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Friday Roundup: Disney Princess Couture and Fat Anxieties

Image by Claire Hummel

Did someone declare this unofficial Disney princess week and forgot to tell me? Shame on you, internet! Let’s start with the historical and then get to the over the top couture versions. This article has some fantastic (and historically accurate) illustrations of the Disney princesses in the clothes of their time period. The sleeves on Ariel’s dress alone are worth the clickthrough.

Secondly, Harrods will be putting up windows showcasing updated versions of the Disney princess dresses by various trendy designers. The windows aren’t up yet, but this video is gorgeous. The Versace take on Cinderella is astoundingly edgy while still feeling familiar. Yes, those are Medusa decorations on her dress.

Jezebel has yet another article about weight, and after reading months of reflections about being fat or not and what does it all mean and should we care or not I feel like we’re all just confused. As someone who has been working on the diet thing and the workout thing and the health thing, I’m just as confused as everyone else.  Here’s the thing: I like the way I look. Genuinely, I do. I also know that my weight at my height isn’t great over the long term and that I have some horrible eating and exercise habits. But part of me worries that I don’t hate my body — and I suspect that dieting would be much easier if I did. But I’ve been this weight for so long that if I lose the weight, I’m not sure who I am anymore. I think that’s part of what drives people crazy about weight loss. So many people tout it as a chance to be a whole new shiny person, but what if you like who you are? I don’t have any smart conclusions about this, but I do think that weight loss is much more complicated psychologically than food in/calories out.

The Hourglassy clothing swap happened, and I’m so jealous that everyone got to go and I didn’t. Sweets has a great review here of Bijte Lingerie, complete with marabou slippers and fantasy train trip. Miss Underpinnings has a great write up of her clothing haul and the people she met here. I think next time this happens there needs to be a remote buyer and Skype socialization option for the rest of us!

Finally, since it’s been a long week and we could all use some fun, who is your favorite Disney princess and why? Whose dress do you want? Let’s have some fun in the comments today. 



  1. My favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas, even though the movie was considered the worst of all the Disney classics. She was more womanly than the rest and didn’t pull any of the help-i’m-a-damsel-in-distress BS. Also, she respects the environment. She stood up for what she believed was right. When I was little and the movie first came out, I had a Pocahontas backpack; I still remember how it smelled… As far as whose dress I would want…Snow White. Yay bold colors!

    • It was considered the worst of the Disney Princess movies? I had no idea! I can’t imagine why, except that she wasn’t as froufy/sparkly as the other princess because she was in America.

      My favorite was The Little Mermaid, but I think part of that is just that I was just the right age for it (5, maybe?) when that particular one came out. I also really loved Pocahontas. I remember watching it and immediately rewinding so I could watch it again straight away.

      • I didn’t know Pocahontas was considered a bad one, either! She was awesome. I thought it was interesting that her outfit seems pretty historically accurate, at least if you believe the illustration series. I was always a Cinderella and Little Mermaid person.

  2. My wedding dress reminded me of Belle from Beauty & The Beast. The skirt had all of those gorgeous “pick ups” with beading at each point, a corsetted bodice and optional spaghetti straps – the dress found me and I couldn’t have picked a better one for my curves. I felt sexy, beautiful and radiant in it. It was purchased from Alfred Angelo Bridal. My favorite Disney Princess? I can’t choose; I love them all!

  3. My favourite Disney princess has always been Belle. I found her to be a very relateable character, even in early childhood. “Look there she goes that girl is strange, no question” “With her nose stuck in a book”, “It’s a pity and a sin, that she doesn’t quite fit in”. I also loved how selfless and open-minded she was, offering to remain in the castle in place of her father, and eventually falling in love with the Beast. I think I’m going to go watch Beauty and the Beast now. ^.^ I can’t honestly say I have a favourite Disney dress. Maybe Princess Aurora’s because it’s slightly more understated than the others.

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