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Lingerie Blogger Secret Santa Exchange: Awesome Mystery Panties!

Behind the scenes, several members of the lingerie blogging community took the time to organize a secret santa gift exchange for all of us. It’s been lots of fun getting to know my fellow bloggers better and planning our gifts. The rules were a $10 maximum and that the gift had to be handmade. To my delight, mine showed up today and I don’t really know who it is from (although I have a guess). These beautiful high waist panties (my favorite!) showed up with a cute card. I think they’re homemade, although they look gorgeous and professionally done to me. They fit beautifully, and I’m so excited to have them! It was a really thoughtful gift.

My guess for the maker is The Lingerie Lesbian, but I’m not as sure about that as some people have been about theirs.

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  1. Yes! It was me! I am so glad you like them and they fit :). I loved this whole Secret Santa thing, so fun.

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