plethora of light blue colors that are popping up in stores everywhere. This will always be one of my favorite spring wardrobe colors, whether you call it aqua, turquoise or Tiffany blue.

1. Panache “Fern” Balconette Bra from Forever Yours
I own a Panache Fern in purple from way back, but this blue colorway is tempting me to pick up another one! The floral pattern is gorgeous without feeling fussy and reminds me of beautifully painted teacups. This is also a practical bra under all kinds of outfits, which means you can buy something trendy without worrying about how much wear you’ll get out of it.

2. Claudette Fishnet Scoop Bra in Aqua from Faire Frou Frou
Claudette always comes up with amazing new colors, but this aqua version of their fishnet bra is extra fabulous. I love the high waisted panties with the attached garters and would pick this up in a heartbeat if it came in my size.

3. Candice Gwinn Lena Dress by Trashy Diva
I tried this dress on at the store awhile back and it fit me without a bra! It’s worth purchasing for that reason alone if you’re on the busty side. It’s also heart stoppingly gorgeous in person – I’m trying to avoid buying cocktail dresses since I’m fairly maxed out on them, but it pretty much took all of my willpower to not buy this dress right then.

4. Francesca Dress in Robin’s Nest by Cabiria
Cabiria does amazing designs in silk jersey and I’ve wanted to try their dresses for awhile. This Francesca dress is exactly where I like my day dresses – pretty, practical and easy to dress up or down.

5. Here Today, Lawn Tomorrow Flat by Modcloth
I’m super into flats these days since I’ve moved to a walking city. These cute blue flats from Modcloth are comfortable, trendy and won’t break the bank. These are the kinds of shoes I live in during the warm months (which is most of the year here).

6. Always Flock Together Flat by Modcloth
How can you resist pretty flats with flamingos on them?! These faux suede flats are cute and quirky.

7. Vintage Blue and Metallic Silver Embroidered Clutch at AuldMemories
My favorite purses have all been purchased from vintage shops for stupidly low amounts of money. This clutch is one of those lucky finds that is the perfect sundress accessory. I’m warming to the whole clutch purses as day wear trend and have been using mine more and more lately.

8. Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility Clutch by psBesitos
It’s blue, it’s Jane Austen and it’s a fun clutch purse. What more could you ask for? Oh, a zipper top for security. This purse is the perfect grab and go casual spring accessory.

9. Double Tag Heart “Return To Tiffany” Pendant by Tiffany & Co.
It’s impossible to talk about Tiffany blue without showcasing the color in its most coveted form: jewelry by the world famous Tiffany & Co. While most associate the company with over the top jewelry for millionaires, they also have a great sterling silver collection for us regular people too. I think this adorable mini “Return to Tiffany” pendant is a great way to treat yourself to something blue.

10. Tiffany Blue Box Charm by Tiffany & Co.
Everyone knows the Tiffany box, so it’s no surprise that they make a charm based on it. These charms are dainty and small, but would look good on a chain as a necklace or on a delicate bracelet. I aspire to be the kind of woman who can collect them one day.

Autumn/Winter 2014 Preview: My Angela Friedman Obsession Grows.

If you’ve read any of my posts, Angela Friedman is a name that pops up pretty frequently. She’s an inspiring entrepreneur, articulate designer, and like most of us–a fellow lover of all things lace. She was kind enough to let me get a peek at her Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection last week and although I’m a bit late getting my review up, I’m excited to share the fabulousness with everyone.

The collection, labeled “Muse” would create just that for anyone who slips into her newest garments. Angela describes the collection as inviting you into the world of imagination and intrigue, and as a representation of the modern woman.

As always there’s drool-worthy detailing on everything, from her structured corsets, to her dainty tap short and camisole set. The feminine colors (think dusty rose and deep purple) set a glamorous tone, and the pieces were sprinkled with sheer fabrics, ruffles, scalloped edges, lace insets, dainty bows, and of course her signature french lace. I could go on for pages about each garment I got to see but what you need to know is that Angela has absolutely perfected the art of frills while still maintaining a minimalist and purposeful vibe. It’s the perfect marriage between maturity, sensuality, and femininity.


