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#DiversityinLingerie: Some Thoughts on Fitting In

Bodysuit by La Lilouche

There’s a big lingerie event going on today under the #diversityinlingerie hashtag, so here’s a quick explanation if you haven’t run into it yet. This is from June’s blog (Braless in Brazil) as this was her great idea:

From now on, if you want to join me take a picture of yourself (can be with or without your face, in lingerie or clothes- whatever you feel comfortable with!) and somehow fit in the hashtag #DiversityInLingerie.  You’re welcome to either post it on twitter with the hashtag or email me and I’ll put it up in  a post on my blog. Starting today (August 21st) other bloggers will becoming out with their own posts and pictures so check back to this post for the links! I’ll post them as they come out. I’d encourage women of ALL walks of life and appearance to join in.  By participating you can show the lingerie industry that, yes, you’d buy lingerie from a diverse group of models, not just the ones currently shown.  I want to be clear that this is nothing against the body types currently shown and I don’t want to get into a “real women” debate. We’re all real women.  I just want a bigger pool of models so that ALL women can see someone like them and say “hey, she looks like me and that bra looks awesome on her, it could look awesome on me too!”. – See more at:

Part of why this event resonated is that I feel like lingerie bloggers are under pressure to conform to model standards. Posting pictures of ourselves is a regular thing for lots of us and it can be nervewracking. I know bloggers who photoshop their stomach and their thighs smaller, to bloggers like me who leave their body intact but tend to blur out small flaws. This picture is different for me because I’ve left in something I always take out: my horribly green veins that are almost always present.

I was diagnosed with a genetic autoimmune condition when I was 14 and have been fighting it in various ways ever since. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to control my symptoms and how to live a reasonably “normal” life, but signs of my illness still remain as a daily reminder. Part of my illness hampers my lymphatic system and my circulation in general, so I frequently look like nothing but a giant web of bright green veins. On those days I wear long sleeves and I don’t take pictures of myself, or if I do I photoshop them out. I decided that for this picture I was ready to embrace my “greeness” rather than fighting it. 

Like everyone else, I believe that it’s important for lingerie companies to use a greater diversity of models. My example of what I do to fit in photographically is small, but many lingerie bloggers and lingerie lovers are even further outside what is shown than I am. A variety of models helps combat the idea that there is one standard of beauty and that we all need to look the same way. I feel sad when I hear women pick at their flaws, almost like they feel that some normal physical trait renders them invalid as a person. No one should have to feel that way.

Please follow the #diversityinlingerie hashtag today and check out all the amazing women participating! From the previews that I’ve seen, there are some incredible pictures and stories that will be part of this event. 


  1. Wow, I love that bodysuit – and I love you in it!

    • Thanks! I love it too. I can’t say enough good things about La Lilouche and her stuff. If I won the lottery I’d just buy one of everything.

      I don’t know how I haven’t seen your blog before – you’re another Southern blogger! I keep thinking that we should all band together since there aren’t that many of us.

  2. For what it is worth, Holly, I didn’t even notice the veins in the picture. I was too busy thinking: “Wow! That body suit looks great on her, especially that color.” I think we’re more cognizant of our flaws then other people ever could be, but I think greater diversity could help improve how we see ourselves too.

  3. You look gorgeous Holly!


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