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Spring Trends: Aqua, Turquoise and Tiffany Blues

Blues for Spring

Autumn used to be my favorite season, but it’s almost impossible not to fall hard for spring in the South. It’s full of gorgeous flowering trees, dramatic rainstorms and beautiful natural scenery. The best part is you can even enjoy it as the weather is perfect! Every year, I find myself lightly restocking my wardrobe in honor of spring with new colors that catch my eye. This year, it lines right up with the plethora of light blue colors that are popping up in stores everywhere. This will always be one of my favorite spring wardrobe colors, whether you call it aqua, turquoise or Tiffany blue.

1. Panache “Fern” Balconette Bra from Forever Yours
I own a Panache Fern in purple from way back, but this blue colorway is tempting me to pick up another one! The floral pattern is gorgeous without feeling fussy and reminds me of beautifully painted teacups. This is also a practical bra under all kinds of outfits, which means you can buy something trendy without worrying about how much wear you’ll get out of it.

2. Claudette Fishnet Scoop Bra in Aqua from Faire Frou Frou
Claudette always comes up with amazing new colors, but this aqua version of their fishnet bra is extra fabulous. I love the high waisted panties with the attached garters and would pick this up in a heartbeat if it came in my size.

3. Candice Gwinn Lena Dress by Trashy Diva
I tried this dress on at the store awhile back and it fit me without a bra! It’s worth purchasing for that reason alone if you’re on the busty side. It’s also heart stoppingly gorgeous in person – I’m trying to avoid buying cocktail dresses since I’m fairly maxed out on them, but it pretty much took all of my willpower to not buy this dress right then.

4. Francesca Dress in Robin’s Nest by Cabiria
Cabiria does amazing designs in silk jersey and I’ve wanted to try their dresses for awhile. This Francesca dress is exactly where I like my day dresses – pretty, practical and easy to dress up or down.

5. Here Today, Lawn Tomorrow Flat by Modcloth
I’m super into flats these days since I’ve moved to a walking city. These cute blue flats from Modcloth are comfortable, trendy and won’t break the bank. These are the kinds of shoes I live in during the warm months (which is most of the year here).

6. Always Flock Together Flat by Modcloth
How can you resist pretty flats with flamingos on them?! These faux suede flats are cute and quirky.

7. Vintage Blue and Metallic Silver Embroidered Clutch at AuldMemories
My favorite purses have all been purchased from vintage shops for stupidly low amounts of money. This clutch is one of those lucky finds that is the perfect sundress accessory. I’m warming to the whole clutch purses as day wear trend and have been using mine more and more lately.

8. Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility Clutch by psBesitos
It’s blue, it’s Jane Austen and it’s a fun clutch purse. What more could you ask for? Oh, a zipper top for security. This purse is the perfect grab and go casual spring accessory.

9. Double Tag Heart “Return To Tiffany” Pendant by Tiffany & Co.
It’s impossible to talk about Tiffany blue without showcasing the color in its most coveted form: jewelry by the world famous Tiffany & Co. While most associate the company with over the top jewelry for millionaires, they also have a great sterling silver collection for us regular people too. I think this adorable mini “Return to Tiffany” pendant is a great way to treat yourself to something blue.

10. Tiffany Blue Box Charm by Tiffany & Co.
Everyone knows the Tiffany box, so it’s no surprise that they make a charm based on it. These charms are dainty and small, but would look good on a chain as a necklace or on a delicate bracelet. I aspire to be the kind of woman who can collect them one day.


  1. I’m pretty much blaming Trashy Diva + the Candice Gwinn pastel turquoise for my obsession with this color this season. Which actually isn’t too strange, since last year (the year before?), I was coveting everything mint green.

    • Yes…I agree. Candice always comes up with such great shades for her dresses. It’s even made me like lots of colors I’ve never liked previously, such as the Slap and Tickle print colors.

  2. I love the Candice Gwinn Lena dress by Trashy Diva. It’s so beautiful! And I love that they also offer a matching bolero to this dress. <3 Also, you are so right about Tiffany's. That double tag heart "Return to Tiffany" pendent is actually on my list of "treat myself things" for when I finally get my credit card paid off.. (along with some other Tiffany's items… I'm undecided what to get out of all their many sterling silver offerings). And how cute is that gift box charm?! I didn't even know they carried charms. 🙂

    • They carry lots of cute charms! I think they’re meant for bracelets, but I could see them working as necklaces too. I really love their sterling silver collection and may start hinting about it for special occasions.

      The matching Lena bolero is gorgeous – I’ve seen it in store, but never tried it on. The whole outfit would be great for something formal, I just don’t have many formal occasions in my life!

  3. I think you have #5 and #6 mixed up.

    I’m sized out of the Claudette bra, but it’s on sale at the moment on ASOS for anyone that’s interested:

    And the Nature Breeze ModCloth flats are also cheaper on Amazon right now:

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