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Full Bust Friday Roundup: US Bra Sizes and Shopping Issues

It’s Friday! I feel like I should have more to say here, except I’m totally exhausted and mostly brain dead after this week. Luckily between my tea from the turkish grocery and my weekly link file, we’re good to go.

I ordered this bra from the US version of ASOS this week. It’s the first time I’ve ordered in US sizes and…just ugh. I know it’s just a letter and a number, but ordering a 32M bra is hard to get my head around. Does anyone else feel like UK sizes are just better all around, both in terms of our psyches and logic?

I’ve been doing lots of window shopping online this week. Candidly, I’m really struggling with this whole weight loss and clothing thing. So far I’ve lost 7 pounds and gotten out of the “obese” section of the BMI. I’ve definitely shaped up, but haven’t fully gone down a size yet. So, to buy or not to buy? I like to look nice and I have some pieces that really need to be replaced. I also feel like I should be “saving up” for when I’m at my goal, which simultaneously seems incredibly far away. So, what do you guys do? Do you buy clothes during the process or save your shopping for a treat at the end? I could really use some advice at this point. 

Speaking of shopping, I think these purple cashmere thigh highs are the coolest thing ever.

Ash has a great preview of the Miz Mooz Fall/Winter stuff and I love all these shoes. I’m not even a huge shoe person, so that’s saying something.

What are your plans for the weekend? What items are you coveting? Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. I’m a very small size in all the sizing systems, but I do understand the “difficulties” with UK vs. US vs. EU sizes. It’s just a psychological issue! I really like the idea of getting rid of cupsizing Letters. why not just use the measurements?
    but that leaves out the whole “it depends on the form of your boobs” thing… sigh.

    Atm I’m coveting the new range of Fräulein Annie <3
    I recently lost some weight and now bought two new pairs of jeans, as a reward 🙂

    xoxo denocte

  2. re: weight loss
    I am buying stuff along the way. I probably have a little further to go than you. I also can’t say I have a closet full of stuff in different sizes. I had a couple of things in my closet that were too small. Super clearanced or too annoying to return. Well I have already fit them now and or rejected them. I am basically where I was at around 16, so I actually haven’t really been smaller than I am now.

    Basically every day is a surprise on what fits in my closet. I keep hitting the clearance rack.

    In your case, I might see if you can find a few of those basics now and make do with most. Oh and dresses are your BFF, they can last a lot longer.

    It also depends on where you lose if you will need new stuff. For me, I have lose mostly in the lower body. 70% of my shirts fit well since I have lots of knits and t-shirts. I didn’t lose much in the bust, so the difference in minimal. Pants and skirts all needed replacement.

    I an down about 45 pounds so far. This works out to 2-3 sizes. I am aiming for another 3 sizes.

    • This really helpful, thank you! I relate to the surprise factor. I put on a dress last week that was too loose in the stomach all of the sudden and then practically ripped it as I tried to pull it over my thighs. Bah. Congratulations on losing the 45 pounds! That’s almost my entire goal – you’re my role model. I haven’t lost from my bust either, although I’ve dropped a band size.

  3. I’ve lost about 60lbs. In theory, I think you need to treat yourself from time to time. In practice, I would actually wear the same jeans for 20lbs of loss at a time. This means now that I’m shopping for “permanent” clothes, I expect everything to be as comfy as something two sizes too large.

    • Wow, 60 pounds?! That’s amazing. Thanks for the metric you used — that’s really helpful when I’m thinking about what I need and don’t need.

      • Oh and there is something weird about sizes under around US10. There is only an inch difference for each measurement, So you end up dropping more sizes the smaller you get!

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