The Holiday Giveaway is Here!

I had a post all written up for this, but after talking with my mom last night I wanted to start with the best lingerie gift story I’ve heard. Amazingly, it’s from my family.

I didn’t really talk about it, but my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. I went to Ohio for the funeral, went to her house (which felt terribly empty without her in it) and have spent the last several weeks thinking about my grandparents and my memories of them. They were warm and wonderful people, and they loved each other very much.

My grandfather was notorious for being a late Christmas shopper, so every year he would go out and get gifts as they went on half price sale on Christmas Eve. He would them wrap them in newspaper for all of his children. The one exception was for my grandmother. According to my mother, he would march into the swankiest dress shop in their small town in Ohio on Christmas Eve and demand to see their fanciest bra, panty, and slip set. Then he would buy it for my grandmother. My mom says that as a kid she remembers my grandmother gleefully opening a new set every year (in front their five kids, no less!). I sometimes find it hard to explain how lingerie can be meaningful to people, but lingerie meant something lovely to my grandparents.

Sadly, not everyone is as great as picking out lingerie as my grandfather was, which leads us to the holiday contest for this year!

Nic of Knickerocker (who is in my top five favorite people ever list) and I were sitting around on Skype the other day talking about giveaways. Well, namely how we loved having them but didn’t want to do the same old thing. I can only blame this giveaway on our holiday spirit and wacky senses of humor, but once we hit on the idea we knew what we wanted to do.

Image via Knickerocker

I know there are lots of Knickerocker fans around here, so I think this contest prize is especially exciting. The winner will receive $50 to spend in the Knickerocker shop on fabulous custom made panties, bodysuits and more. 

Image via Knickerocker

So, without further ado we bring you the holiday contest from Knickerocker and The Full Figured Chest!

Your Mission: Buying lingerie is hard, but receiving it can be even harder. In the ugly holiday sweater spirit, we want to hear all about the worst lingerie gifts that you’ve received. Minimizer bra from your mother? Three sizes too small thong from a well meaning significant other? Any lingerie horror story is fair game, from training bras to Valentine’s Day gifts gone awry. If you tell us your story or send us a picture, you will be entered to win custom lingerie from Knickerocker that actually fits!

The Prize: 1 $50 gift certificate from Knickerocker.

The Rules :

1. Like Knickerocker on Facebook. 

2. Like The Full Figured Chest on Facebook. 

3. From December 2nd to December 22nd, post your horrifying or humorous stories and pictures in the blog comments. From December 23rd to January 1st, we’ll have all of the entries up on both the The Full Figured Chest and Knickerocker Facebook pages for you and your friends to vote on. The winner will be determined by the votes instead of a random draw. On January 1st, we’ll tally up all of the votes from both pages and declare a winner!

Make sure that you do all of this through the Rafflecopter widget, since it helps us keep track and makes your entry faster. Pictures can be linked to or can be emailed to me at [email protected] if you want to include them with your entry. 

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  • Reply denocte December 3, 2012 at 1:27 PM

    Ahhh, this will be so much fun, reading through all the entries!
    Totally gotta take part. awesome idea!

    xoxo denocte

  • Reply Az December 4, 2012 at 4:34 AM

    I think the worst lingerie present I’ve ever received has been a tiny, penguin print thong from a friend, plus a silver, spandex man-thong for my then boyfriend.

    Friends can be cruel sometimes :’)


  • Reply Cecily December 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    Alright, this story doesn’t involve receiving lingerie as a gift, but rather giving it. My grandmother was arguably the most awesome person I’ve ever known and in her mid-70s, she got really addicted to watching Sex and the City reruns on cable. She’d been married to my grandfather for most of her life and he was really her only reference for all that stuff so when we’d be watching it together, she’d have all these questions about the, uh, topics. One that made an impression was: what is a thong? Being a teenager and undoubtedly an idiot version of one, I decided to buy her a thong for Christmas from Forever 21. Leading up to it, my mother was freaking out and tried to talk me into just tossing it out. She was worried my grandmother would be horribly offended and wouldn’t appreciate a reminder to THAT particular conversation.

