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The Perfect Fitting Bra Giveaway Is Here!

Wearing the right size bra is important. Lingerie bloggers and boutique owners tell thousands of women this every year, and lots of them take it to heart. Unfortunately, we don’t all live near a nice little boutique where we can go try on the latest bra in the perfect size, especially if you’re full busted.

I’m one of these women. I live in Jackson, Mississippi, where the nearest worthwhile lingerie boutique is four hours away. When I do a review, I’m generally reviewing something that I’ve ordered online and spent my hard earned money on. I sympathize with all the women who can’t go get fitted locally, or have been fitted incorrectly by less than professional boutiques.

Enter Claire of Butterfly Collection, who is my favorite bra fitter and offers an amazing Skype fitting service. Butterfly Collection is a wonderful D-K cup boutique serving women in Canada and the US, and Claire knows more about how a bra should fit than anyone else I know.

For spring, we thought we’d help you spring clean your lingerie drawer and start the season off in a bra that fits you perfectly! Since we’re always preaching about how a bra that fits perfectly can change your life (especially if you’re struggling with fit due to being full busted), we thought that we’d let someone else do it for a change.

Read the rules and terms below, and then get started with your entries! The winner will be announced on April 13th.

Contest Details:
Are you between a 28D and 38K? Have you changed bra sizes recently, or is something just not fitting right? If so, this contest is for you.

To Enter:
Provide your information in the Rafflecopter box below, and leave a comment about what isn’t working for you when it comes to your current bra collection. You must do both to be eligible to win. Are wires pinching you? Are you a constant quadraboob victim? Leave a comment and let us know! One winner will be picked through random selection and contacted on April 13th.

The Prize:
One professional bra fitting over Skype with Claire the lingerie goddess, and one perfectly fitting bra from Butterfly Collection Lingerie.

Contest Terms:

1. The winner must be located in the US or Canada.
2. The winner’s bra size must currently be in stock and in the right range for Butterfly Collection. No special stock can be ordered for this contest.
3. You will not be charged for anything (unless you would like to buy it, of course) , but you will need to provide a credit card number for insurance purposes so Claire can send you your bras to try.
4. Winner agrees to provide one blog post about the fitting experience along with before and after pictures of the bra under a t-shirt or similar item.

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  1. Oh, this would be absolutely perfect for me but I’m a 28 band. Sniff, sniff. ๐Ÿ™

    However, I’m going to send this to a friend of mine!!

      • Thanks! But then I realized your contest is also just for those in the US and Canada. Does it count if you have an address that can be shipped to in the US but don’t actually live there? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Just sent off a message to Claire to check, so I’ll get back to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yay, I got the OK! Alright, for me in terms of fit I just can’t seem to escape the quadraboob. It seems like a 28 band is fine but I still haven’t settled on the right cup size for sure (my guess is a 28J…). The other issue is that I have very soft breasts so any bras that are too low cut (plunges especially) mean that my breasts spill towards the middle.

  2. As a woman with fairly new implants, I’m still in the process of learning my size. I have tried more bras than I care to admit, trying to find the perfect size, fit, brand.. I know my size in one brand, but there are so many other brands out there that I really have no clue on. I live in the midwest where there are no decent places to get a proper fit. My shopping is all done online now because the few times I’ve tried the various stores in the area, they’ve been a major fail, mostly due to poor knowledge or poor selection. My friend has helped me enormously in trying to find a good fit. I also use bratabase, but find that at times it’s hit and miss with recommendations, because there just are not enough users on there yet I think. I can think of a couple of brands that I would love to try more of, but I’ve grown weary of trying. I either end up with way too big in the cups, wrong style for my body, too small in the cups. It’s quite frustrating!

    Thank you!

    • Hey Amy – the first year after implants (or indeed reduction) can see a lot of fluctuation in your breast size. If you’re past the initial first three months then you’ll probably find that style has a lot more to do with your comfort than when your breasts completely settle into their new size. A Skype fitting would definitely be able to help talk you through which styles (and sizes) are right for you and why. Hope you’re feeling well and on the way to full recovery! xx

  3. I am a 34F, and struggle with finding ‘pretty’ bras. I do love Freya, and have a Chantelle that fits well, but often it is difficult to find a bra that is low cut enough. I don’t want minimizers/frumpy bras. I want beautiful lingerie. I am getting married in a few months, and I especially want some beautiful bridal lingerie, but it is very difficult to find in large cup sizes. Why is it so difficult to find our sizes in the US? It’s not worth sacrificing fit to find something cute, but I have too many bras, that don’t sit flush with my sternum anymore, or have spillover, or bulging on the sides, ugh…

    • This is how I feel! Pretty bras can be hard to find, and Claire is great at picking up on your personal sense of style and running with it.

