Friday Round-Up: Website Superheroes and a New Vargas Dress

About a week and a half ago, right as I was creating a list of blogging topics, one of my retainer client’s websites had what was functionally a total meltdown. She’s awesome and lovely, so since then I’ve been basically radio silent working on getting things back up and running for her. The good news: soon she’ll have a brand new website which will be super efficient and bug free, along with some awesome new SEO options!

This means that the blog has been sadly neglected, so I’m back today with roundup of all the stuff I’ve missed as well as an easter egg sort of treat for all of you. We’ll be back to regular updates next week!

Image via the Kiss Me Deadly Facebook page

Image via the Kiss Me Deadly Facebook page

Kiss Me Deadly has released a preview of the long awaited cupless Vargas Dress. This means that you can wear it with your own bra, which is a dream come true for those of us who have been wanting one and are sized out of the current lot. I also picked up a red Elle robe from them this week, so expect a review and lots of photos of that once it arrives. I really hope the final dress comes in red as well! Expect this new Vargas Dress to show up 12 months in the future, at least.

Sweet Nothings made a wedding cake for her friend’s wedding and has been posting about her wedding cake experiments for months. Yesterday she released the final recipes and uh…better her than me? I love to bake, but this sounds like an epic project to take on. I love that she includes instructions on how to properly freeze those 4 and 1/2 dozen eggs that you’ll need to complete the cake. If you haven’t seen her articles that combine great dessert recipes with lingerie reviews, you’re really missing out.

Speaking of giant projects and scary experiments, I’ve signed up for my first online piano recital! It’s all Grieg with everyone doing one piece and everyone else is really damn good, so I’ve been pushing myself in terms of practicing pretty much all the time. While my Grieg is still sounding pretty clunky, I did manage to capture a short recording this week while I tried out my new recording equipment. If you want a window into what I do in my free time, here’s 60 seconds of me playing George Winston for you.

I know there are lots of Brits around here, so can someone tell me whether this maybe baby thing is a big deal there or not? This video of the Queen reacting to yet another baby question cracks me up.

I’m going to put up an official survey at some point soon, but I’d love it if you left a comment telling me what you’d like to see more of on the blog. Reviews have been far and away the most popular so far (especially dress reviews), but I’d like to start putting out more content and getting a better sense of who all of you are and what you’d like to see. If you feel up to it, please leave a comment and let me know more about you and what would entertain you!









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    Um, WOW. I loved getting to hear you play! What a treat!

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