Guest Post: Why Having Bigger Boobs Rocks

I’ve been wanting to include viewpoints other than mine on the blog recently, so I was thrilled when a blogger I admire offered to guest post. Today we have a guest post by Eternal Voyageur, the author of the lovely and informative Venusian*Glow blog. With all the negative talk about big boobs on the internet over the past few weeks, I was happy to feature a post that highlighted lots of reasons that having big boobs can be great! Check out the Venusian*Glow blog for lingerie news as well as helpful posts on natural makeup and things of that nature. 

Addendum by Holly: I’ve gotten lots of outraged feedback about this post, so I’m going ahead and posting some more information here. This is from an email I sent to someone who was very upset by the post, and while it was written before I was fully caffinated, I think it’s the best and most succinct way to put it. I’m also going to write a longer and more thought out response as part of the weekly roundup tomorrow, so check back then as well. I’m hoping that Eternal Voyageur will come by and comment as well, as her responses may be totally different from mine. The response below is by me and not her, just to clarify:

“I actually debated about putting up the post for just these reasons, and went ahead with it anyway. I think your concerns are totally valid, but the main reason I went ahead and published it was pretty simple. Whether I like it or not these are all reasons I’ve heard women privately state that they love having big boobs. Yes, this includes the issues about winning arguments with men, distracting from a figure they don’t love as much, and feeling like more of a “woman” than other women. Do I love this? No. Do I make these statements in my free time? No. But, I do think they are common things that women talk about and that they hit home, whether they are politically correct or not. 

I could write a long essay about this because I’ve thought about it a lot but I think the things that make people mad about this post are the result of things that women already think about themselves, which is worth considering and talking about. That said, a bullet point blog post was maybe not the way to go about that! I expected to get some people saying exactly what you have said, so I may leave it up and write a response tomorrow saying some of this in more detail to help clarify my feelings about things. That said, I do appreciate you responding to it and thinking about it, as well as being a regular reader. I’ve passed your email onto the post author as well!”

Obviously if you are wearing the right sized bra your boobs will not be rocking and swaying when you walk. Once you have found your real bra size and got a couple of bras that you love, having full breasts has so many perks! Here some great things about a bigger bust.

1. Some dresses are just made to be filled out at the top.

2. It’s easier to do a mammogram.

3. You can prop your book up on your bust in the bathtub and keep it dry.

4. Many beautiful bras start at a D cup.

5. Full breasts distracts from an imperfect figure.

6. The reactions you get when you say “I wear a J cup”. Priceless!

7. Gorgeous cleavage!

8. Feel feminine, like a grown woman.

9. Even a big belly doesn’t look big because the breasts stick out more.

10. There is no temptation to save money by buying cheap crappy bras. Beautiful, well-constructed ones are a necessity!

11. You always have a strong argument in your favour (actually two!) when negotiating with guys.

12. You have a great place to display your collection of pendants.

13. Everyone can read what is written on your Tshirt.

14. No need for push-up bras or inserts to have a lovely cleavage.

15. You can strongly distract men and even make them collide with random objects on the street.

16. You can support your plate on your boobs when you eat (not recommended for real ladies).

17. When you stand straight and draw yourself up you automatically look more imposing.

18. More surface area for caresses.

19. You can use your boobs to make space for yourself in a crowd.

Now over to you: what are the things you love about having bigger boobs? Do share!


  • Reply denocte September 27, 2012 at 7:12 AM

    I have to say I’m beyond triggered by this list.
    Point eight is just right in my stomach.
    You know there are smallerbusted girls too that read this blog?
    I always thought the lingerie blogger world as kind of a “safer space” for body image issues, and maybe it’s just my distorted opinion, but I really think that this is a bit over the line :/

    and Point 11 and 15: sorry, but WHAT? that’s just everyday sexism. by a girl.

    sorry, I really need to have a coffee now before looking at this list again :/

    point 14: thank you. wah.

