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Five Tips To Help You Find Independent Lingerie Sales

Image via Salon Chaton

Image via Salon Chaton

Whenever I feature an indie lingerie designer around here, I always get some questions about affordability. Now that we’ve covered five reasons to buy from indie designers, I thought I’d give out some tips to help you find the indie designer sales when they happen. Lots of people know to look for sales on the big sites, but there are lots of places to look for independent lingerie designer sales as well.

Image via Sandmaiden

Image via Sandmaiden

1. Follow your favorite designers on Facebook. 
Facebook has a strong independent lingerie community, and most designers interact heavily with their fans through their Twitter and Facebook pages. Designers will frequently post sales exclusively to Facebook or Twitter, so make sure you follow your favorites so you don’t miss one!

Image via Kiss Me Deadly

Image via Kiss Me Deadly.

2. Look for mailing list discounts. 

I know everyone sort of resents mailing lists (or maybe this is my overstuffed inbox brain talking), but lots of designers and boutiques offer special discounts for subscribers. Many independent designers work with boutiques and offer discounts to their customers, so make sure you look at them as well.

Image via Dottie's Delights

Image via Dottie’s Delights

3. Ask about photography discounts.
Designers who deal heavily in the burlesque and pinup world often offer photo discounts if you’re buying pieces for a shoot. While pinup pictures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, this can be a great way to catch a break on that perfect piece of lingerie if you’re planning a photoshoot and want to show off the results.

Image via Bella Bella Boutique

Image via Bella Bella Boutique

4. Free international shipping is worth it’s weight in gold.
Sadly, with shipping prices skyrocketing lately this statement is less of an exaggeration than one might think. While free shipping isn’t technically a sale, international shipping prices can add up quickly. If you can catch a free shipping special, you’ll save a bundle of money as an international buyer. These specials can also be a great time to buy several pieces at once that you’ve had your eye on.

Image via PiperEwan

Image via PiperEwan

5. Look for end of the line sales and sample sales.
Sometimes designers will discount pieces that have been in their shops for awhile or when they’ve run out of a certain fabric and can’t restock it. If you’re willing to wait several months, you can often pick up pieces you’ve had your eye on for awhile. These won’t be the amazing low cost clearance sales that the big sites have, but there are definitely good deals to be found.

What are your favorite ways to pick up indie lingerie? Have you found any good deals?

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  1. Great post, Holly! I am a huge FAN of indie brands and was recently just in this shopping predicament. It was just my birthday last week, and I wanted to spend some cash on a few birthday surprises for myself, and was looking high and low for indie sales much to no avail. Your tips are really helpful! I’ve found some great discount codes on Facebook in the past, and I’m a big fan of Etsy lingerie brands – so I love to check lingerie brands on Etsy, especially during the holidays, for sales and discount codes!

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