Friday Roundup: The Freya Taylor Takes Over.

This week fall officially hit Mississippi. Instead of lounging in beautiful lingerie, I’ve basically spent the week in sweatpants under a blanket trying to resist turning my heat on. Luckily, other bloggers put out some amazing content this week that is really useful when it comes to figuring out what full-busted bras to purchase to get you through the winter months.

This week, the Freya Taylor bra officially ate the internet. There are multiple rave reviews out there now, but these three from Invest In Your ChestFuller Figure Fuller Bust, and Undercover Lingerista are particularly worth checking out.

Image via Freya

The Lingerie Addict made a list of 66 bras for curvy women, which was a fantastic roundup. As if that wasn’t enough of a gift, Darlene Campbell (of the groundbreaking Campbell and Kate white shirt) then went through and listed the largest cup size for each bra for easy purchasing. I was happy to see a few of my favorite brands make the list: Pour Moi, Elle Macpherson D-G, Parfait by Affinitas, Fraulein Annie, and Charnos bras were all featured prominently.

Esty Lingerie specializes in made to measure lingerie by independent designers, and they have some really interesting stuff. They’re also having a giveaway this month that includes some gorgeous handmade lingerie and accessories, so go sign up here. Esty and Bella Bella Boutique are two places that don’t seem to cater to full-busted women on the surface, but have tons of great made to measure options if you’re lusting after a certain item. I highly recommend them both.

The Bras I Hate blog wrote about Curvy Kate this week, and came to a similar conclusion about their sizing as I did in my review. I’m happy to know that trying multiple styles seems to work for everyone.

Last, but certainly not least, go check out my article for the McPeteSez lingerie trade journal on tricks to make your press releases stand out. I’m going to be a regular contributor now, and I’m really excited about it


  • Reply Cheryl November 4, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    Thanks for mention. I really enjoy these round up posts! All the best lingerie goss in one place 🙂 x

  • Reply Sia November 7, 2011 at 1:12 AM

    I noticed everyone is raving about this bra. It is sgorgeous, I really love the retro feel it has. Esty is cool. It has some very quirky designs. I didn’t realise you can get pasties in so many different styles hahahaha. I have never heard of the Bras I Hate Blog will have to check it out. But I have to say I always buy bras in my size no matter what style. If it doesn’t fit I rarely try different sizes. I just get another style.

    • Reply hollyj November 7, 2011 at 6:30 PM

      You know, I have yet to try any lingerie styles that involve double sided tape, because I am accident prone and I just can’t imagine it working out. I think I’d be more likely to try out different sizes in the same bra if most of mine didn’t have to be shipped from the UK. Slow/expensive returns on items don’t encourage me to try to make something fit. does free shipping worldwide though, both ways. I will do the experiment with them sometime, I think.

      I’m really glad you stopped by! I’m a big fan of your blog. 🙂

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