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Fashion Inspiration From Moonrise Kingdom!

I finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom on Friday! It finally opened here. Apparently, when they say limited release they do not mean medium size southern cities. There’s so much good stuff in the movie: troubled kids actually behaving like nuanced human beings, fantastic repurposing of Benjamin Britten’s music and all of the typical Wes Anderson wackiness. What really stuck with me over the weekend was the color palette and the fashions. I’ve put together some items which are to my eye a more grown up interpretation of the styles seen in the movie (while trying to avoid any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen it yet).

1. A Wear Belted Shorts by ASOS
I’ve never been a huge fan of uniforms but the way the Khaki Scout uniforms look in this movie is sure to inspire tons of fashionable trends. From homemade badges to colorful scarves, each boy decorates his uniform in a unique and artistic way. These shorts definitely reflect the spirit of the scouts with their attached orange belt.

2. Caprice Mi-Bas Stockings by Philippe Matignon
I really need to figure out how to wear knee high stockings. In the movie, Suzy is never without her knee high socks, even when hiking through the woods. While they look appropriate on her 12 year old character, these are a great grown up version for the rest of us.

3. Calico Cat
While cats aren’t really fashion accessories (and shouldn’t be purchased/adopted as such) I definitely believe that calico kitten owners will feel slightly superior after they see this movie.

4. Wicker Cat Carrier by Oak and Willow Garden
I thought that Suzy’s wicker cat carrier/purse must have been a vintage piece but it turns out places still make stuff like this. I love this version from Oak and Willow garden, although it’s slightly different than the one in the movie.

5. Peter Pan Collar Pintuck Trim Blouse by ASOS
Moonrise Kingdom is awash in dresses with Peter Pan collars on them, but I love this highly wearable blouse version as well. This would look wonderful with a pencil skirt and a plain pair of heels for a stylish day at work.

6. Corningware Blue Cornflower Coffee Pot
I’m crazy about vintage housewares and I’ve had my eye on some Corningware pieces for awhile now. This coffee pot made a brief cameo in Moonrise Kingdom and looked adorable. I may end up getting the teapot version of this off Ebay soon.

7. Gourd Garden Dress by Modcloth
This movie has the most fantastic color palette of oranges and yellows. This dress would fit right in.

8. Citrus Chic Dress by Modcloth
This dress is a fun and wearable take on 60’s fashions. Pair it with a fun pair of heels and a plain belt and you have a great summer outfit for multiple occasions.

9. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle
In the movie Suzy declares her love for fantasy novels with girls in them. My preferences at her age tended to run the same way, which is how I became a lifelong fan of Madeline L’Engle. I was horribly upset when she died a few years ago. If you’ve never read the Wrinkle in Time series, you should. If you have, you should check out her adult novels which are both relatable and profound.

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? What did you think of it? Are you anti or pro Peter Pan collar?

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  1. The calico kitten you have pictured isn’t a calico cat. Calicos have more white than dark. That cat is a tortoiseshell kitten. Not meant as snark.

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