Some of my favorites are pictured below, feel free to start a Christmas list now :)

Evelyn Bodysuit in black stretch mesh...and more French lace.

Evelyn Bodysuit in black stretch mesh…and more French lace.

Chloe Cami and Tap Pant set, in all french lace.

Chloe Cami and Tap Pant set, in all french lace.

The Laurel Bralet with ruched silk and stretch mesh, paired with the Adrienne High Waisted Panty, complete with keyhole closure and removable garters.

The Laurel Bralet with ruched silk and stretch mesh, paired with the Adrienne High Waisted Panty, complete with keyhole closure and removable garters.

Pièce de résistance (in my mind, at least), the Evelyn corset.

Pièce de résistance (in my mind, at least), the Evelyn corset.

The rest of the collection included other variations of cami/tap short sets, relaxed and adorable panties and bralettes, slips, waspies, corsets, and we all know how I feel about a good robe. Literally something for everyone. I felt confident and sophisticated just looking at them, so obviously I need to own everything. My life will not be complete until I do. I may be getting ahead of myself, possibly a little dramatic. But what can I say, beautiful things have that effect on me.

Make sure you check out Angela’s website, as well as her Etsy Shop where you can make these wonderful pieces all your own. Also, her Instagram (@angelafriedman) account is the perfect way to stalk some behind the scenes footage from photoshoots, corsetry, her design process, and of course her adorable cat (Holly Golightly taught me that every leading lady needs a feline backup).


Need a Glam Squad? Start with Harlow & Fox.

Discovering a new designer to drool over is certainly worth blogging about. Holly was kind enough to put me in contact with the mastermind behind UK brand, Harlow and Fox. Being able to visit Leanna at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan last week was definitely an experience I felt lucky to have. Her sizes range from 30-38 DD, E, F, FF, G; XS-XL. The entire collection is made in Britain, and as you’ll see made with only the best quality materials. With the debut collection launching just last November, Harlow and Fox has already made quite the impact, and we still have her newest collection to look forward to which will be available this October!

Flipping through lookbooks and browsing styles online is always fun (duh, that’s how I waste spend the majority of my time), but actually seeing garments in real life and being able to touch them is a whole other animal. First, Leanna showed me her debut line, some of my favorites I’ll highlight below. Generally, what you need to know is that this line values luxury, decadence, and certainly didn’t take any shortcuts in terms of design or construction.

Eleanor Almond Collection

Eleanor Almond Collection

The Eleanor Almond Collection was pure elegance, the bra was lined with the same silk that was shown on the outside, so literally what would be touching your skin is the same as what you’d be showing off on the outside. A garment that’s basically reversible, the bra has matching items within Eleanor Almond including the suspender and thong which I’ve shown above. Check out the rest of the Eleanor here.

Alexandra Waist Cincher (left) Bra and Classic Brief from harlowandfox.co.uk (right)

Alexandra Waist Cincher (left) Bra and Classic Brief from harlowandfox.co.uk (right)

Next I was obsessed with the Alexandra Collection which incorporated metallic foiled lace, and again everything was double lined with lace which means feeling silky soft against your skin. With lingerie always aiming to support and be beautiful, it’s rare to find something that hits both marks while also feeling luxurious so you’ll be more than happy to slip into them! Above is a photo of the waist cincher, which I took, and another shot from her website which may do a better job at portraying the beauty of it all (The Waldorf is nice, but could use better lighting). You can shop the rest of the Alexandra here.

Isabelle Bra and Brief

Isabelle Bra and Brief

The next set that I had to share was the Isabelle line from her latest collection. While these used sheer embroidery, they were still lined with a netting that really gave the illusion that it wasn’t even there, leaving just the romantic black coil-y embroidery on your skin. The straps on the bra and garter as well as the paneling on the briefs were all black silk, while the clasps were a beautiful gold. See what I meant by not taking any shortcuts?