    • Reply hollyj September 27, 2012 at 9:35 AM

      I’m really sorry you feel this way, Denocte! I’ve posted a response above as a standard thing, but if you’d like to email and talk about it I’d be happy to do that as well. I think these are big issues for women, and need to be discussed. That said, I truly believe that if we never see them there won’t be any discussion of them.

    • Reply LeaLu September 27, 2012 at 9:47 AM

      I’m sorry you feel this way.
      I also have to say that even though I am a large busted reader that this list offends me too, just as much as the original Jezebel article that triggered a reaction.

      I think that that this article was targeted at the large bust community that may have been hurt by the awful posts that have been going around lately about the awful features of a large chest. Even with the hub-bub going around that is no excuse to mark you feel bad. I think that there are pros and cons to all body shapes and sizes and I’m sure your lovely, and have lovely womanly breasts.

      • Reply hollyj September 27, 2012 at 9:56 AM

        I think what all of these articles recently have had in common is that they’re focusing on what women say and believe about their own bodies and how that is reflected out to other women. I think the Jezebel article was an example of that as well, which I also had issues with. I’m actually writing a big editorial about this for another site soon, but part of that will be exploring ways to talk about our own bodies and each other’s without causing these kinds of issues.

        I don’t agree with every item on this post, but I put it up anyway. Some items I totally agree with. Part of why I decided to put it up was that it reflected such a wide spectrum of opinions. Part of it was about diversity of opinion and part of it was that the list reflected statements I’ve seen women make time and time again. We can argue about whether they’re correct, healthy (and some of them are very much not either of these) but we have to put them out there and start talking about them to do so. I’m a feminist, but so are many other women who make these same statements. Without bridging the gap between our private lives and our public opinions, we can’t ever have an honest discussion.

        • Reply denocte September 27, 2012 at 11:58 AM

          thanks to both of you for your responses, and thx holly for the edit.

          I’ve calmed a bit down, had some more coffee 😉
          I still think that it’s a very controverse list that maybe shouldn’t have gone without an introductory pretext. Considering you put a statement to the post, this issue is ok for me now.

          However I am really deeply hurt with some points personally, which is just my personal opinion and my personal experience. And I just wanted to add this to the discussion.

          What still really really concerns me is the open sexism in the list. I hope there will be a place to discuss this.

          I do understand that, especially in a situation where there has been open bashing of one group of people, we need something positive to look up to. And I think finding some positive aspects in your personality/body type/character/whatever has been discussed is very important.
          I’m just very unhappy with the results of this process that lead to this list.

          xoxo denocte

          • hollyj September 27, 2012 at 12:08 PM

            I’m all for productive discussion! As I said, I think discussion is required for us all to work through these issues. I”m less okay with the multiple emails I’ve gotten today accusing me of hating women, gay people. transgender people and all skinny/smallbusted women, but that’s a topic for another day. I hope that if people are regular readers of this blog, they’ll have seen my past history of being very fair to all body types. I literally ran a contest that gave away prizes that fit any and all body types!

            I will still continue to stick to my guns and leave this post up, because I believe these are subjects that need to be discussed. I really am sorry if it offended you. I’m a big fan of your blog and I know you’re a very fair and unbiased person.

  • Reply Jame (@jameane) September 27, 2012 at 11:31 AM

    I think it is important to have a list of “pros” for being busty. It definitely feels like there is quite a lot of big bust bashing and perpetuation of stereotypes. There are pluses and minuses for every body type. And there are fashions for everybody type. Appreciating one feature, doesn’t mean that the opposite feature is inferior.

    For me, even though cleavage is great, I am jealous of my smaller busted sisters that can wear those tops with really deep v-necks without looking l”too sexy.”

