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Spring Shopping on a Budget: Accessories to the Rescue!

Like most women, I pretty much find any excuse to go shopping. Whether its a small dinner party, or an upcoming wedding, even just a night out on the town, if I have any sort of event planned at least 36 hours ahead of time I usually justify buying a new outfit. For your own sake, I hope that you don’t take after me in anyway because it’s not exactly the most rational thinking, however it did bring me to start focusing more on smaller items like accessories. Not only can these be more budget friendly, but you can work them into any outfit to make it feel like new. Below are some of my favorites for Spring and Summer.

Scarves are my absolute favorite. I love wearing them to work to tone-down a blazer, or on days where I’m doing the whole Hanes white V-neck thing, a scarf tossed on top makes me look just a little more put together. I’m partial to Lilly Pulitzer because I’m obsessed with everything in the store. I’ve had my eye on the Murfee Scarf for about four years now.

TFFC Img 1

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf- $118

But $118 is a lotta dough for a scarf, so for a happy wallet, and to satisfy your accessory fix, try stores like Target or Marshalls for cheaper but just as colorful options.


I love me a good belt, and this adorable bow-belt from The Limited comes in a variety of pastel colors. If you’re able to snag it on-sale like I was then that means you can buy more colors, right?

TFFC Img 2

The Limited Bow Tie Skinny Belt- $30

I have a not-so-secret obsession with cocktail rings. From the one passed down to me from my grandmother, to the borderline tacky costume jewlery I found at a yard-sale, with me bigger is always better in the jewlery department. Of course this is just my personal preference, but I love being able to make a statement with something as simple as slipping on a ring. Trashy Diva already has me hooked from vintage glam eye-glasses to bow-tie wearing cats, there really is no limit to creativity here.

TFFC Img 3

Left: Cat-eye Glasses Ring- $15                                          Right: Tatty Devine Cat Bow Ring- $31


Finally, sunglasses. Next to cocktail rings, these are another item I probably own to many of. But i’ve accepted that and I’m moving on. I love being able to put on a totally outrageous, really glamorous, or super edgy pair and have it dictate the entire mood of my outfit. I recently bought a pair of these, and I have yet to switch them out for one of my other 15 pairs. At $12.00, I’d say not a bad investment.

TFFC Img 5

Nordstrom BP Luv Tortoiseshell Sunglasses- $12


What about you guys? How do you reinvent your everyday style, while also being on a budget?



  1. I am a scarf fiend, but I’m pretty poor right now (spending too much on bras) so I think my Spring accessory will have to be orange lipstick. Oh well, what can ya do?

    • I totally hear ya Brianna, the struggle is real. But definitely check out places like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx etc…They usually have adorable things within $10-$15.

  2. I love bow belts! I have also been getting more into accessories.. especially now that I’m trying not to buy as many dresses! Unfortunately my favorite accessories are shoes and hats which are not usually the cheapest accessories 🙁 I do love when I find a good deal on shoes, hats, and fascinators though 🙂

    • I’m right there with you, what girl can turn down a new pair of shoes? You can always give your current pair a makeover with nifty little shoe clips, they’re like accessories for your shoes. You can search Etsy shops for unique handmade options, or this site has a mecca of different shoe accessories:
      Happy shopping!

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