Robes, robes, robes. Augusta Scarlet Kimono (left); Eleanor Almond Robe from harlowandfox.co.uk (right)

Robes, robes, robes. Augusta Scarlet Kimono (left); Eleanor Almond Robe from harlowandfox.co.uk (right)

I’ll finish up with robes, because everyone loves a good robe. You can wear them sauntering around your house looking like the total queen that you are, when in reality you just didn’t feel like putting on pants quite yet. And robes are flattering on everyone. Clearly I have a thing for robes. Anyway, Harlow and Fox has the Eleanor Almond Robe which is sheer and beautiful and perfect in it’s own. And then the Augusta Scarlet Robe which is another garment that’s part of the new collection. When I saw this piece I had a reaction that I honestly was not expecting. You may think I’m being dramatic because we’re really just talking about clothing here, but the total decedance and glamour that it had was hard to wrap my head around. It had double layers of silk satin and hemmed with braiding and hand-knotted fringes. And let me tell you, it was heavy! Living in New York and having winter last 9 ½ months, this was definitely something that would keep me warm and cozy while I hibernated.

While I wish everyone could meet Leanna who was just as charming as her garments, I’ll have to sign-off instead by strongly encouraging you to check her out, and keep up with the latest happenings.

Happy shopping!

Little Black Dresses for Full Busted Ladies: A Review of the Trashy Diva Lois and Jayne Dresses



While I primarily gravitate to insanely colorful dresses, lately I’ve found myself hearing the siren song of a little black dress. I haven’t had one for a few years and had almost given up on finding something perfect. When you’re full busted it’s easy to get into the rut of trying to distract people from your figure with colors or patterns, but sometimes a lady just wants to get back to basics.

Enter the latest insanely great Trashy Diva sale, which offered an extra 50% off on all sale items. They also added lots of new items that weren’t final sale, which gave us collectors an opportunity to grab some pieces that we’d had on our lists. Luckily for me, several basic black knit dresses got put in the sale and I decided to restart my search for the perfect classic black dress. The unexpected result is now I have two I absolutely love! I’m reviewing them both today, since they’re made out of the same material and both still in the sale if you want to pick them up. That said, these are two totally different dress styles I thought it was worth doing a detailed review. For review purposes, neither of these dresses are photographed with shapewear under them so you can see how the fabric really falls/clings.

The Jayne Dress:
Jayne Dress, size 14


This dress is a stealthy showstopper! It really doesn’t look like much in pictures or on the hangers, but it does some pretty magical things when put on a body. The knit fabric is the same stretchy thick knit that is used in the Jenny and Mansfield dresses, but I think this cut is extra flattering. Keep in mind that I’m 5’3″, so the dress will be shorter if you’re taller.

Jayne Dress, waist detail

This is a size 14, which is my regular Trashy Diva size and one size larger than I usually take in their knit dresses. The waistband that you see is lined with acetate which gives the dress great shape, but also means that you’re probably not going to be able to size down without some very deep breathing, an assistant to zip up the dress and possibly some butter to grease yourself into it. Save yourself the hassle and stick with your regular Trashy Diva size.

Jayne Dress, back viewThe dress has a lovely shape and line from the back as well. I have zero hips and a flat butt and this dress actually makes me look curvier on the bottom half. I have tons of room in the skirt, so I truly believe that this size could fit up to a 46″ hip.

The verdict: If you’re looking for a plain black dress with a quiet wow factor, this is it. 

The Lois Dress:
Lois Dress, size 12

I had sort of overlooked the beaded knit collection that Trashy Diva released awhile back and now I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy them all while my size was around. I’ve worn this to the symphony and to the grocery store and this dress has been equally at home in both places with different shoes and jewelry. I also love that it has longer sleeves, especially with this month long cold streak we’ve been having. This is another one that doesn’t pop on the hanger but looks great once it’s on.

Lois Dress, back view


As you can see, this dress would probably be better with some light shapewear. The fanback skirt is a great design detail that really adds something special to the dress. Since this one doesn’t have the tighter waistband, I’m perfectly happy in the size 12.

Lois Dress, beading detail


The beading on this is delicate and pretty without going overboard and turning it into a cocktails only dress. I love the unusual colors and the floral motifs. I was originally worried about the beads staying put if you wore it a lot or bumped into something, but I’ve worn this one multiple times a week this past month due to the weather and it looks good as new. It also comes with extra beads if something does happen, but since my sewing skills are positively pitiful I’m happy to not need the extras so far.