    • Reply denocte September 27, 2012 at 11:52 AM

      I agree – it is very important to have pluses for your own body type.
      But I really think that it is entirely possible to find those points afar from putting other women down (which, sorry, 8 clearly does in my head) or embracing sexism.
      And please let’s not start the “no I’m more jealous” discussion again. There are pros and cons to every body type and I (that’s just my totally biased personal opinion) I am so sick of people bashing who’s the poorer victim in their body.

  • Reply Brianna M Headley September 27, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    I like that they balance out my hips. Lovely list, by the way.

  • Reply LeaLu September 27, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    Thank you for you addendum and response Holly.

    I know you to be. Body positive blogger which is why I was so shaken by this article.

    As a designer I try to create lingerie that will fit all sizes of women, my line that will launch sometime early next year (I still have quite a bit of work to do), will have off the rack options starting at size XXS going up to XXXL. On top of this I’ll be offering custom made sizes with no extra charge. My goal in creating such a range of sizes is because I think any women can be beautiful, and there is no need for discrimination in sizing, regardless of overhead costs.

    Given my position, I do understand the importance of talking about this issue, but it needs to be done in a cautious way. The article is an acceptable article now that you’ve added a preface. Without the preface this article seemed like a list simply boasting about the large chest while ignoring our small chested sisters. Almost as if it was our way of coping with the discrimination that has been dished out recently.

    I still think this article can be harsh depending on who is reading it, but I have also heard these statements from a number of large busted women.

    In the end I agree with your opinion to leave this list up, but I hope that from all of this debacle that when something like this comes up again you preface it before its posted, it will save both you and the readers some heartache.

  • Reply Clare September 27, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    My heart goes out to Denocte. It is awful that this blog post triggered such negative feelings for you and you are quite right that the bra blogging community should be (and usually is) a safe and supportive space where everyone feels comfortable. I agree that some of the post was carelessly worded and un-contextualised and I can completely see how and why someone with any sized bust could be upset or offended by it.

    I read Eternal Voyageur’s blog and knowing her a little I’m totally convinced she didn’t mean it to come across like that. I thinks it’s great that ET and Holly have responded and clarified.

    I’m busty and I relate to pretty much all of the list and I do think it’s vital to celebrate the advantages of big breasts (and to equally celebrate the different advantages of smaller ones). But I think some of it needs to be clarified. Point number 8 in particular is easy to see as bad – that it implies that bigger breasts are more feminine and more grown up. But I interpreted it differently. When I first grew breasts they made me feel slightly scared and confused but also, as I learnt to embrace them, they made me feel wonderful, grown up, a sign of my femininity, sexuality and potential maternity. I think the message is that breasts (of any size) are ONE OF MANY indicators of being a grown woman and all the wonderful things that brings and I want every busty teenager to be excited by growing up and growing breasts. Basically, I think point 8 is about puberty and growing up rather than about comparing breast size.

    Points 11 & 15 apply to everyone surely. Pretty much all straight men like all breasts because straight men are programmed to like women’s bodies. I’m not at all bothered by the ‘sexism,’ although if I thought the list was very serious I’d qualify it by saying that those things only apply to appropriate relationships – I actually love being objectified by my boyfriend in the privacy of our own home but I wouldn’t want to be objectified by men at work, for example. Such things are fun in the right time and place.

    Basically I think the list was a bit careless and it is awful that anyone was hurt by it. But the intention to celebrate big breast is a good one and these particular points shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

  • Reply @CCR Tina October 2, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    So sorry that anyone got offended by this but personally a bit baffled as to why really. I thought this was written with self irony and humour and was kinda funny but nothing serious. Having a bigger bust I often joke about quite a few of these points as they draw attention whether I want to or not (and I NEVER go about flashing cleavage on purpose) so it’s also a self preservation thing to laugh at these things. Never would I think that having a smaller bust is anything less, many clothes look so much better on smaller chests! But alas, we all dress to out bodytype 🙂 I’m sure that smaller busted women can come up with an humorous and self irony list like this as well, as this really is nothing more than that, I’m quite sure of that though can’t say to know it for a fact.

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