Exclusive Designer Preview: Knickerocker is Back, and Better Than Ever!

We ran an article on Knickerocker awhile back, but as she’s releasing her new spring collection today I thought I’d put up an update with all of the pretty preview photos.

Knickerocker makes accessible and affordable custom underwear for any body type, size, or occasion. All of her pieces are made by hand to your measurements. I feel like Nic’s newest line represents a natural evolution in her designs. It’s a little more elegant and high end, but still relies heavily on playful every day staples.

Incidentally, I’m behind on my reviews, but I should mention that I bought two rompers from Knickerocker several months ago! I love them so much, and they’re incredibly well constructed and built to last. Both were custom in terms of fabric, colors, and my measurements. If you’ve never purchased from her before, she’s a great introduction to the world of independent lingerie designers.

Check out this gallery to see the full Knickerocker spring line!

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