    • Also, Kelly, you need you enter the Rafflecopter widget to be eligible!

      • thanks for pointing that out! I had filled everything in the first time, but I guess I forgot to do the ‘answer a question’ portion of the rafflecoptor widget! oops ;o)

    • Hi Kelly – A skype fitting is a great way to figure out your style. Which colours you like, which materials and how you like your breasts to look. It sounds as though you might be wearing a band that’s a little too big for you, again something we can work out on Skype. As a bride to be this year too, we are launching a range of special order bridal lingerie too – lots of beautiful pieces! xx

      • Congrats Claire! I’m very excited to hear you’re launching a bridal line. Do you know when it will be out?Our wedding is 3 months from today! It’s crazy how quickly it’s approaching.

        I think you’re right about the band size. I do quite a bit of Pilates and Barre classes (it helps me with my disabling Migraine) so my band size has been changing, but surprisingly, I think my cup size has not. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes to win!!

        Thanks girls!

        • Hi Kelly – the bridal range will be available this week for pre-order (3 week delivery) so there would be time to try it on and get a different size if necessary. Check the website on Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚ Your breast tissue can behave very differently from the tissue around your back. You can lose band inches without losing any cup volume – it’s very common.

  4. I’ve sized myself into a 32F from a 36C, but I’m worried the band may still be too big. It’s hard to tell what constitutes “riding up” in the back.

    • Hi Hester! Well done for taking your bra size into your own hands ๐Ÿ™‚ If your band moves AT ALL then it’s too big. Your band should stay put all day, every day. If the cups fit you on your 32F bra then it’s worth trying a 30FF to make sure your band is firmly in place! xx

  5. I currently wear a 34DDD. Maybe I am more properly a 32G, because my underbust is 32. I have quadraboob and “shapeless, low mass” issues. I want a shapely, lifted bust. At age 56 the effect of gravity has my breasts heading down to my knees. I don’t want to look like my full busted grandmothers, who both had bosoms down to their waists by my age!

    • Good for you Judy! No matter how many years of life experience you have, you never have to settle for knee-dwelling boobs! Quadraboob almost always means your cup is too small (or you’re wearing the wrong style). If you measure 32 around you may be more like a 32GG. There are lots of beautiful and elegant bras that keep your boobs lifted and keep you comfortable xx

  6. My biggest problem is unevenness in my bust. One breast is larger than the other, so I have to move up a cup to fit itor I have terrible puffage. Then the other breast doesn’t fill in the whole cup. I can make do with a molded bra, bit it’s frustrating.
    Another issue is high center gores. I like a Demi style, or plunge, because I like wearing shirts with some cleavage in them. But most bras in my size (34G to 34H?) are so full coverage that they show. Also, I hate the silhouette most if them give. I don’t want pointy boobs.
    So there you have it. I am also getting married in December, so something sexy and fun is a must! I want bridal lingerie, not daily wear plainess, but it’s impossible to find in larger sizes!

    • Hi Anna, You’re absolutely right that you need to fit your largest breast first then give your smaller breast a helping hand. We have some cup inserts that can be used individually to hide nipples or they can be layered on top of one another and inserted into one cup to level out your breasts. Increasingly we’re seeing balconette and plunge styles for G and H cups. I particularly like this balconette style from Cleo The bridal range from Masquerade is designed for bigger cups and will be available for pre-order this week! Nothing everyday about this collection ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck in the contest!

  7. I like to think that Iโ€™m a 38D as i do have a wide ish rib cage but after reading Clairโ€™s blogs i realize that my size is just not right. The band is way too big as i am constantly pulling my bra down and I can definitely fit a few pop cans in the back… but I find that smaller bands cut in way too much… I am in desperate need of a real fitting and a decent bra I donโ€™t have to constantly adjust! Iโ€™ve been wearing a bra since grade four and I donโ€™t think I ever had a comfortable bra unless it was a uniboob sports bra… HELP ME!!!!

    • Hi Michelle – I had to chuckle at the idea of shoving pop cans down your bra band! That’s definitely an indication that you’re in the wrong size! Today we have launched our bra calculator which can help you get a basic understanding of your size A Skype fitting helps you understand which styles are right for you too. If a smaller band feels like it’s cutting into you it could be that you haven’t had a big enough cup. Best of luck in the contest!

      • Hey Claire! i just did the calculator and my range is either a 38DD, 36DDD or 34G depending on what fit i like better… i never thought i’d be more than a D (based on those awful box bras i’ve seen…) but i’m excited to go out and try some stuff on just to get a feel…. although i doubt i’ll find anything even remotely as lovely as the bras i’ve seen on your website… i like the idea of the three part bras… the cheap ones i’ve had that were three part style always seemed to fit better than the “cone” shaped ones… so now i’m saving my pennies for a “proper” bra!!!

