Designer Preview: Sonata Goes To The Belle Epoque for 2012.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m devoted to promoting independent designers. I’m thrilled to have these photos to share from Sonata today, as they’re one of my favorite independent designers on the market currently. I’m going to be reviewing the Elektra bodysuit I ordered for my birthday later this month at some point, but today we’ll be talking about Sonata in general and looking at a bunch of really pretty pictures.

I’m putting up two photo galleries today: the first is of the current pieces that are available through Bella Bella Boutique, and the second is of the new Belle Epoque line that comes out in February.

I first got into Sonata when I emailed Aline from Bella Bella to ask how likely it was that I could squeeze into one of the standard size bodysuits. Aline replied that Sonata took made to measure orders, so all I had to do was send mine along and I could have my very own custom bodysuit! Made to measure is an option that isn’t talked about much in the full-figured market, but is very much worth checking out if you’re focusing on buying high quality pieces that will last forever. Yes, the price point is higher, but you’re getting some amazing goods in return.

Sonata takes quality seriously. All of their pieces are made with silk, satin, chiffon and Solstiss lace, and are detailed with raw amber and Swarovski crystals. Each item is made by hand in London. They’re a staple line for high end boutiques, and they currently provide all the lingerie on Next Top Model 2011.

One of my favorite things about Sonata is that each line comes with a full range of pieces. They make bras, bodysuits, slips, knickers, and g-strings. I love designers that give you a wide range of choices, and I love that they’re thinking about how to make their customers comfortable in whatever range they fall in love with.

And the colors. I’ve fallen in love with the colors. Their new line is called Belle Epoque, and Sonata was nice enough to send me photos of the new pieces. The tangerine pieces are all going on my list of must haves. I’ve seen tangerine for Spring 2012 in a few places now, and I feel like this is a color I will be embracing. I’m even contemplating buying the exact bodysuit I just ordered in the tangerine version with the bow in the back. I’m telling myself they double as outerwear pieces. I’ve also fallen in love with the red lace robe.

Which pieces are going on your want list?

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