The verdict: A completely unique black dress that can go anywhere and work for any occasion.

Which one should you pick? Since I’m a dress glutton, my answer was obviously both! What’s great about these dresses is they’d both be equally at home in an office or at the theatre, which makes it hard to go wrong. Another option is the Lorelai, which I tried to get but was sold out in my size. It has gorgeous pearl beading and is totally classy.

Which dress is your favorite? Do you have the ultimate little black dress? Leave your thoughts and recommendations in the comments!


5 Wiggle Dresses and Body-Con Dresses for Full Busted Women

Image via ASOS

Image via ASOS

Wiggle dresses tend to be a divisive topic among full busted women for several reasons: they rarely make the “what to wear” lists in fashion magazines when boob friendly clothing comes up, they’re definitely more figure hugging than hiding and they don’t disguise the fact that you’re extra curvy. Lots of women think of them as the sexy choice, which means that when they do wear them it’s as a going out look rather than an every day one.

Given that body-con/wiggle dresses already have a bad rep among full busted and plus size women, I get really upset when I see the inevitable Facebook posts where someone laments that they’d wear wiggle dresses if only they were thinner. Figure hugging dresses actually look great on pretty much everyone regardless of size and are much more versatile than people think they are. To put it bluntly – there is not an objective weight or body type requirement to wear these dresses and anyone who says otherwise is silly.

Today I’m spotlighting five wiggle dresses that look great on full busted women. Each of these dresses will make your boobs (along with the rest of you) look fabulous and work for multiple occasions.

When searching for the perfect wiggle/body-con dress, here are some thoughts to keep in mind: 

1) Knee length dresses balance out the rest of your body and the figure hugging nature of the dress. 

2) Look for dresses with high quality fabric that will smooth out any undergarment lines and make you feel confident. Body hugging doesn’t have to mean thin fabric. 

3) Don’t be scared of pattern and color! Anything that inspires you to wear it with confidence and class is worth trying. 

This tattoo print inspired dress by ASOS up at the top of the post is the perfect example of a body-con dress that works on lots of shapes and sizes. It’s a flattering sheath cut, made out of thick stretchy material and has a great print that highlights your curves rather than reshaping them in a less flattering way. The knee length cut of the dress also helps balance out the figure hugging features.

Image via Pinup Girl Clothing

Image via Pinup Girl Clothing

This wiggle dress by Pinup Girl Clothing is a great example of a full bust friendly work dress that is also figure hugging! It currently comes in this colorway, a green/black colorway and an all black version. The sweetheart style neckline is work appropriate while still being flattering and the red button acts as a belt-like waist detail. It’s made out of an extremely stretchy bengaline fabric which makes it comfortable for all day wear. Check out my full review of this dress here.

Image via Urkye

Image via Urkye

Full bust clothing companies are getting into making wiggle dresses now! Urkye recently brought out this dress in several colors. I would write more about how great it looks, but Erica’s pictures really say all that needs to be said.

Image via Pinup Girl Clothing

Image via Pinup Girl Clothing

So maybe this dress isn’t exactly workwear – it doesn’t matter. The plum color is so lovely and the cut is so flattering that it deserves to make every dress list ever despite being for nights out only! It’s the best dress to pull on when you feel like you have nothing to wear only to then realize that you stealthily purchased a fabulous dress months ago for just this occasion.

Image via ASOS

Image via ASOS

This dress has so much to love about it. It features my favorite basic wardrobe color (navy blue is so much better than black), adorable spotted long sleeves and a wonderfully flattering sweetheart neckline. This would be great for officewear that is flattering without pushing too many boundaries.

Do you love wiggle/body-con dresses? Do you wear them? Why or why not?

Eight Dreamy End of Summer Choices for Full Busted and Curvy Women

When I was a kid, September meant that you broke out the heavy coats and sweaters that you’d stored all winter. Now that I live in the South where there isn’t a real cold season and bundling up means throwing on a cardigan, I’m seeing my wardrobe as one year round thing rather than as seasons. Luckily, this means I get to indulge my love for delicate girly things all year round!

