Holiday Travel Essentials For The Lingerie Lover

Once upon a time, we all traveled surrounded by glamour and luxury. Women carried matching sets of candy colored luggage through airports wearing elegant coats and never gave a thought to whether their underwire bra would get them body searched by TSA.

As lingerie lovers, we all like to be surrounded by pretty things, especially during the stress of traveling. We also want to protect our pretty things, which is why coming up with a system for keeping your lingerie safe when you travel is important. You can just stuff it into your suitcase, but that can lead to bent wires and out of shape bra cups. Even worse, you can lose your best bra if your suitcase gets lost.

Today I’ve put together a quick guide with some of my essential items for keeping your lingerie clean and safe during holiday travel. I’ll admit that I also like to add some glamour to my life, and that I tend to indulge my vintage sensibilities whenever I can while I’m on the road.

1. A Hard Case.

There are actually lots of travel storage systems for bras on the market, but they tend to be built for smaller cup sizes. So, what’s a G+ cup woman to do when she wants to travel in style? Find your own case, of course.

Image via RockyMountainRetro and Etsy

I found my hard case in a local vintage store, but vintage luggage is all over places like Etsy. If you’re stuck, try searching for train cases. They tend to be a good size and shape for a trip’s worth of large cup bras, and they’ll keep your favorite bras safe and in shape. For extra protection, you can stuff your knickers into the cups to help them maintain their shape. Even better, if you carry your case on you can skip having TSA paw through your underwear.

2. A Lingerie Bag.

Image via Bella Bella Boutique

Lots of people love little lingerie envelopes when they travel, but I prefer lingerie bags. I can put my extra knickers in there, and it can double as a place to store dirty lingerie before washing while I’m on the road. I’m in love with this leopard print bag from Bella Bella Boutique currently.

3. Travel Lingerie Wash

Image Via Soak

I pack as few big bottles of things as I can, but it’s hard to get away with just a travel shampoo for a long trip. Luckily, you don’t have to lug a giant bottle of lingerie wash along in your suitcase. Soak Wash makes these travel sets which give you a range of fragrances without the hassle. There are seven in a set, which should get you through longer trips or a series of trips quite nicely.

4. A Non-Wired Bra.
Everyone has heard the horror stories of underwired bras setting off airport security scans. If you don’t want to take your chances with the scanner there are some great wire-free options out there, and it’s worth taking one along to wear when you’re going through airports.

Image via Figleaves

You can obviously go with a wire-free sports bra like a low level Shock Absorber, but there are some beautiful options out there beyond athletic wear. I’m currently coveting this rich plum colored wire-free bra from Butterfly Collection for travel purposes.

Image via Butterfly Collection

What are your lingerie travel essentials? Did I miss anything?

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