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Steampunk Style Corsets and Trashy Diva Dresses: The Perfect Match

Corset via and dress from Trashy Diva

Corset via and dress from Trashy Diva

I managed to schedule content during my week long trip away. I had a huge list of great content for when I came back. What I didn’t account for was the super flu that struck almost as soon as I got back. I ran a fever. I felt awful. I got nothing done. To add insult to annoyance, I developed flu hives (I didn’t even know you could do that before this!). Lots of people say they’re thrilled to be back at work, but I really mean that today.

Now that I’m not stuck in bed, I thought I’d start the week off with something I almost never cover but have always been curious about: corsets! The lovely people at Hot Corsets contacted me awhile back to ask if I’d be interested in trying something out and I jumped at the chance. They offered lots of lovely choices, but my sci-fi loving heart jumped at the chance to try a pretty bad ass leather steampunk style waspie, complete with buckles. Naturally, I then realized that since I basically wear entirely vintage style dresses, making this work as an outfit might be tough. I worried that it would look like a costume and that since I didn’t own any separates that I’d be totally stuck. As you can see, it turns out that actually amps up some of my favorite dresses perfectly! I love it with my Jenny Dress, but I can think of at least six other dresses it will work perfectly with. I’m also thinking of just pairing it with skinny jeans and a black button up once it cools down more! If you saw my previous Jenny Dress review, you can see that this outfit is pretty different from the first way I showed it. I had never considered a corset as a way to amp up my beloved dresses, but now I want another one so I can make more new outfits!

Being a corset newbie, I was pretty nervous about the actual process of getting it on. I’ve read lots of articles on corsets due to my gig over at The Lingerie Addict, but always more in a curious and theoretical sense. If you’re new to corsets, here are my quick tips:

1) Check to see that it is right-side up. This doesn’t make you a moron, it makes you a person.
2) Have help the first time! I could have done it on my own, but it would have been a long and frustrating process. I feel much more confident having had someone else lace it up first.
3) Go for a corset with nice materials and real steel boning. This one is leather with cotton lining with real steel boning. Those plastic fashion things would not be the same.

I don’t have this corset laced as tight as it can go in this picture (it can reduce your waist by 4 inches due to the steel boning) but I’m definitely going to practice and get it there. I love the idea of being able to create a dramatic silhouette change, even though I have a pretty high bust/waist ratio to start with. Now that I’ve tried this one, I’m thinking of trying to pick up another corset to go with my cocktail dresses as well.

I don’t often talk lots about the providers of samples since they just kind of show up with a quick communication beforehand. However, Hot Corsets provided great support and answered all of my newbie corset questions easily. They were sympathetic, nice and completely helpful about providing information for me. They’re a great place to start if you have questions, but they also carry a huge inventory of real corsets for totally reasonable prices. Part of what has put me off investigating corsets more is the hefty price tag that is attached to many of them – I’ll definitely be doing more budget friendly corset exploration at Hot Corsets.

Have you guys tried corsets yet? What are your favorite ways to wear them? I need more suggestions!



  1. It’s so neat that you followed your heart with your corset choice, and it ended up fitting in with what you already have because you’ve followed your heart there as well!

    • I’m so happy it worked out! I was really sure I was going to end up with a super cool corset and nothing to wear it with – it was great to have a review piece force me to get more creative.

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