Traditionally, fuller busted woman have more trouble wearing more frilly and feminine pieces. Today, I’ve put together a list of eight pieces that will work beautifully for all curvy women.

1. Bernini Dress by Shabby Apple
I saw To Rome With Love a few months ago, and this dress reminds me of the things that the stylish Italian women wore in that movie. I like my dresses to be both beautiful and practical, so this dress fits the bill perfectly. It runs large at the bust to accommodate fuller busted women, is made from a comfy stretch fabric, and can be machine washed.

2. Avery Shoes by Miz Mooz
I first found out about Miz Mooz shoes on Ash’s blog and have been dying to try some ever since. I’m normally stuck in flats due to back and neck issues, but these may be my answer when I want to wear heels. They’re created to be extra comfortable and all of their offerings are seriously cute.

3. Salon Chaton Little Lemon Cake Knicker
They’re handmade panties inspired by petit fours. What more do you need to know to fall in love with these?

4. HM Finezja Bra by Ewa Michalak
I’m heartbroken that this style of bra isn’t made in larger cup sizes. Hopefully one day Ewa will figure out how to expand the size range in this shape. Luckily, Cece has a great review here if you want more details about sizing. I love the delicate lace and the pale pink color.

5. Salon Chaton Red Velvet Torta Knicker
I’m not a fan of actual red velvet cake, but these panties are gorgeous. Again, they’re part of the Salon Chaton Petit Four range and are just perfectly delicate.

6. Luscious Dress in Mint with Mira the Mermaid by Pinup Couture
I’m so glad that vintage colors are coming back into style. I’m seeing them everywhere — I even saw a beautiful mint green vintage car driving through my neighborhood last week! This dress is made of a thick t-shirt material, so you can dress it up or wear it when you’d otherwise throw on a pair of jeans. The mermaid embroidery is slightly cheeky without channeling that whole sailor tattoo thing.

7. Primrose Bra by Bravissimo
This cheerful bra is just too pretty to resist. Thrillingly, it also is available up to a K cup! It’s the lingerie version of lemon sorbet.

8. Garden Dream Bow Flats by Ruche
As I said earlier, I mostly wear flats. It’s surprisingly hard to find cute flats these days! Luckily, these shoes by Ruche are affordable and would go with everything.

What are your favorite girly or delicate pieces in your wardrobe? Which is your favorite piece on the list?

Full Bust Friday Roundup: US Bra Sizes and Shopping Issues

It’s Friday! I feel like I should have more to say here, except I’m totally exhausted and mostly brain dead after this week. Luckily between my tea from the turkish grocery and my weekly link file, we’re good to go.

I ordered this bra from the US version of ASOS this week. It’s the first time I’ve ordered in US sizes and…just ugh. I know it’s just a letter and a number, but ordering a 32M bra is hard to get my head around. Does anyone else feel like UK sizes are just better all around, both in terms of our psyches and logic?

I’ve been doing lots of window shopping online this week. Candidly, I’m really struggling with this whole weight loss and clothing thing. So far I’ve lost 7 pounds and gotten out of the “obese” section of the BMI. I’ve definitely shaped up, but haven’t fully gone down a size yet. So, to buy or not to buy? I like to look nice and I have some pieces that really need to be replaced. I also feel like I should be “saving up” for when I’m at my goal, which simultaneously seems incredibly far away. So, what do you guys do? Do you buy clothes during the process or save your shopping for a treat at the end? I could really use some advice at this point. 

Speaking of shopping, I think these purple cashmere thigh highs are the coolest thing ever.

Ash has a great preview of the Miz Mooz Fall/Winter stuff and I love all these shoes. I’m not even a huge shoe person, so that’s saying something.

What are your plans for the weekend? What items are you coveting? Leave a comment and let me know!


Full Bust Clothing Rules: Who Made Them And Why Do We Care?

