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Get Ready for Spring with a Soak Wash Giveaway!

Since I didn’t go to Curve NYC this week, I got to stay home and bask in a slow inbox while I worked. I also started my spring cleaning, which involves sorting through my clothes and finally tackling that basket of handwash only stuff that has been sitting around for a month. I suspect my overflowing handwash laundry hamper isn’t unique, so the Soak Wash team and I wanted to make it a little easier for you this week!

The newest Soak scent is Yuzu, which I was lucky enough to try out this week. Their website describes it as a light citrus scent combined with crushed eucalyptus  but to me it just smells delicious. If you have sensitive skin, Soak Wash products are amazing. They are also eco-friendly and phosphate free, which means you can basically bathe in the stuff if you love it that much. In confidence, I’ve been known to bathe Didy in it in a pinch when I’ve run out of dog shampoo (although he’s really embarrassed when he smells like Celebration for two days).

This contest is open to everyone, so go ahead and start entering! It will close on March 7th, when I’ll email a winner.

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  1. I always handwash my lingerie and other delicate clothes I have, but I can totally identify with you on that basket… I always think “I’ll do it later, I still have a few washed bras” next thing I know I’m wearing my oldest bra or my sports bra because everything else is dirty.

  2. I have been known to do both, but when I machine wash, I use a laundry bag and delicate cycle.

  3. I almost always handwash but if I machine wash, I will put it on the “hand wash” cycle.

  4. handwash! 🙂

  5. Both hand wash and machine wash. But never through the dryer.

  6. Machine wash. And, I must confess, the hand wash cycle in my machine also spins. Even with the spin cycle disabled there’s still that one dreadful spin episode between soak and rinse.

    The machine also has a soak cycle without spin. But then it won’t rinse. So I desperately need Soak! (Can’t find any no-rinse detergent here in Finland.)

  7. I admit these days I put bras in the lingerie bag with no spin in the washer. Works pretty well.

  8. Machine wash, delicate cycle.

  9. I’m somewhat lazy, so it’s normal machine wash for me. I should consider altering my routine, though!

  10. I’m definitely a hand wash kinda girl. Although I do occasionally wash some things in a lingerie bag on gentle in the washing machine.

  11. I definitely am a handwash only person. I cringe every time I think of someone throwing their bras or underpants in to the machine!

  12. Hand wash… though usually have mother help out!

  13. Handwash, they cost way too much to machine wash!

  14. I’ve always handwashed, I’ve just gotten better about it, before it was in the shower when I remembered (the spigot is great for hanging them to dry) but I’ve stashed a bowl under the sink to let everything soak while I’m in the shower/getting ready.

  15. Jame (@jameane)

    I try to handwash as much as possible. But busy weeks call for a trip to the machine on the delicate setting. Oddly, it feels like my bra gets cleaner when I was by hand!

  16. I am SUCH a handwasher. I used to be a machine washer, but it did a major number on my bras so I finally started handwashing and it makes such a difference in how long my undergarments last!

  17. I’m a handwashing fanatic. If it even vaguely seems like it won’t like the washing machine I handwash it, a) because I’m poor and need things to last, and b) because I find it almost meditative to handwash things. I also like folding things, so I may be in the minority.

  18. I use lingerie bags in the washing machine followed by line drying.

  19. though have machine washed in the past, i always handwash my nice pieces; you have to protect your investments!

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