What Lingerie Has Done For Me

Yesterday was National Lingerie Day, which I quickly took note of and then spent all day in front of a powerpoint presentation in a sports bra and sweatpants. However, I wanted to try and make up for that today, and talk a little bit about why lingerie is about more than just frilly bras and panties for me. I’m also going to include some pretty pictures of the sets that make me feel the happiest, which is really what great lingerie is all about.

My favorite sleep bra of all time.

Growing up, I was always the nerdy kid who had no sense of fashion. I still can’t claim to have a fantastic sense of fashion when it comes to my outerwear choices, but I’m hoping one day it will catch up with my underwear choices. In other words, you wouldn’t believe I was a lingerie writer or a fashion writer if you met me in person, or if you grew up with me. As a teenager and even in college, I had a tendency to equate fashionable women with women who were sillier or more frivolous than I was. It wasn’t until I got started in the lingerie industry that I really got to know fashionable women had the opportunity to get rid of my pre-conceived notions about them.

I’m incredibly privileged to work with an overwhelming number of women who are smart, take-charge, and sweet and fashionable. I know some of these women because they are my clients, but I’ve also met them at shows or on social media. The lingerie industry is overflowing with women who are talented and getting ready to change the world, and I’m so happy to call them friends and clients.

This is my favorite bra for spring, from the always wonderful Ewa Michalak line.

It sounds cheesy, but being part of the lingerie industry has also forced me to examine how I think about myself as both a business owner, a person, and a woman who struggles with body image issues like everyone else. I’m learning to accentuate the positive rather than focus on the negative, and to not compare myself to other people. I’ve always been very confident at work, and I’m trying to take some of that confidence and make it work in the rest of my life as well. Working in the lingerie industry has forced me to make these very positive changes in my life as a result of being confronted by these issues on a daily basis.

Image via Bare Necessities

Mostly importantly, I’ve learned about the transformative power of lingerie. I’ve helped women find bras that gave them their confidence back, and I’ve experienced what a boost you can get from slipping your favorite lingerie on under your work clothes on a tough day. Lingerie gives woman a way to express how they see themselves, even if no one else sees it. This is one of the many reasons I’m an advocate for designers who want to cater to women of all shapes and sizes equally. Everyone deserves to experience the feeling that great lingerie creates.

Happy Belated National Lingerie Day, everyone! What did you wear yesterday to take part in it?


  • Reply lindsey April 25, 2012 at 3:21 PM

    Of course I wore my Mauve Dessous Bra. Which is my everyday bra BUT still makes me feel sexier then ever!

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