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Image is owned by The Full Figured Chest

Image is owned by The Full Figured Chest

IGC-BookletIn the beginning, you grew your business from nothing. You planted the seeds as you sketched chic lingerie concepts on scraps of paper or told your friends how you always wanted to own a lingerie boutique. You watered those seeds with late nights, time away from your friends and significant others and long hours sorting through fabrics, merchandise and email. Some of you have moved to foreign countries to make your business grow, while others have taken root locally despite temptations elsewhere.

Whatever your story is, it starts with this seed – this is yours. You’ve earned it. 

Your story is personal and complicated, but so is your daily life. You manage at least four social media platforms, run a blog, and struggle to write your own product descriptions and press releases while you chug down coffee and plan your next photo shoot. It’s a completely exhausting labor of passion and you wouldn’t change it for anything. But wouldn’t you love to make everything just a little bit more efficient? 

Welcome to the Indie Garden Club – the place where independent lingerie businesses come to flourish and grow. Whether you’re launching a new business from a seed of genius or cultivating an established one, we’d be honored to help nourish your marketing. You see, we know what you need . You want someone who sounds like you on your best day when you don’t have eighty million other things on your mind. You want someone who understands your fabric costs and your business model. You want someone who honors and sparks your creativity. You want someone who knows their way around social media and the lingerie buying cycle, both online and off. Most importantly, you want someone who can get things done perfectly the first time so you don’t have to stress about it anymore.

The Indie Garden Club came out of The Full Figured Chest’s passion for independent lingerie designers and independent boutique owners. Independent businesses need marketing help just like big businesses do – but they need the right kind of help at the right kind of price. To help, we’re offering several basic and affordable marketing packages along with a list of a la carte items that are designed just for you. 

In addition, our Indie Garden Club newsletter will keep you up to date with the latest marketing tips for independent lingerie businesses. There will be monthly editions featuring marketing tips, flash sales on a la carte marketing items and more. If you’d like to know more, it’s as easy as filling out a tiny form right here. 

So what’s the best reason to look at the Indie Garden Club marketing options the next time you need help? Because The Full Figured Chest is just like you. We’ve worked the late nights, skipped the fun dinners with friends and operated as a lean and flexible marketing machine. We believe that independent lingerie businesses are built one step at a time, with hard work and love and careful tending. Let us help you grow into the future.

Indie Garden Club Packages

The “Cultivate” Package

cultivateThis package is aimed at independent lingerie businesses who are in the pre-launch phase or want to give their current launch a boost. The “Cultivate” Package includes a stylish and professionally written website along with an Etsy site, short term social media management, ghost blogging and product descriptions. All content is expertly optimized for search engines and humans with uncompromising tastes. A la carte services may be added onto this package upon request.

The “Cultivate” Package Includes:

  • Two months of social media “fertilizer” (includes Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr)
  • Two months of ghost blogging (8 ghost blogs total)
  • 25 product descriptions (any unused descriptions can be used at a later date)
  • Copy for a five page website
  • Copy for an Etsy site
  • SEO optimization for all items

Starting Price: $3000

The “Bloom” Package

bloomThis package is for the busy independent business owner that is tired of doing it all. This package is a gentle way to outsource your content building to someone who understands your business on a deeper level without clearing out your bank account. The “Bloom” Package includes social media management, ghost blogging, and a limited number of product descriptions. This package runs on a monthly basis and can have a la carte services added to it.

 The “Bloom” Package Includes:

  • Social media management (includes Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr) Monday through Saturday of each week.
  • Four ghost blogs per month
  • 10 product descriptions per month
  • SEO optimization for all items

 Starting Price: $700

The “Grow” Package

growThis package is amazingly flexible and can be used in many different ways. It can be used to supplement a capsule collection launch, prepare for trade show season, or to just freshen up your branding and marketing. A la carte items can be easily added to this package.

The “Grow” Package Includes:

  • Three 60 minute consultation sessionsfef
  • Your choice of press kit or look book copy
  • Three press releases
  • Three hours of blogger outreach on behalf of you and your brand

 Starting Price: $900

A La Carte Items

These services can be added onto any of the three basic packages or bought as standalone items. The Full Figured Chest can also create custom packages to suit your unique business needs.

Product Description Packages: Original product descriptions are essential to the success of your lingerie business. I can put together small or large product description packages that fit your business and your style perfectly.

Newsletters and Mailing List Content: If you’re promoting a new product, launching a new service, or wanting to maintain a regular newsletter then this is for you. I write content that entertains, educates, and brings your conversion rate up.

