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The Quick and Dirty Definitive Guide To Lingerie Marketing

I have a confession: I’ve been meaning to put this post together for a long time and I’ve only now gotten around to it since I’ve had the flu this week. I write a ton of columns and I’m pretty terrible at advertising the fact. Lots of people read my Lingerie Addict stuff, but I also write tons of marketing articles. When you put them all together, they make a nifty guide for those looking for some advice.

Today, armed with chicken soup and my trusty canine crusader, I’ve created a mini-marketing guide for you! All of these articles are relevant, short, and will help you jazz up your marketing. They cover SEO and keywords, press kits, web copy, upsells, ways to talk to your audience, ways to make more money, and the ever awkward but¬†necessary lecture on how not to get screwed by an unknown service provider. If you still have questions at the end, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get to them later today.

The Quick and Dirty Definitive Guide To Lingerie Marketing:

1. Four Reasons You Need Original Product Descriptions (And Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Write Them)

2. Three Reasons to Create Your Press Kit and Dump Your Outdated Press Releases

3. Five Ways To Increase Sales For Your Online Lingerie Business

4. The Power of Personality: How The Right Story Can Turn People Into Lifelong Customers

5. Three Easy Ways to Build Upsells Into Your Business

6. Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Copywriter

7. Four Summer Marketing Tasks for Your Lingerie Business or Brand

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  1. Hi Holly. This is so incredibly useful! Thanks very very much for sharing your wisdom. I’m just starting out on a little bra-venture in Spain which I am combining at the moment with my “proper” job in real estate finance so some structrure and ideas on the marketing side of things is so ideal for me right now – thanks very very much! Beso, Charlotte

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