I was trawling the internet for dresses this weekend stumbled across some dresses that I really loved. Here’s the first one:

And this was the second one:

The full bust fashion faux pas of the first dress is pretty obvious: the giant ruffle on the chest is a traditional no go. The second dress was full of women telling other women not to buy it if they weren’t tall and skinny; they were concerned that it didn’t hide the fact that they had more fat on their stomach than some women.

All of this got me thinking about fashion rules for full busted women and why we care so much about them. The ruffle thing is obvious. It comes from the more general rule that you shouldn’t wear anything that draws attention to your bust line, which when you think about it seems truly ridiculous. If you’re a full busted woman, your breasts are going to be front and center in pretty much anything you wear. You can’t camouflage them by avoiding ruffles and chest detailing for the rest of your life.

The second dress touches on a larger issue. Full busted and plus size women are encouraged to wear baggier clothes to hide any “figure flaws”. Again, this seems totally silly. Putting on a shirt that imitates a tent won’t make anyone think you’re a 90 pound woman. Instead, it will just make people think that you’re even larger than you are!

Fashion has rules for women of every shape and size and we all spend lots of time eliminating clothing based on them. It also helps us mentally divide ourselves into judgmental categories. Plus size women eliminate all dresses with horizontal stripes while smaller busted women load up on ruffles and avoid dresses that show cleavage. Are we missing out on some great clothes by following the accepted fashion rules?

As I thought about it, I realized that some of my favorite pieces do break those rules. One of my favorite and most flattering work shirts is bright teal and has ruffles all down the front. When I tuck it into a plain colored pencil skirt I look 5 pounds slimmer. Almost all of my clothes hug my figure. I always dress appropriately for the situation but I also avoid baggy clothes at all costs. I once saw myself in a picture wearing a baggy sweatshirt and jeans and I literally looked about 250 pounds. Since then, I’ve never gone back. I’ve also come to terms with my figure. Even if I lose weight, my breasts aren’t going anywhere. Since you’d have to be blind to not notice them, I’ve never bothered to try and hide them or make them look smaller.  

Today I’d love it if you’d comment and tell me what fashion rules you break on a regular basis and why. And maybe I’ll get brave and try out that dress with the ruffle on it.

Trendy Orange Pieces For The Full Bust Woman

I was kind of wary about this whole neon trend at the start. As someone who has always been comfortable in jewel tone clothes, this whole neon green, orange and yellow thing made me nervous. While I still haven’t embraced the full range of neons, I’ve gradually fallen more and more in love with orange stuff.

If you’re full busted, it’s easy to feel like you need to stick to basic colors (Hi, my all black wardrobe that got me through highschool!). Luckily as internet shopping becomes a way of life, tons of designers are making full bust friendly lingerie and clothing in all colors of the rainbow. When you’re shopping for trendier pieces, make sure to follow the same rules as you would when shopping for basics. Pick flattering pieces that work with your figure and that will hold up well. If you’re not ready to go full on orange yet, try some smaller pieces like shoes or skirts that will give you a dash of color and mix with your basics.

1. Tango Balconette Bra in Tutti Fruity by Panache

I’ll start with the bad news: if you’re short, don’t buy this bra. Tango bras have very tall wires and your underarms will regret it. However, women who don’t have issues with the wires rave about the shape and support that these bras offer. I love this trendy Tutti Fruity color because it’s fun but also works as an every day set if you’re not wearing a white shirt. Even better, sizes go up to a K cup.

2. Patch Madames Flat by Modcloth
Shoes are a great way to work a pop of color into a plainer outfit. These would look great with a simple black dress. It’s hard to find cute flats sometimes, but these would be cute and comfortable.

3. Dessous Sucre Bra and Bikini by Claudette
This bra has been everywhere this season in all sorts of shocking neon colors and is selling fast. I love the seriously sheer mesh and the hot pink accents. On a practical level, mesh lingerie can be a surprisingly supportive way to keep cool during the hot summer.

4. Apricot-tage Getaway Skirt by Modcloth
This skirt is a great colorful basic that can be dressed up or down. I pretty much live in pieces like this. It would be great paired with black, white, or navy and some pretty gold jewelry.