  8. Hi!

    This contest is great! Two years ago, I was “wearing” a 34C… though less than half of my breasts were in the cup and the band was nearly at my neck! Victoria’s Secret kept trying to shove me into their bras… first a 34D, then a 34DD. When it was clear that it just wasn’t working, I tried new (brands and) sizes, first a 34F, then a 32FF. Now I can’t help but notice when people are wearing a poorly fitted bra!

    Currently, I *think* I am a 32FF/32G, but I just can’t seem to find a bra that fits! According to charts, with my measurements (31 underbust, 43 bust), I should wear a 32HH… but even a 32G is a bit too big in the cup! I quadraboob in my 32FFs, but my 32Gs seem to large! It might just be the shape of my breasts, but I’d love to find a bra that really, really fits…

    So I’d love to enter, but exactly what information would I need write in the Rafflecopter box?

    • Just to clarify, when I said 32FF/32G, I meant UK sizes!
      Is that a 32H/32I US?

      • Hi Laurel – You’ve obviously done a lot of legwork to find your correct bra size. You’re so close, it just sounds like you need a bit of help understand how the shape of your breasts (close set, wide set, shallow etc) affects which styles of bra are right for you. You may be better in a balconette or you could need bras with a fine elastic lace at the top panel. These are the fine tuning things that a Skype fitting can help with. Best of luck with the contest xx

    • Laurel,
      You’re halfway done! Answer the random rafflecopter question (to prove that you’re human) and you’ll be entered!

  9. The problems I have with my bras is the support.. I can’t find a bra that doesnt look like I’m bouncy..

    • Bouncy boobs are always caused by a band that’s too big for you. The band anchors your boobs to your body rather than letting them range free like a couple of basketballs ๐Ÿ˜‰ Molded bras can lead to boob bounce as well. A 3 part bra will keep your breast against your body so that it doesn’t bounce.

  10. I have a problem with the centre gore coming up too high. It pushes against the breasts, pushing them more outward than they sit. And it also digs into the breastbone, often leaving red marks. I’m not sure what to look for to fix this, other than plunge bras maybe?

    • Hi Lisa
      There could be a couple of things going on for you. Your band could be too tight or your breast bone may protrude more than your ribcage. The first one is easily fixed and a Skype fitting can figure that out for you. The second one is exactly as you thought, all about style. A shallower gore will support you at your ribs but not press on your sternum. Whichever way we can find a comfortable fit for you. xx

  11. I am a 38DD. I have been attending physical therapy for 4 months due to back problems because of my boobs. My breasts grew quite large since i was younger and my neck and back hurt all the time. I can never find the perfect bra

    • Dear Adilene
      I’m so sorry to hear your health has suffered because of your breasts. My first thought is that your band size may be too big. Your breasts are not huge in comparison to many women I work with so I would imagine that your pain stems from a lack of support – this is usually wearing too big a band size. Something we can easily work out during a Skype appointment. xx

  12. I was in my 30s before I discovered there were sizes beyond DD. I think I’m now close to wearing the correct size based on underbust/full bust measurements, but I’ve lost a lot of weight over the last several years (and hope to drop a bit more), so as soon as I’ve bought what I think is “the bra”, 2 or 3 lbs shift and it doesn’t quite fit any longer. Frustrating!

  13. I wasn’t going to enter because I feel like it would be more fair to have this prize go to a woman with a REAL need for it. But then I realized that I have never had a professional fitting, only a department store fitting that just did not work out. I do have a REAL need for it, even if I may have more sizing knowledge then the average US woman. With all the searching I have done, there is still so much more that I could learn! Especially now that I am newly pregnant and watching my breasts make small changes. It is my first pregnancy, but add in my breast implants, small bandsize, close set breasts, and a fuller on top shape and I have no idea where to even start! I need something to provide the most support to my changing breasts, while being as comfortable as possible! Badly fitted bras make them ache in ways they never did before, and I just won’t deal with that any more!

  14. I have a constant simultaneous problem with quadraboob, and the underwire being a good 2 inches outside of my ribcage. I have been able to grab a few bras that give me lift, but most of my collection = saggy, not much of a difference from going bra-less.

  15. I entered, but I never got around to leaving a comment! Yikes!
    Right now I’m at a frustrated stage because I think I’ve changed sizes again. I was about a 28GG, and now I think I’m a 28H or HH.
    It’s hard because if I want to try on any of these sizes, I have to order them online… if only I could try on a bunch of bras at once! Like By Baby’s Rules, I’ve never had a “good” professional fitting. Any time I go to a store, they try to put me in a larger band, which does not work at all!

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