Designer Interview: Bijte Creates Delicate Lingerie for Full Busted Women

Picture taken and owned by Darlene of Hourglassy

Darlene featured Bijte a few days ago on her Hourglassy blog, which was the first time I had ever heard of them. It was love at first sight when I saw the pictures. So much so, that I emailed the designer, Diana, about an interview and picked up some pieces for myself the same day.

Bijte focuses on making luxury lingerie staples for full busted women. Lots of designers are making loungewear in full busted and plus sizes these days, but finding a great babydoll or camisole is still pretty rare. When you start looking at the luxury market, your chances get even slimmer of finding something that works. All Bijte pieces are made of stretch silk charmeuse and chiffon and have that classic European feel to them.

Read on to find out more details about the construction and inspiration behind the line, as well as details on sizing (the short version: C-J cups should snap this stuff up). Bijte pieces can be purchased through their website or in person at Iris Lingerie.

Holly: How do you create support while keeping your lingerie looking delicate and feminine?

Diana: Support is created in the design of our garments.  We have non-stretch adjustable straps on all our garments and we have back panels and ties on all our babydolls.  Most of the garments have shirred cups so that the stitching allows for reinforcement to lift the breast.  The plunge cami, triangle cami and the baby dolls (except the halter) have mesh slings inside the cups to add even more support under the curve of the breast.  We like to remind our customers that they are not wearing a sports bra when they put on a Bijte garment, but they most certainly will get the lift and fit they want.  We like to say we are “pretty packaging for the girls”.  There will be no “dumping” in our garments (“dumping” is when the breast slips below the stitching of the garment).

Image via Bijte

Holly: Do you feel like full busted women have a different outlook on lingerie than other women? What common complaints/wishes do you encounter when you talk to your customers?

Diana: I believe full busted women have a totally different outlook on lingerie because they have traditionally not been able to find garments that really fit them; and the few that fit are super structured so it’s the equivalent of wearing a foundational garment (a bra).  As a result, full bust women either do not bother with lingerie or they spend their time and money looking for bras and panties instead of pretty, flirty, sexy camis and babydolls.  It’s fantastic that we have options re: bras and panties, but that’s different from sexy sleepwear and playwear.  Our goal is to offer softer flowing items that give busty women the option to wear flirty and sexy without having to fake the fit or wear a bra beneath it.

Our most common request earlier on was for a garment with the back out while still having support.  That’s why we did the halter babydoll.  Generally, most women are surprised that the garments actually fit across the bust.  We are working on the next collection to add more variety re: colors and patterns.  The complaint that we work to accommodate is always about support.  The reality is that a DD cup and above is a heavy breast and that makes it harder to have a delicate lace or silk support it while still being pretty, we are confident that Bijte garments have got a design pattern that is addressing that issue.  Now, there are a lot of bra manufacturers doing the bigger cup, but there are barely any lingerie manufacturers addressing the desire for camisoles and babydolls for busty women.

Image via Bijte

Holly:  What cup and band size range does your line cover? How and why did you choose the types of pieces that you would produce?

 Size Chart:

Bijte Size Dress Size Bust Size
Smallplus 4-6 32C-F


Mediumplus 8-10 32FF-J



Largeplus 12-14 34DD-H



Diana: We choose this range because we found that this size range was where there was the most need.  Most women in this size category are not wearing their proper sizes because they are still “average” size women but because their busts are bigger (without being extraordinarily large) they don’t fit well in most lingerie, though they can fake it.  This was also the range we could realistically fit and lift in our garments.

The pieces we manufacture are essentially what we consider the staples in building a proper lingerie wardrobe.  Since most women in our size range do not own many camis and babydolls that fit them properly we thought this would be the perfect way to start them off.  The designs are flattering without being overly complicated.

Image via Bijte

Holly: What’s next for your line?

Diana: We are looking to expand our color and pattern options.  We are also working on a couple of new designs, but have done well with our current offerings, so we will definitely continue to offer them.


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    Oh. My. God. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for my entire 38DD life. Thank you a million times over.

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