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Pick of the Week: Kris Line “Pearl” Set

Image via Brastop

Image via Brastop

I wasn’t intending to do a pick of the week, but once I saw that this set was back in limited quantities on Brastop I felt like I had to (after I squealed loudly and bought out multiples in my size to replace the set I wore through). If I had to pick my favorite basic lingerie set ever, this would be it. 

Kris Line is a Polish bra company that makes amazing stuff that hasn’t really made it to the US yet. Occasionally, the basic sets show up on Brastop in a weird array of sizes. It’s back currently, with some sizes up to JJ! My rule for Kris Line is to pick your band size based on your Panache bras and go up a cup size. 

The pictures on Brastop really don’t do this set justice. It has all of the features of your favorite smooth t-shirt bra, with tons of classic European influenced style. It also gives amazing shape and works under anything that doesn’t require a plunge bra. It’s simple  and ladylike, but still detailed enough to make you feel sexy.

On the rare occasion that these bras do make it to the US, they fall into the $80 category. It’s well worth paying the international shipping as they’re about $26 now on sale, so stock up while you can. Now if they’d only bring back the black Brilliant set I’d be over the moon!


  1. I loved this bra when I tried it on. The only reason I didn’t buy it was that I wanted something in black . . . which is why I ended up with the Brilliant. But I prefer the shape of the Pearl.

  2. Polish bra designers are great, they cater for most sizes. This one is a beauty.

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