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Lingerie Review: Rago 919 and 910 High-Waisted Panties!

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Today we’re revisiting my spring quest for high waisted panties with more reviews! If you missed the previous installment, my review of two Between the Sheets panties can be found here.

I’ll start with a confession: I almost always wear dresses or skirts these days. If you see me in pants, it probably means I didn’t expect to see any other humans that day or that I’m really behind with my laundry. As a result, my lingerie collection is built heavily around skirt friendly panties.

I’ve heard lots of rave reviews about Rago, but I only know people who wear their shapewear. I was searching for every day high waisted panties, but without the shapewear component. I’ll admit that I picked up these red ones after having a very awkward Marilyn Monroe moment on a windy day in my favorite red sundress several weeks ago. If the whole neighborhood has to see your underwear, it might as well be high waisted and matching, right?

I’ve always loved the images and types of lingerie that Dollhouse Bettie carries, but had neglected to try them out until now as they don’t carry many bras in my size. I had a great shopping experience and I’ll definitely be back. They have some loungewear pieces that are just incredible and are calling my name.

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

But, back to the panties. I wanted several pairs of basic high waisted panties that were high quality, not too expensive and would work well for everyday wear. After going through tons of options, I decided to go with the brand I’d heard the most about and picked Rago.

Rago sizes their panties by waist size, so as a 33 inch waist I ordered one pair on 32 and one in 34 to see what the size difference was. Both are wearable, but I’d order the 32 the next time.

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Both of these are advertised as control briefs, but I wouldn’t say they had any serious shapewear properties at all. This makes them great for daily wear when you want to run around and be comfortable but still have a smooth line underneath your skirts or dresses. Both are made of a thick high quality satin that I suspect will last an incredibly long time with decent care. While you’ll pay a little bit more for these than you’d pay at someplace like Target, these panties will give you more wear and have a longer shelf life.

Since I do not look like the Dollhouse Bettie models, I was a little worried that these panties would hit right where it maximized my stomach. I’m one of those people who carries most of my weight in my stomach and my boobs, which means that things have to hit at exactly the right point to be flattering. I’m also short, so sometimes normal high waisted panties end up somewhere around my ribcage. Thankfully, these did neither of those dreaded things and looked great. I’ve already washed and worn them several times and they’ve held up well, so these may be my go to everyday panties from now on. I’m definitely intrigued to try more Rago pieces now after dipping my toe in the water with this order.

Do you love high waisted panties or hate them? Have you tried anything from Rago?


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  1. I own both of these and I loooove them. Great review!

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