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November 2012

    Pick of the Week: Gold Reindeer Tights by Hose Tights

    Hose Tights is a new brand to me, but I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than with these amazing gold reindeer screen printed tights.

    Image via the Hose Tights Facebook page

    It’s easy to stock up on interesting lighter weight stockings, but some days you just can’t beat a nice pair of black¬†opaque¬†stockings. These would have all of the winter comfort of your favorite opaques with a fun holiday twist. I love that the reindeer are classic instead of kitschy as well.

    Image via the Hose Tights Facebook

    I’m really excited to try out some Hose Tights in the future! I’m totally in love with these plum/grey paper plane ones too.

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