Pick of the Week and Some Thoughts On the Curvy Kate Spring 2013 Offerings

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I have a terrible confession to make: I am a wimp who has spent the last two weeks in her house covered by a blanket while wearing thermal leggings and whining about the cold. My complains finally felt justified when it snowed last week, which is completely out of character for Mississippi and felt a little like the Twilight Zone. Part of this leads to today’s pick of the week, which is the warm and summery Lottie bra in a new raspberry colorway. I was gifted several Curvy Kate bras last year for a big review on The Lingerie Addict, and the Lottie bra was by far my favorite. It’s one of the most comfortable bras out there and holds up forever. If you’re a fan of having your boobs under your chin this bra won’t be your thing, but it’s a nice natural look and works beautifully under t-shirts and sweaters.

I realized that I hadn’t taken the time to talk about the new Curvy Kate collection, so I thought I’d do that today. I’m really torn about some things in it, and I thought it was worth putting them out there.

Image via Curvy Kate

I’ll start with the good news: I think this collection by Curvy Kate is the strongest yet in terms of design. They have everything from classics with a twist to multiway bras in gorgeous fashion colors. I love so many of the new offerings, and I think Curvy Kate has finally settled on a unique and incredibly appealing aesthetic that works for a wide range of body types and ages.

Image via Curvy Kate

Image via Curvy Kate

This all looks great, until you see that most of these bras stop at an HH cup (or a J cup if you’re a 28/30 band). The Princess is actually an exception to this rule, and one that I’ll definitely be picking up to try out this season. That said, most of the line that goes above an HH cup looks like this:

Image via Curvy Kate

While everyone needs an awesome t-shirt bra, the designs do tend to look more run of the mill as the cup sizes go up. Now, I’m not trying to be down on Curvy Kate specifically. I love their bras, and they’ve been a leader in pushing the full bust market further into the future. But, as a customer and a blogger, I feel sad when I see one more picture of someone shoving themselves into a Showgirl line bra with the caption “just one or two more cup sizes, please?”. This isn’t helped by the fact that the whole Showgirl line runs small in the cup, so sizing is even more restricted than it appears on paper. Even worse, I think it can unintentionally discourage HH+ cup women from entering Star in a Bra, which is a great piece of marketing and a great way of showing non-models in Curvy Kate lingerie.

Curvy Kate has been a trailblazer in so many ways, and they’d be the perfect company if they could just expand their sizing a little bit! Changing things around so all the bras in their line worked up to a K cup would be icing on the very nicely decorated cake.



  • Reply Brianna M Headley January 21, 2013 at 11:42 AM

    I like the padded designs they create but the wires are always too wide and high for my frame. 🙁

  • Reply June January 24, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    I hear you!!!! One of the saddest things that happened to me during this pregnancy was out growing my Thrill Me. I seriously morned that bra. I know I could still fit into their range (my guess is probably a 32K?) but I love their padded bras so much and am just sort of eh about shear cup ones.
    I honestly don’t get what the problem is when it comes to expanding their size range. SO MANY ladies there squeeze themselves into the ill-fitting show girl size range that I think it’s clear that there’s a market for them and they could figure out a way to make them supportive enough!
    Now let me go off and cry about my Thrill Me some more…

  • Reply Angela January 24, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    I’m not sure that Curvy Kate is being sold much in the US and Canada. The CK website there are only 29 stores stocking their products in the US. But Everden has their offering in over 400 stores. Canada had 39 stores selling CK and 60 selling Everden group. I’m not done tailling the Australian shops that offer Everden,

    Curvy Kate could probably expand their offering if they sold more product. They should try to get their products sold in Von Maur, Norstroms, Dilard’s, and Intamacy.

  • Reply Sweets January 25, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    I agree, I’m not sure why A) the cups run small across the line and B) CK can’t extend their pretty bras to the full size range. Bravissimo (who admittedly may have more resources) is pushing their plunge, padded and strapless bras into J and K cups, and Cleo size ranges are creeping up across their offerings. It would be interesting if the same soft boning Bravissimo uses in their strapless bra would help some of the Showgirl styles support fuller cup sizes.

  • Reply Bra Nightmares January 25, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    I love that you wrote about this! I can’t understand either, why the choose to stick with that limited size range in the prettier bras. I mean, if their unpadded+Daily Boost range with ridicilously high central gores in the bigger cups and wide wires don’t suit you, there is absolutely nothing to wear even if you wanted to wear CK badly. That sounds like bad business planning to me!

    I absolutely adore their padded bra range but there’s nothing even near my size. And yes, I was desperate enough to try the 38G when I’m normally more of a 40H/HH. 😀

  • Reply Alice A January 29, 2013 at 8:09 AM

    I’ve longed for a CK bra for so long, but at $90+ each in Australia, it’s hard for me to justify spending the money! I’m definitely entering the Star in a Bra competition in July/August though! I might ask for the babydoll as a birthday present though. I’ve wanted a babydoll for so long and finally one is being made in my size!! 😀

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