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Full Busted Bra Review: Roxy Longline by Elomi Lingerie


Elomi broke the mold this year by releasing a longline bra shape that catered to plus size women in higher cup sizes. Freya (Elomi’s sister brand) has had great luck with theirs, so it’s great to see them moving what works into other brands. I love longline bras, so I was really excited about this addition to my lingerie drawer. It’s actually the only longline available in my size currently!

Elomi has a tendency to release new things in love it or hate it sorts of patterns – this is definitely the case with the Roxy. I love the pattern, but I’m also a fan of bright and crazy lingerie with clashing tones. If you want something more subdued or just don’t love this color palette, you were out of luck.

So, how does the Roxy look on an actual person? Here it is:

Elomi Roxy Longline


This is a 34H and a size L panty, which is definitely the right size combination for me. This bra didn’t actually run higher than an H cup and I’m normally a HH in Elomi. While I’d prefer one cup up, this isn’t horrendously small on me and actually works pretty well. These colors are pretty true to real life. I actually really love them for autumn right now. There’s something about the whole thing that reminds me off colorful leaves and orange and red fall flowers.

The band of this bra does have some boning in it, which is something some of the Freya version have lacked. That said, it flips up on me very easily and I’d like to see Elomi do something to make it a little sturdier in the next version. I wonder if part of the issue comes from taking a feature from a brand like Freya and working it into a plus size line – women with more weight in their stomach or ribcage are more likely to have band flip problems.

That said, the bra is incredibly comfortable and I’ve worn it a lot. It’s great when you want something with more definition under a shirt or dress and works as a great everyday fashion look as well. It creates a great shape under clothing as well.

I’m normally a huge fan of Elomi panties, but these are very different from their normal ones. The material is thin and slick, almost like the material that I associate with swimsuits. They also run a little tighter than the regular Elomi panties, so I might go up a size if I were to repurchase them. They’re still nice and flattering, but I’m used to how luxe and soft the other Elomi panties are.

Image via Elomi

Image via Elomi

While the Roxy isn’t my all time favorite Elomi (that honor currently belongs to the Betty) I do think it’s a great addition to your lingerie drawer if you like the pattern and you’re looking for something wearable yet distinctly different. I will definitely be checking out the new version in navy and pink next Spring/Summer as well!


  1. I tried the Roxy on and as amazing as the fit was, I was not a fan of the print. I didn’t like the bottoms – the faux denim print is not my thing AT ALL. However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ditsy floral print for spring 2014. That I will probably get!

    • I’ve heard much better comments about the spring print, so hopefully that will be good for their sales! I love the shape and hope that it can stick around in some form – there’s literally nothing else in this size range like it.

  2. I really really wish my bust was large enough! This set is so damned cute, I really covet it.

  3. Holly, you are rocking that color palette! When it arrived at the store, I was impressed because it was prettier than I expected, but I would have still preferred for them to use something with broader appeal, especially if they were going to base the decision to have future longlines on the success of this one.

    • I wish they’d used a more basic color as well, mostly because I’d like them to continue the shape! I worry that the love it or hate it patterns will lower sales and then the shape will just disappear. I’d also love to see them expand it to a larger size range, but that won’t happen without the demand either.

      • HUGE band flip issues. I’m short, 34HH normally, and have a belly, and this just wouldn’t stay put. I wore it once then sold it to a friend. Sad.

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