Knicker Designer Interview: From Wonder Woman to the Boudoir.

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for made to order knickers that can be worn everyday, but feel like classic fun bespoke pieces. Knickerocker is the best of both worlds. Her knickers are made from easy everyday fabrics, and focus on comfort and fun. They’re also gorgeously custom creations, and exude that passion that great made to order pieces have. Kickerocker panties can be purchased at her Etsy store, along with custom rompers and bralettes.

Holly: You design an amazing array of knickers. What made you choose to focus specifically on knicker design? What inspires you?

Floral Panties Retro Style

Nic: Thank you so much. My focus on knickers came about through trial and error really. When I started Knickerocker, I wanted to provide an alternative for nude colored panties and those molded t-shirt bra’s (which I’ve never liked). Yes, nude underwear is a necessary part of a girls underwear arsenal, however I wanted to design panties and bras that were somewhat different, that could be something fun without the use of cartoon characters or gimmicks but could still be worn for everyday wear. Bra’s are a little more challenging to make efficiently with the the quality that I would want and as I’m not offering a luxury line, it becomes difficult to justify a high price for cotton underwear. Panties on the other hand, give me a lot of space for fun designs and ideas and I am inspired a lot by fabric. Shopping for fabric is my drug of choice, sometimes I immediately know exactly what I will do when I see a fabric, and occasionally I think the fabric just speaks for itself, like in these panties – if I had made anything other than a pair of big knickers out of this amazing blue floral fabric it would have been a crime.

Ruffle Lace Tartan Knickers

Holly: If someone is new to buying handmade knickers, what should they know? Do certain cuts work better on certain body shapes?

Nic: When buying my handmade knickers, I can actually make any size to measure -yes bespoke panties! But, you would be amazed at how many people don’t actually know what size they are. In my Etsy store, I offer a small, medium, large and x- large as Etsy is a global platform, however I am more than happy to go by measurements and this can be especially crucial if you feel that your shape is difficult to buy for, such as a tiny waist with large hips. I can easily adapt patterns to accommodate a longer or shorter torso and I can also make bigger than a XL or smaller than a small, but I require measurements to make these sizes, as I found that there really is no generic 2xl and beyond. A women’s shape varies significantly after XL, for example a high waisted pair of panties might need to accommodate a bigger waist and smaller bum or vice versa and I want your underwear to fit you comfortably no matter what your size or shape is.

Image via Knickerocker

Holly: What are some of the joys and challenges of running a made to order lingerie business?

Nic: I love hearing from customers that wearing my underwear had made their day much more tolerable. I’ve had emails from lawyers to paramedics, stating that wearing the wonder woman panties had given them that extra boost to get them through the most impossible of days.

Wonder Woman High Rise Knickers

A challenge I’m having right now, is being able to sell at boutique/craft fairs. For the most part this is because I’ve been too busy to build up stock, which in itself is not a bad thing, however its fun to be part of these fairs, as Knickerocker is a one woman run business, its good to be part of the outside world every now and again.

Rainbow Ruffles Panties

Holly: What’s new for Knickerocker next season?

Lingerie Satin Lace Up Panties

Nic: I work on new items all the time for my Etsy store and I will have a whole bunch of new knickers available in the next month or so, but I’m also starting to think about perhaps putting a cohesive collection together that I could show at wholesale trade shows. I know there will be a lot of work involved in this and I’m not even 100% sure of what that is but the idea is developing in the back of my mind and i’m sure some way, some how, I’ll figure it all out. And, I’ll figure out a bra thats efficient to make yet flattering and supportive, one day soon too.


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