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Want of the Week: The Sugarshape “Seaside” Set

Image via Sugarshape

Image via Sugarshape

Image via Sugarshape

Image via Sugarshape

I’ve written about Sugarshape before, but they’ve just released their newest season of community driven bras and I felt like this “Seaside” set deserved special attention. If you’re unfamiliar with Sugarshape, you should absolutely get to know this German run company that creates lingerie sets based on the votes of customers. Sizing, colors and styles are all dependent on votes, so you can actually help put your dream lingerie set into production! All of their styles are based on actual measurements rather than cup sizes, to help demystify the cup size system.

One of the great things about Sugarshape is how complimentary they are about their customers. When I complimented them on the color of this set on Twitter, their response was, “Thanks, our customers have great taste!”. It’s great to see that their system is working for everyone involved.

This “Seaside” set is extra gorgeous, especially when you consider it as the result of a collaborative community driven design. I love the stripes against the ice blue design instead of the usual manly pinstripe idea as well as the vintage style high waist panties. If you don’t share my high waist panty obsession, they have two other more modern options to choose from as well.

The 85/110 (my size) isn’t available yet, but I’m hoping that it will be soon! The Sugarshape website is only in German, but they speak wonderful English and take international orders by email. I’m really hoping that they have enough demand soon to put in a full international order system, as I feel like people are missing out when there aren’t any readily available options on the website.

If blue isn’t your color, there’s also this red set to get excited about.

Image via Sugarshape

Image via Sugarshape

Check out that adorable and unexpected bow!

Have you tried Sugarshape yet? What do you think of their new offerings?

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  1. Oh my goodness. I rarely see a set where I like the bra and panties….and oh boy, do I like this set.

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