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Full Busted Bra Pick of the Week: The Perfect White Bra

My lone white bra died last week. Between weight loss, months of serious wear and a slight accident with blue dye it is definitely beyond resurrection. This means I have to find a new white bra, because it’s hard to live without at least one.

I generally stock my lingerie drawers with colorful pieces, so I have trouble finding white or nude bras that I love. Luckily, the Panache Eliza looks a lot like the Panache confetti bodysuit I have and love! It goes up to a K cup, which is great. My only issue is my normal one: will the Panache wires work for me? I get along great with Cleo bras, but regular Panache wires tend to be hit or miss in terms of length for me. I’m tempted to order one and give it a try.

What white bra can you not live without?

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  1. I have both the Panache Eliza and the Panache Confetti balconettes in ivory and they fit very differently. The wires on the Eliza are wider and the cup is less open on top. The fabric is also a bit rougher, which I don’t mind, but you might if you have delicate skin. Finally, the Eliza band is firm and true to size, while the Confetti is stretchier. I have it in a 34K and wish it came in a 32KK. All in all, I find the Confetti more comfortable (if you have the option to size down in the band if you are between sizes), and it give more uplift, but the Eliza gives a firmer support.

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