5. Work With Me Dress in Coral by Modcloth
I own this dress in two different colors now and I love them both. It’s stretchy, flattering and gives a nice nod to the 40′s while not making you look like you walked out of a vintage photoshoot. As a bonus, it also washes well and is completely work appropriate.

6. Ava Dress in Tangerine by Pin Up Girl Clothing
This dress has been incredibly popular for Pin Up Girl clothing and is gorgeous on. It is a little cleavage heavy but I don’t mind that in a special occasion dress. My only slight complaint is that the sash tends to untie or move on me when I wear it, so I usually end up pinning it as a extra precaution. Wear this with confidence and expect lots of compliments!

7. Weak in the Neon Sandal in Orange by Modcloth
Everyone needs a basic pair of flat sandals for the summer. These are cute, right on trend and reasonably priced. My sandals usually don’t make it through a second season, so it’s a great way to incorporate a bolder trend into my wardrobe with committing to it.

8. Alana Bra in Coral by Bravissimo
This is literally one of the few colorful bras out there that goes up to an L cup, which makes me want to cheer for Bravissimo. I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve heard good things about how much support it provides and how comfortable it is. Women on the higher end of the full bust range can have a really hard time finding cute lingerie and it’s fantastic to see Bravissimo catering to them.

How are you feeling about orange this season? How do you feel about wearing bright colors as a full bust woman?

Fashion Inspiration From Moonrise Kingdom!

I finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom on Friday! It finally opened here. Apparently, when they say limited release they do not mean medium size southern cities. There’s so much good stuff in the movie: troubled kids actually behaving like nuanced human beings, fantastic repurposing of Benjamin Britten’s music and all of the typical Wes Anderson wackiness. What really stuck with me over the weekend was the color palette and the fashions. I’ve put together some items which are to my eye a more grown up interpretation of the styles seen in the movie (while trying to avoid any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen it yet).

1. A Wear Belted Shorts by ASOS
I’ve never been a huge fan of uniforms but the way the Khaki Scout uniforms look in this movie is sure to inspire tons of fashionable trends. From homemade badges to colorful scarves, each boy decorates his uniform in a unique and artistic way. These shorts definitely reflect the spirit of the scouts with their attached orange belt.

2. Caprice Mi-Bas Stockings by Philippe Matignon
I really need to figure out how to wear knee high stockings. In the movie, Suzy is never without her knee high socks, even when hiking through the woods. While they look appropriate on her 12 year old character, these are a great grown up version for the rest of us.

3. Calico Cat
While cats aren’t really fashion accessories (and shouldn’t be purchased/adopted as such) I definitely believe that calico kitten owners will feel slightly superior after they see this movie.

4. Wicker Cat Carrier by Oak and Willow Garden
I thought that Suzy’s wicker cat carrier/purse must have been a vintage piece but it turns out places still make stuff like this. I love this version from Oak and Willow garden, although it’s slightly different than the one in the movie.

5. Peter Pan Collar Pintuck Trim Blouse by ASOS
Moonrise Kingdom is awash in dresses with Peter Pan collars on them, but I love this highly wearable blouse version as well. This would look wonderful with a pencil skirt and a plain pair of heels for a stylish day at work.

6. Corningware Blue Cornflower Coffee Pot
I’m crazy about vintage housewares and I’ve had my eye on some Corningware pieces for awhile now. This coffee pot made a brief cameo in Moonrise Kingdom and looked adorable. I may end up getting the teapot version of this off Ebay soon.

7. Gourd Garden Dress by Modcloth
This movie has the most fantastic color palette of oranges and yellows. This dress would fit right in.

8. Citrus Chic Dress by Modcloth
This dress is a fun and wearable take on 60′s fashions. Pair it with a fun pair of heels and a plain belt and you have a great summer outfit for multiple occasions.

9. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle
In the movie Suzy declares her love for fantasy novels with girls in them. My preferences at her age tended to run the same way, which is how I became a lifelong fan of Madeline L’Engle. I was horribly upset when she died a few years ago. If you’ve never read the Wrinkle in Time series, you should. If you have, you should check out her adult novels which are both relatable and profound.

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? What did you think of it? Are you anti or pro Peter Pan collar?