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Holiday Bras for Full Busts: A Gift Guide

Holiday Bras for Full Busts

While you can find lots of gift guides dedicated to the bejeweled bras of the world, but I personally believe that the best holiday lingerie are sets that can be worn on multiple occasions. All of these sets are festive, holiday appropriate and work under everything from a formal dress to a t-shirt. After all, what’s the fun of holiday lingerie that you tuck in a drawer after wearing it once?

1. Sharon Bra by Kris Line
For the first time, Brastop is stocking large cup Kris Line sets in colors on a regular enough basis that I can include them in guides like this! Luckily, both sets available right now are nice and festive. I love the silver color of this set combined with the basic t-shirt bra shape.

2. The Princess Bra in Scarlet/Chili by Curvy Kate
The colors of this bra are perfect for the holidays without being too literal. The clashing chili and scarlet colors are lovely together and the bra is a useful shape that goes under everything.

3. The Jasmine Bra in Wine by Panache (Exclusive to Bravissimo)
This colorway of the Jasmine Bra is only available through Bravissimo, which is sort of a shame if you’re a US buyer. That said, the bra is a hit with everyone and this colorway is wonderfully seasonal, so it may be worth the international shipping as a holiday treat.

4. Satine Nouveau Basque by Bravissimo
Everyone’s quick to credit Curvy Kate and Parfait by Affinitas when it comes to bringing back sexy basques and babydolls, but lots of people forget that Bravissimo has been making basques in a huge range of cup sizes for several seasons now. This is the latest and is based on the fantastic Satine shape. The color is sexy yet useful and it will fit perfectly in the bedroom or under your favorite party dress. The Satine is one of the lowest plunges I’ve tried, so this would be a great option underneath truly low cut dresses.

5. Toni Bra by Kris Line
This set reminds me of sugarplums and holiday sweets, but is wearable no matter the season. As a bonus, this full cup design by Kris Line gives incredible lift and great shape under clothing. At roughly $50 per set, these bras look and feel far more expensive than they are.

6. Deco Honey Bra by Freya
While I have many feelings about how Freya keeps churning out Decos at an alarming rate, I think this green holiday Deco release is right on target. Lots of women need seamless plunge bras to go under party dresses but hate beige. This is perfect for someone who is a tried and true Deco-holic or for someone who wants to try something in between festive lingerie and pretty shapewear.


  1. I feel like the Curvy Kate Gia is very Christmas-y. To me, the embroidery definitely looks more gold than blush, at least in contrast with the red. The Deco is new to me still so I am very interested in the new colors that come out. It would be nice to see a more emerald color, being that it is THE fashion color of the season but oh, well. Anything is better than beige.

    • I think the Deco is such a smart release by Freya – they’ll sell like hotcakes and it’s easy money for them. They’ve made such a seamless transition between fashion and shapewear with the same bra.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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