Review: The Curvy Kate Tempt Me Bra

Curvy Kate is a powerhouse in the full-busted lingerie market, and it’s easy to see why. Their Star in the Bra marketing campaign has been a huge catalyst for change, and is showing full-busted women models who actually look like them. On top of it, their designs are colorful and young.

Given all of these facts, it’s surprising I hadn’t tried a Curvy Kate bra until a few weeks ago. I decided to start with the Tempt Me Bra in black and scarlet, even though I don’t own many plunge bras. I know women who literally live in just Curvy Kate bras, so I had really high expectations.


Photo via Curvy Kate

First, a word about Curvy Kate sizing. Their sizing is especially finicky to me, and even though I’m keeping the bra, it was probably too small. I ordered a 34GG (which is also my size in Freya), and probably need to go up one more size for a perfect fit. I can fit into as low as a 34G/I, so there’s a huge size range between what I think of as “my” size and what I am in Curvy Kate. I’ve also read that different styles can also make you change size, so finding someone who wears a lot of Curvy Kate will make the ordering process much easier. I know they’ve been holding fitting events in the UK to work on some of these issues, so they get extra points in my book.

The bra itself is beautifully made with that gorgeous two button detail that grabbed my attention. I realized later that the two button detail is also a feature of my beloved Bess bra, so there’s probably a reason I picked this style to try first. Even in a size that is a smidge too small, the bra is  supportive and the panties are cute. I had my doubts about a plunge bra really being able to do the job, but it did.  It would be even better if I’d figured out the right size, but the fact that I’m not motivated to exchange it says really good things about the bra.

I did end up loving the colors, even if they weren’t the ones I automatically gravitate to. I’m trying to expand my lingerie wardrobe, and there are only so many drawers of blue and green lingerie that one woman can own. The lace overlay was sexy without being trashy, and the set will definitely become a staple for me under certain outfits.

I liked this bra, but I’m not sure it’s my perfect bra. I’m definitely going to try more Curvy Kate (the purple Tease Me set is next on my want list), but so far it won’t replace my staple brands like Parfait by Affinitas and the Elle Macpherson D-G line. I think I’ll feel differently once I try a few more, so I just need to give some other sets a shot.

Photo via Curvy Kate

A lot of this is sadly a reflection on the current state of the full-busted lingerie industry. While you can find bras up to an L cup and the industry as a whole is growing, once you get above a G/I cup your options become much more restricted. If I went up even one cup size, my favorite brands now couldn’t be part of my wardrobe. Curvy Kate is pushing the industry as a whole towards offering more expanded ranges, which is good for everyone. In addition, they’re providing fabulous bras for a section of the market that desperately craves them, and for that I love them dearly.




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