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Fall Fashions For the Full Busted!

Fall Fashions For the Full Busted

It’s a total cliche to start a blog post with some observations about the weather, but we had our first set of cooler nights here over the weekend and I’m thrilled. I actually have really mixed feelings about autumn and warm climates, since it was my favorite season where I grew up. I miss the crisp air, the gorgeous leaf displays and that feeling of change that comes in with the season. I love where I live, but autumn is when I feel most homesick.

I set out with a silly personal mission this weekend: to find real apple cider to celebrate the new season with. I searched multiple grocery stores and all I found was that apple juice that sits in the processed juice aisle and masquerades as cider. The worst part was when I tried to explain what I wanted, no one had ever seen it before. I guess apples aren’t as popular in constantly warm climates? In frustration, I ended up pulling up an iPhone photo of fresh cider to see if anyone had ever seen it in a store here. I ended the weekend with no luck, but I’m determined to keep hunting some down.

To counteract my slightly homesick/”where the hell are all the pretty leaves, apples and pumpkins” feelings that I’ve been having all weekend, today I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite pieces for autumn. All of these are full bust friendly, easy to mix and match and super stylish. All of these pieces also feel so much like the best parts of the season to me, so I hope they resonate with you too.

1. ASOS Midi Dress With Leather Skirt and Jersey Top
I have never owned a leather dress, but I want to. I’ve seen tons of bloggers rocking them this year, so I’ve had my eye on a bunch. I love this combination leather/jersey number from ASOS, since lots of all leather dresses will just squash your chest down unattractively. This dress offers the best of both worlds – flattering jersey fabric on the top and a classic leather skirt on the bottom.

2. Mm Emery Tights by Les Queues de Sardines
Lots of people commented on how much they liked the umbrellas and raindrop tights from my Lingerie Addict article last week. This pair of tights is from the same line and I love them just as much. I love opaque tights for autumn, but they can get a little boring. These give your outfit a great pop of color while keeping you warm. These tights are pricier, but the one pair I have from them has held up amazingly well. In terms of cost per wear, I think they’ve been my best hosiery investment.

3. Stay For-evergreen Dress from Modcloth
I love dark green dresses! The simple silhouette of this dress makes it a knockout and it can be worn all kinds of different ways. My favorite kinds of dresses are the ones I can transform over and over again and this definitely fits the bill.

4. Black Jersey Blazer by Urkye (Kameleon w czerni)

Urkye finally released their much anticipated jersey blazers last week and promptly sold out of several sizes within 24 hours. There are still some left, so it’s definitely worth checking out their stock to see if your size is left. I ordered the navy blue one for me, but I love the green lining that goes with this black version. If you’re looking for a super structured suit jacket this probably won’t have a place in your wardrobe, but if you just want a way to look a little more casually professional I think they’ll be perfect.

5. Danielle Longline Bra by Parfait by Affinitas
I absolutely love the color of this bra and the longline structure. I’m hoping that Parfait by Affinitas will include their longlines in their next cup size expansion so I can try one for myself! In the meantime, check this out if you’re a G cup or under.

6. Jasmine Bra by Panache (color exclusive to Bravissimo)
This gorgeous wine colored version of the Jasmine Bra is exclusive to Bravissimo this year. While that means that Panache’s US based fans will have to pay some extra shipping, it’s worth it to pick up this bra that fits and wears incredibly well. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews the fit and structure of the Jasmine and this might be the color combination that drives me to pick one up for myself.

7. Jo Cardigan Bluebird by Collectif
I somehow ran through all of my favorite cardigans and desperately need to restock before it gets much colder. I love this Bluebird cardigan and it would go with so many of my dresses. I’ve only tried one dress from Collectif, but the quality and fit have been great. I’ve heard great things about their knitwear from lots of full busted women as well, which is pretty rare.

8. Mini Ballerina Dress in Smoke Leopard by Trashy Diva
You didn’t think this list would be complete without a Trashy Diva dress, did you? I’m actually saving up to shop there in person in November, but in the meantime I’ve fallen in love with this dress. I’ve never liked anything leopard print before, so this is a big deal. I love the subdued look of this leopard print and think it might work well for those of us with slightly quieter personalities. It comes in a whole range of dress styles, but after picking up two Mini Ballerinas already I’m convinced that this might be my third.

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  1. I can’t fault you on the Smoke Leopard ballerina….

    Because I picked mine up last week (and the red). Perfect for fall, and I can’t wait to layer them! It definitely is a more subtle leopard print, which is really lovely. I contemplate pairing it with a leopard print cardigan, but wonder if that’d be overkill 😉

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