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Full Bust Friendly Valentine’s Lingerie: The Indie Lingerie Edition

Full Bust Friendly Indie Lingerie Guide

It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day! Per usual, I’ll have a series of gift guides, but today we’ll be starting with my favorite pieces from the indie lingerie brands. Before we get into the list of pretty pretty things, I want to say a few words about the state of non-modelesque ladies and indie lingerie labels and some stuff budgets (which I wish lingerie bloggers talked about more but they don’t).

I usually just make a list of the prettiest stuff for this gift guide, but this year I took a different approach. I know luxury lingerie makes lots of people run for the hills, so this year this list includes almost entirely pieces that I have personally purchased over the last few years. No samples, no hidden blogger bonuses. If it’s on this list, it means that I know that it fits and I’ve spent my hard earned cash on it at some point. I think this is important in part because it’s easy to believe that indie lingerie companies don’t make a huge selection for full busted or plus size ladies – obviously, there’s stuff out there that works. However, these designers don’t have any incentive to make more if we don’t buy it! I talk lots about voting with your money and Valentine’s Day can be a great time of the year to splurge and do some good for your fellow full busted friends all at the same time.

Secondly, budgets. Hopefully it’s fairly obvious that I am a writer. I don’t have to eat ramen all the time, but I’m certainly not ready to retire to Hawaii anytime soon. In fact, I would bet large amounts of money that many of you reading this make more than I do per year. All of these pieces are achievable without clearing out your entire bank balance. As you can see, they’re also all basics that will last you forever if you take care of them. In addition, all of them are from companies that produce things ethically and in their own countries, which helps support a healthy worldwide economy and creates fair wages for everyone.

Please don’t take this as me trying to guilt you into splurging this Valentine’s Day – I’ll be putting up some great mid-price and budget guides in the next few days and I totally endorse those as well.  If you are in the mood to splurge though, these pieces will give you something to treasure for years and help support small designers and healthy manufacturing processes as well. It’s great when everyone wins, right?

1. Zig Zag Mosh Playsuit by Dottie’s Delights
I own the regular version of this playsuit: it’s honestly the sexiest thing I’ve ever bought and potentially the best $70 I’ve ever spent on a piece of lingerie. The high quality mesh makes curves look awesome and actually gives you more bust support than you expect. If you want something classic and sultry for the price of a Eveden bra, this is the piece for you. If you have a dramatic difference in your measurements, just contact Stephanie and she’ll make one just for you!

2. Leopard Play Babydoll in Raspberry by Between the Sheets
Between the Sheets is one of those companies that doesn’t present as particularly curve friendly, but their bias cut pieces are fantastic on curves. I love that this raspberry color is perfect for Valentine’s Day but works during the rest of the year as well. I was lucky enough to get this and the robe for my birthday in November and I’ve worn them a lot. The babydoll is great for lounging or sleeping as well.

3. Leopard Play Robe in Raspberry by Between the Sheets
For those of you who crave matching sets, this robe is a great way to top off the babydoll. It also works well on it’s own for lounging or even just wearing after a shower. It’s fun, ladylike and will last forever if you wash it right.

4. Purple Elle Robe by Kiss Me Deadly
I own this robe in the red silk version that was previously released, but I love this purple one as well. If you’re too full busted for vintage lingerie, this is the perfect substitute. This robe is based on a real vintage pattern and has fantastic velvet details. I love it for working in and hanging around the house, as well as channeling my inner 1930’s Hollywood starlet. If you love vintage but don’t want or can’t find the real stuff, this robe is for you.

5. Purple Elle Knickers by Kiss Me Deadly
What goes better with a vintage robe than giant swishy panties? These would be cute under a dress or just as a way to complete this set.

6. Short Sheer Frou Frou Dressing Robe by Dottie’s Delights
This robe is a great example of what happens when you vote with your money. It originally came in two colors and one size, but now Stephanie has added a second size for full busted/plus size ladies and lots of new colors! While this peach is a classic, I’m partial to the fuchsia version that has just been released.

7. Raspberry Daiquiri Bed Jacket by Ayten Gasson
I like these bed jackets so much that I own two of them! They’re great as robes or as outerwear and they feel heavenly on. Ayten sources her fabrics from UK factories right down to the laces, so you know that your investment piece will last forever and that your money is going to a good cause. If your size isn’t in stock, Ayten will custom make one just for you.

8. Raspberry Daiquiri Knickers by Ayten Gasson
Bed jackets always go best with matching panties (although I’m partial to wearing mine with just about everything). Again, if you don’t see your size Ayten will happily make you a custom pair.

9. Rococo Skirt by She and Reverie
I haven’t tried She and Reverie yet, but they’re on my list to try when I have money again post-moving expenses. This skirt is gorgeous and unique and would go with everything. I love loungewear pieces that double as outerwear, as I feel like I get much more bang for my buck when I can wear them for multiple purposes.

10. Elektra Classic Bodysuit by Sonata Lingerie
I’ve had this bodysuit for several years now. While Sonata releases new colors all the time, I’m still most drawn to this classic Elektra color combination. I wear mine as outerwear most of the time with a navy blue skirt when I’m going out to dinner. While Sonata’s listed size range isn’t full bust friendly, they’ll custom make one for you for no extra charge.

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  1. I am getting that zig zag mosh bodysuit as soon as my taxes come back! I’ve been shopping around for a few splurge pieces and I fell in love. So glad you mentioned she made custom sizes or I would have sadly passed it up. My hips are just a few inches out of the listed size range.

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