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Pick of the Week: The Zoom Sports Bra

I have had a marathon of a time ordering a new sports bra in my size. I know I’m always going on about the glories of online lingerie shopping, but even I hit a wall sometimes. I bought my Royce sports bra (the only one in my 32J size) from Figleaves over a month ago. The only two places that offered it were UK based, so I knew if it didn’t fit I’d have to do a long and painful exchange. Predictably, it didn’t, so after waiting two weeks and paying return shipping to the UK I am now waiting for my replacement to be shipped.

Without a sports bra that fits, I’m really hampered when it comes to exercise. Even low impact stuff is frustrating and I miss my cardio-kickboxing. Sadly, I’ve had to put it off until the new bra gets here just in time for the next ice age. The worst part? If this one doesn’t fit, I’ll have to do the whole thing again.

Here’s the short version: I’m so glad that a US company will now be making sports bras for full busted women. Lynx Sportswear is coming out with a great new full bust sports bra offering!

Meet the Zoom:

Image via Lynx Sportswear

Their size chart seems dead on to my eyes, which makes me really hopeful that this will be a worthwhile option for those of us on the large end of large cup sizes. They say that the bras will ship in September, which I hope means soon. I can’t wait to see how this holds up against trusted brands like Shock Absorber.

Has anyone tried a bra from Lynx Sportswear before? What do you currently use as a sports bra solution?

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  1. The delivery, at least for Zoom 2, has been changed to October. It looks okay but there’s no underwire nor moulded cups, which makes me think its just a tightly woven sports bra that squishes the girls against the chest.

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