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Full Bust Friendly Dress Review: The Liz Dress by Trashy Diva in Black Cotton

Liz Dress by Trashy Diva

After all of my holiday travel, I pretty much feel like hibernating in my house for the next month. While other people went out and partied, I made my own gourmet food and stayed home in my pajamas. Didy and I had a lovely time watching classic New Year’s Eve movies in bed while eating fancy dog food (him) and gourmet cheese (yours truly). However, I did get dragged out of my house for lunch on New Year’s Day for a small party, which meant that I got to try my new dress! I wore the Liz Dress in Cobalt Satin for my birthday over the Thanksgiving holiday and sadly got zero pictures of it. I wanted to get some at the restaurant, but it turned out to be really dark and difficult to get any photos. I’m going to try to make sure to get some and include them as an outfit of the day on Pinterest or something, since it’s a really gorgeous dress. In the meantime, I fell so in love with it that I knew that I needed this casual version to add to my regular dress rotation.

A note on size if you’re full busted and want the Liz cut: this is a 16, which is one up from my normal TD size. The waist is a tiny bit large, but the belt fixes that nicely. The 14 zipped up over my waist but wouldn’t get anywhere near zipping over the widest part of my chest. Luckily, Trashy Divas size charts reflected all of this perfectly, which meant I could have figured out to size up remotely if I hadn’t bought my first one in the boutique itself. When in doubt, take the size charts seriously!

That said, this dress definitely rivals the Ballerina cut for favorite ever Trashy Diva dress shape. It’s classic and comfy and highlights your curves without seeming overly sexy or showy. It comes with a cute little bow belt that can be worn front or back to switch up the look, which is a subtle way to add some fun to what could be a basic black dress. Since this dress has now appeared in the bridesmaid/party dress collection and as a cotton basic, I’m hoping we’ll see more colors or even print versions showing up. Trashy Diva, please make my year and release this in some gorgeous print. The silhouette is classic, the neckline is flattering and the skirt is big and princessy without being so huge that it gets stuck in your car door.

Back of Miss L Fire 'Rio" Shoes

That said, I couldn’t resist the idea of jazzing up a plain black dress with some seriously dramatic shoes! A full review of these will be coming, but I’ve become absolutely obsessed with these Miss L Fire ‘Rio’ shoes. I got these in the sale on sale stuff offer that Trashy Diva had right before New Year’s Eve, which felt like a serious treat since they definitely would have been out of my price range normally. I’m not always much for statement shoes, but check out the wings on these! I’m on a mission to wear them as many places as possible once this period of bad weather is over. I always fall into the trap of being scared to wear my nice shoes out for fear of scuffing/getting them wet, which means that they just sit in a box. Hopefully this year I can worry less and not live in my thrift store flats all the time.

I have a ton more Trashy Diva to review, since I still haven’t covered all of the stuff I got on Black Friday there! I occasionally worry that I sound like a shill because I talk about them so much, but I honestly think they’re one of the few clothing companies that is consistently worth what they charge for dresses.

What do you guys think of the Liz Dress? How do you feel about it compared to the other Trashy Diva basics?

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