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Lingerie Fashion Week Part Deux: Kix’ies and “Made in the USA” Presentations

Earlier I shared some of my photos, experiences, and thoughts from Lingerie Fashion Week. I’m back to finish up the round-up of the fully packed day. Today, you’ll get to see the absolutely amazing performance put on by Kix’ies Thigh Highs, as well as a summary of the “Made in the USA” presentation featuring Clare Bare, Nais, and Sophi Reaptress.

From the Look Book

From the Look Book

First, Kix’ies. When I saw that there was going to be a brand exclusively for thigh highs, I instantly imagined a runway show. What better way to show off thigh highs than long legged models strutting down the runway? Well, turns out Kix’ies knew exactly what they were doing. They had models on blocks, models on couches, and models do an aerial performance.

This happened.

This happened.

The idea for the brand started after the founder was humiliated in her teens and a pair of bad tights. And what better revenge than success? Kix’ies was born years later, but still inspired by feeling confidence and style–the founder, Samantha aimed to dodge the dreaded muffin top from being “stuffed in tights”. I think she hit the nail on the head with the assortment of fun prints. And can we please talk about how this aerialist was flipping around for an hour and her thigh highs literally did not budge! Talk about quality.

I'll let you know if my legs can magically do that with my new pair of Kix'ies. Stay tuned.

I’ll let you know if my legs can magically do that with my new pair of Kix’ies. Stay tuned.

Following the Kix’ies presentation was three brands that followed the theme “Made in the USA”, including Clare Bare, Nais, and Sophi Reaptress.

Clare Bare

Clare Bare

Clare Bare is a sustainable brand based in L.A. which emphasizes sustainability with their eco-friendly, hand-made garments pulled from vintage and recycled fabrics. Everything had a very young and hip feel with lightweight bodysuits, and tie-dyed fabrics.

Clare Bare

Clare Bare

Nais is a brand that’s made exclusively in New York, specifically Brooklyn-based. They had a collection complete with lingerie that crossed over into loungewear, and everything was so trendy that I was already planning up ways to wear it out of the house. The setting on the 14th floor with the skyline in the background was gorgeous…but terrible lighting for trying to capture pictures. But trust me, it was fabulous.

Who wouldn't want to lounge in this?

Who wouldn’t want to lounge in this?


Finally, Sophi Reaptress is a brand based out of Philadelphia and was undoubtedly the edgiest collection there. Hoods, leggings, fishnet, crop tops and high waisted shorts, all pulled together with combat boots and an angst-y expression. The construction was impeccable and there was no question who would be their ideal market…but the models were almost too intimidating to take pictures of! Regardless I’m going to need a pair of those leather leggings.


If you want to channel your inner badass...

If you want to channel your inner badass…



  1. The thigh highs, do you think they’ll be made in sizes for those of us that may have larger thighs!

    • Valerie, I know they do come in larger sizes! I think they go up into the 20’s in terms of size, so just check their website for the size chart. I’ve heard great reviews of them from plus size ladies!

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