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Are You Made To Measure?

On May 20th, the “I Am Made To Measure” campaign and giveaway will be going live! I’ve talked about this cryptically on Twitter, so I’m especially excited to finally get to share it with everyone. Made to measure lingerie is a subject that is close to my heart, and an option that is frequently overlooked when women think about buying lingerie. If you’re tired of searching for designers who cater to your shape or size, made to measure lingerie is for you.

Starting May 20th, we’ll be launching a series of five posts to debunk some of the popular misconceptions surrounding made to measure lingerie, and to show that made to measure designers are actually the most qualified to cater to all shapes and sizes. Made to measure lingerie is often seen as an option that is only available to women of a certain body type in a certain income bracket. Several incredibly cool lingerie designers have generously agreed to team up with me to spend a week proving that everyone is made to measure!

On May 25th, we’ll launch the giveaway portion of things. I don’t want spoil the surprise about the prizes just yet, but the incredible designers helping with this whole thing are:

Toad Lillie Lingerie

Ayten Gasson Lingerie


Rebecca Ansah

Amuse-Bouche Lingerie

What do you think about made to measure lingerie? What has driven you to buy it (or steered you away from it)? Let us know by tweeting your answers with the hashtag #iammadetomeasure on Twitter!


  1. Thank you for those links!!!! I have THE WORST TIME finding briefs that fit because I have no hips but a big butt. Knickerrocker has some in my price range AND that are high-waisted briefs. MUST TRY!!!!! Thanks soooo much for that link. 😀 Can’t wait for the rest of the series!

  2. I’m really, really dubious about made to measure lingerie. If I was going for it, I’d mostly be looking for bras, rather than knickers. I’m a 38H (varies depending), and one thing that really puts me off made to measure is that to date, I have not seen one single M2M shop where the bras they show off on their websites look supportive, or like they’re designed to work on anyone with higher than a C cup.

    Take a look at that Ayten Gasson link, for example. The only bras shown are thin-cupped, no wire, with the shoulder strap hair-thin and placed centrally above the nipple, The models are all at the high-end-fashion end of physique – meaning they are very slim, small-breasted and lovely, but you can tell the bras they’re wearing are NOT designed with even minimal support in mind.

    Unless I can see items in their shop modelled on women who at least slightly resemble me, or even just items on hangers showcasing things I know I need like wide back straps, underwires and so on, I have no confidence that their items will provide me with what I need. I don’t have much of an income, and have to budget to be able to afford bras in my size that actually support me. I’ll buy a £38 bra in my size from the local highstreet, but that’s because I can try it on and feel how comfortable it is and whether it supports me. Dropping that sort of money on something with no indication that it’s been designed for me is simply a risk I cannot afford.

    I’d love to buy made to measure dresses, of course, but the only affordable website I’ve found offering what I want (eshakti) doesn’t deliver to my country.

    • There definitely need to be more great made to measure underwire bra options! The one I know of know is actually pictured here (she makes the black set) and goes all the way up to a K. Her bras are expensive though, which makes them an unrealistic purchase for lots of people. Lilly Wiggler was doing them, but now isn’t anymore. It’s a pretty new part of the market, and I’m looking forward to seeing other people step up and start making some.

      Thanks for your comment!

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