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Five Blogs That I Love!

All bloggers spend a lot of time reading well…other bloggers. Copywriters also have to spend lots of time reading other blogs, which basically has me convinced that I read twice as many blogs as the normal blogger. What I don’t do is tell people about them, which is a shame. I’m trying to do better today by telling you about some of my favorite blogs currently and why you too should check them out.

Miss Underpinnings Blog:

Cece is a real life professional bra fitter who blogs about full busted bra matters, adorable clothes and other fun stuff. She’s also funny and writes in a real voice that I find addicting. I love her blog so much that I don’t even resent that she can still wear the same skirt that she got in seventh grade.


Darlene is the owner of Campbell and Kate shirts but also runs the Hourglassy blog about all matters full busted. She has great fashion and lingerie advice and her new series of columns about how to alter your clothes has me wishing that I owned a sewing machine. When you want real actionable information about full busted matters, Darlene is the woman to go to.

Ash in Fashion:

Ash is a New Orleans based plus size fashion blogger. She’s also one of the smartest and most thoughtful bloggers out there. Her blog covers far more than outfits and makeup. She frequently takes on topics that other bloggers don’t touch and her Friday roundup posts are some of the best on the internet.

The Fab Gabs Vintage Blog:

Julie runs one of my favorite vintage stores, but has recently revived her blog with a serious challenge. She’s trying to lose 50 pounds (the same amount I am) while wearing 365 different ensembles and blogging about every day of it. Her closet is all vintage and her outfits are amazing. I also value her perspective on healthy weight loss and the challenges that it presents. I’m glad that she’s back for a year and hope that she’ll keep posting far beyond that!

Braless In Brazil:

June lives in Brazil, where bras are apparently square and one size fits all. She’s valiantly ordering her bras from the UK and trying to rebuild her closet after some major weight loss. June is also one of the founders of the Bra Band Project, which is out to prove that lots of women wear 28 and 30 band bras.

What bloggers do you love that I’ve missed?


  1. Ah, shucks, thanks! 🙂

    Also, thanks for the heads up about Julie’s blog, so many gorgeous clothes there, wow! I also have a problem with reading way too many blogs. It’s a good problem to have. 😀

  2. As far as full-bust blogs go, besides the ones you mentionned, I’m pretty much addicted to Bras I hate and Stackedd+

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