    Well, we’re going around, opening gifts one by one (by the way, in a large family, this takes HOURS) and we get to my grandmother’s “naughty” gift. She opens it quizzically, holds the red leopard-print cheap thong up…and bursts out laughing! She thought it was hilarious and joked all day about wearing it around the house while she cleans.

    The worst part…I still have it!! Somehow, it ended up in my lingerie drawer and every time I accidentally fish it out, I think of that Christmas. I have to be the only person on Earth who has a red leopard mesh thong that nostalgically reminds them of their dead grandmother. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes ugly Christmas sweaters, and bizarre lingerie gifts, are the best kind.

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  • Reply June December 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    The worst lingerie gift was from an extremely well-meaning relative (who will remain nameless to protect the sort-of innocent!). She gave me all her old bras which were 38B and 40B bras when I was a teen (I’m guessing I was probably a 28H around that time if I would have been fitted correctly). Not only were they these horrid soft cup bras that were just about as ugly as you can possibly imagine but the bands were massive on me and I probably could have almost fit another person in there! Unfortunately, I wore them because I really did not know better (I thought I was a 36C at the time, yikes!) and then I wondered why my breasts never had any uplift even though I was quite young.

  • Reply Jen December 11, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    I flew across the country to spend Christmas with my then SOs family, all was well until we were exchanging gifts. Sitting in front of his family (which included grandmother, mother, father, aunts and siblings) I open my gift to discover a black peekaboo panty and bra set with lace ‘restraints’. It turns out he had gotten me two gifts and wrapped them in the same paper, with the intention of giving me the lingerie set in private. I think it was one of the most embarrassing moments Ive had, but it was topped off when his sister leaned over and picked up the bra and said “You know I think you got her the wrong size, there’s no way Jen’s a 36C”. She was right of course. I never could cram my 34Hs into that thing.

  • Reply Ellen December 12, 2012 at 11:53 AM

    Once, I got one of those candy-bras as a gift. I never wore it, please no sugar on my body and boyfriend nibbling them off…. The candy was good though, I enjoyed it with my boyfriend like normal candy 🙂

    And as a silly gift I once gave a Borat-kini to a guy. He appreciated the cheekiness, but I don’t think he’s ever worn it…

  • Reply Ana Tomás December 12, 2012 at 12:38 PM

    In Christmas the worst was when I was around 12, my mother’s friend always gives everyone blue panties on Christmas (so people can use them in New Year, they say it’s good luck) so when I opened her gift I was waiting for the usual, but in that year for some reason unknown to me she decided to give me a thong, a blue thong, one of those cheap looking ones you see in sex shops. You can imagine my 12 y.o. face looking at what I had just unpacked… Everyone was quiet for a second, but then my grandmother started laughing and we all laughed too, needless to say my mother asked her if I could exchange them.
    Outside Christmas season the most embarrassing situation was in a wedding, a friend was getting married so I and 4 other friends bought her present together, we proudly choose a black and red Intimissimi set to gift her along with some cash. It was a very religious Orthodox wedding, she was from Moldavia, and we had never been in one. Everything was going fine until they decided to go from table to table unpacking the presents and waving them in the air. We were mortified, what would those very religious people think of black thong with a red zipper on the back?! So we went to her and told her she couldn’t open it in front of all those people, she had to save it for later, but she didn’t want to, she kept saying it was fine, there was no problem so we had to ruin the surprise and tell her what it was, only then did she agree not to open it when passing through our table.

  • Reply Eternal*Voyageur December 14, 2012 at 4:28 AM

    A friend of mine celebrated her birthday together with her preschooler son, because they were a day or so apart. Officially it was her son’s birthday, but some guests managed to sneak in gifts for her too. I bought bras for the friend, because she had let me measure her but had never bought the size I recommended (and kept on wearing really badly fitting stuff), and puppet theater for the kid. She opened her gift first, and for some reason everyone thought that I bought them for the kid. Weird, and a bit embarrassing.

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