Ghost Blogging: Blogging stresses lots of people out, and can sometimes come last on your to-do list. I can write ghost blogs on a regular basis or as a one time thing. Use them to promote something new, or just to take one more item off your plate.

About Pages: About pages should be fun and educational, as well as let people know who you are and what you’re about. I frequently hear people say, “I know what I want, but I don’t know how to say it.” Don’t worry, I do.

Press Releases: Do you have something you want to tell the world? I can write a press release that will spread your news far and wide and get results.

Social Media and Blog Management: This is frequently combined with my ghost blogging services.

Website Copy: We live in a world where your companies are judged by their websites. Don’t let your potential customers down! I can create website copy that appeals to your target market and converts lingerie lovers into paying customers.

Media Kits/Press Kits: I can create a gorgeous and effective media/press kit that will help journalists and bloggers remember you and make potential stockists want to see more.


“Holly did an amazing job writing my business bio. Being the owner, designer, maker and just about do-er of everything in a small underwear company, it was great to be able to rely on Holly to do the one job I’d been putting off for a while and she promptly produced a spot on bio.” – Nicola, owner of Knickerocker


“It was a pleasant experience to work with Holly! Via email, she produced something for us which was spot on after I had agonized over it for a long time. She approached the job with speed and professionalism. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Holly for all your copywriting needs.” – Catherine Coast, owner of Violet’s Knickers


“It has been a pleasure working with Holly as our new blog contributor. She’s fast, reliable, understand perfectly your needs and delivers. Her writing style is engaging, original, and fun to read. A plus for us is her deep knowledge and passion for lingerie making her posts truly fascinating. I highly recommend Holly for your copywriting needs, she’s the best! -Aline Machado, Owner of Bella Bella Boutique


“I highly recommend Holly Jackson for your copywriting needs (especially if you’re in the Lingerie business).  l turned to Holly when I was struggling to write the “About Us” page for my Intimate Apparel website.  I’m a good writer; but my writing tends to be ultra formal and professional (aka boring!).  I wanted something more playful (yet still professional).  I knew what I wanted to communicate, but I didn’t know how to phrase it.  I told Holly what I was looking for, and she nailed it!  Since she has immersed herself in the world of lingerie, I didn’t have to waste a lot of time providing her with background information.  She “got it” right away.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  And I have to commend her on her patience.  I changed gears a few times throughout the process and she never got frustrated with me.  She was able to take my feedback and implement changes effectively.  She kept saying that she was willing to do whatever it took to make it perfect for me!  A+ for Customer Service, Holly!  And thanks for making my site stand out from the rest.- Moira Nelson, Founder of Bra La Mode and The Lingerie Alliance, a resource site for professionals in the Intimate Apparel Industry and related fields


“As a boudoir photographer I’m a slightly different client for Holly but as I was researching copywriters, her work stood out from the rest! She was my first choice due to her extensive knowledge of the lingerie industry, her skill at writing, and her totally kick-ass personality. As a boudoir photographer I wanted someone who knew the intimate apparel industry and who would hopefully have an interest in boudoir as well. She was perfect!


I have truly enjoyed working with her and she has helped my blog and social interactions tremendously! I definitely recommend Holly for copywriting, networking connections within the lingerie industry and other business needs you may have. She’s great with that much needed business motivation (aka. kick in the butt) that you need sometimes too.” -Laquel Wright, owner of Laquel Wright Photography


I hired Holly to manage my blog, The Lingerie Addict, and all its accompanying social media platforms while I was away for my wedding and honeymoon. My site receives over 150,000 visitors per month and my social media presence is 80,000 people strong. Skilled, professional, and capable, because of Holly, I was able to take my first vacation in years, and could truly relax and enjoy peace of mind because I knew she was taking care of things. She ensured my blog and social platforms remained up to date with fresh, relevant content. She also handled any disagreements that arose on my social platforms and even organized my incoming emails to make them easier to sort through upon my return! I really can’t recommend her enough if you want someone who’s going to look after your internet presence with the same kind of care and attention to detail that you do. I look forward to hiring Holly again when it’s time for my next extended vacation! – Cora Harrington, The Lingerie Addict


Holly can help with that and she is the number one copywriter we recommend to lingerie retailers and brands looking for help with their content. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of lingerie, is passionate about the industry and has the experience needed to help retailers and brands improve their content and make sales.” -Luis Paredes, The Lingerie Journal

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