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Best Full Busted Lingerie and Clothing Of 2012!

Image via ASOS

Best Full Busted Bra Brand (D-G): Pleasure State VIP
Honorable Mention: Evollove and Claudette

This category is becoming incredibly competitive, especially now that more international brands are making their way into the United States. Pleasure State VIP won this based on their unwavering commitment to truly high fashion lingerie in the D-G range. From ballet inspired pieces to sultry bras like this, the brand took the center stage in all the right ways. Luckily, they’re now available at ASOS for those of us who have been pining over their designs for years.

Evollove (also owned by Bendon) and Claudette are both doing incredible work and deserve mentions here as well. Claudette is focusing heavily on expanding their designs and size range over the next few years, and Evollove has put out stunning pieces at very nice price points all year. Again, thank ASOS for Evollove being so widely available in the United States.

Image via Bravissimo

Best Full Busted Bra Brand (G-L): Bravissimo
Honorable Mention: Panache and Ewa Michalak

It’s still sort of a wasteland at the more extreme end up the up size scale, but retailers like Bravissimo are leading the charge to change that. In addition to carrying a dizzying selection of bras, Bravissimo’s own line has been a standout in the larger cup sizes. Whether it’s the comfortable and cute Alana expanding to an L cup or their plunges up to a J cup, Bravissimo is the place to locate that perfect bra that you can’t find anywhere else.

Panache remains a strong contender and makes some bras that will always have a place in my underwear drawer. I wish they would expand the Cleo range into larger cup sizes, but they’re a solid presence and seem to be working on creating some gorgeous new designs for next year. Ewa Michalak has reduced the size range they stock (although they will still make your size if you special order it) as well as their lingerie that comes in anything except solid colors. On top of added processing fees for international orders, it’s made ordering from them less of a joy. On the flip side, they’ve added an international social media presence this year, so I’m hoping great things will be coming during 2013!

Image via Urkye

Best Full Bust Clothing Specialty Line: Urkye
Honorable Mention: Biu Biu and Pepperberry

There are lots of speciality lines and retailers for full bust clothing now, and in my eyes none are perfect. However, Urkye takes it this year for their lovely basics at reasonable prices and really flattering fit. Biu Biu deserves an honorable mention here, as well as the tried and true Pepperberry. If you’re new to these lines, I tend to divide them by age group. Urkye feels the youngest, while Biu Biu is slightly older and Pepperberry seems a little too old to me sometimes. Prices also rise accordingly, I find.

Image via Knickerocker

Best Indie Underwear Designer: Knickerocker
Honorable Mention: La Lilouche, Amuse Bouche

Knickerocker has been so popular around here (also, don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway) that I feel like everyone can agree on this win. With new designs coming out all the time, Knickerocker is thriving. Reasonable price points mean that handmade undies are affordable for almost everyone, and Nic’s sassy girl chic aesthetic never gets old.

La Lilouche is now offering a larger range of loungewear sizes in her amazing designs that are influenced by India, and Amuse-Bouche is still my favorite place to get a pair of panties that could double as artwork. They’re both a splurge, but worth every penny.

Image via Pinup Girl Clothing

Image via Trashy Diva

Best Regular Clothing Line for Full Busted Women: Trashy Diva and Pinup Girl Clothing (tie)
Honorable Mention: Collectif

I could make an entire wardrobe out of Pinup Girl Clothing and Trashy Diva dresses, and may in fact put that on my goal list for 2013. Each company creates gorgeous dresses that work amazingly well on busty women. If you’re new to these lines, start with the stretch bengaline pieces from Pinup Girl Clothing and the Sadie-based dresses from Trashy Diva. Each are perfectly designed to accentuate your waist while making your boobs look ladylike yet amazing. Pinup Girl Clothing currently stocks pieces up to a 4X while Trashy Diva goes up to a size 18 in many pieces, so plus size girls can work these dresses too.

The Collectif dresses in the Delores Doll shape continue to sell out for good reason. Their small runs of unique patterns and forgiving bustline make them a staple for any full busted woman who can get her hands on one!

Image via Les Queues Des Sardines

Best Stockings Designer: Les Queues Des Sardines
Honorable Mention: Erica M and Hose Tights

Les Queues Des Sardines continues to produce cheerful and chic tights that are cool enough to be the centerpiece of any outfit. They are also well made and last forever, which makes the price easier to bear.

Erica M makes both stockings and thigh highs for when you’re feeling racy in an art deco kind of way, and the paper plane stockings from Hose Tights are on my must have list for 2013.

Image via Naked Princess

Best Full Bust Friendly Loungewear: Naked Princess
Honorable Mention: La Lilouche and Priscilla Jade

Naked Princess continues to create unbelievably soft loungewear pieces that work with a wide variety of sizes, and is showing full busted soft bras for their spring line. I am thrilled to see a luxury loungewear company make this kind of commitment to the full busted market and really hope that they follow through with it.

La Lilouche makes great special occasion loungewear and my favorite silk robe on the market, and the Priscilla Jade Hera robe in it’s candy shop colorways was one of the best buys of this past year.

Image via Bijte

Best Full Bust Luxury Designer: Bijte
Honorable Mention: Beaujais and Louise Ferdinand Lingerie

Bijte is a small but revolutionary brand out of New York that caught my attention a few months ago, and has become a fast favorite with other full bust bloggers as well. Their quality materials, traditional European design sense, and innovative wire-free support system makes them the best splurge on the market currently. I can’t wait to try more of their pieces.

Beaujais produced a strong collection this year in the D-G category, and offers complete gift sets that are a great option to show someone just how much you love them. Don’t be fooled by Louise Ferdinand’s laid back approach to the classics – their pieces are glamorous and high quality.

Image via Eliza Parker

Best Full Bust Friendly Plus Size Dress Designer: Eliza Parker
Honorable Mention: IGIGI

This was a tough choice, as both of these lines are fabulous for women who are both busty and plus sized. Eliza Parker makes the best basics around: if you need a dress you can wash and wear over and over, dress up or down, and pack in a suitcase then you should check out Eliza Parker. Their dresses are always elegant, boob friendly, and can be worn so many different ways.

IGIGI is a gorgeously fashion forward line with incredibly impressive offerings. Whether you need a bold sequined skirt or a sweater dress for work, they make them with style to spare. Their items seem to be a little bit more hit or miss with regards to boob room, which is why they came in a very close second.

What brands and bras made your best of list? Have I left anyone out? What do you think of my picks? Let me know in the comments. 


  1. I definitely agree with Knickerocker for your choice on underwear!

  2. We’re happy to read that 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you took into account the full bust plus size market! Yay. 🙂

  4. I’m so pleased that you posted about Urkye – I hadn’t heard of that brand, but looking around the website I’m already planning a huge order! Pepperberry does seem too old sometimes, but I didn’t know about the other brands so I didn’t think I had a ton of options.

    • Yay! I’m glad I helped you discover something new. I have nothing but good things to say about Urkye, and they’re definitely worth purchasing from. I highly recommend the Kieska dress!

  5. Thank you, interesting blog, new brands for me to look at.
    Just wanted to comment on Pleasure State VIP. They are popular here in Australia. Even though they do sell larger cup sizes, they are still small in the size chart only catering for up to 16 in some items. They do however have gorgeous pieces.

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