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Want of the Week: The Panache Jasmine in Ivory Floral

Image via ASOS

Image via ASOS

I’ve had a weird couple weeks in regards to lingerie. I felt really mentally overwhelmed after doing all of the Autumn/Winter previews and even with all of the new stuff, there were only a few brands I really truly loved. I usually pre-order a bunch of bras, but nothing I looked at grabbed me. Part of me wondered if I was just suffering from too much bra-itis, which happens occasionally when I’m doing lots of writing and lots of client work all at the same time. Luckily, running across this bra seems to have snapped my brain back into normal working order!

There’s nothing groundbreaking about florals for spring, but I think the colors in this bra are just wonderful. The color of the lace is a nice unexpected contrast and the ivory is fresh without feeling too fussy. It reminds me of a china pattern, in the best and most wearable way. It helps that this bra is based on the home run construction of the Jasmine and Envy bra (I’ve reviewed the Envy here), which definitely gives me a reason to own two versions of it.

Do you love or hate this bra? Have you tried the Jasmine yet?


  1. It’s a lovely bra, I purchased it last week. Unfortunately, it’s one of those bras with only partially adjustable straps. For me (high set breasts with a short torso) that means I will have to adjust the straps, which is annoying since I can’t wear it until that’s done. My sewing experience is minimal, so for now it lives at my mom’s until we both have some time to fix it. I wish that all bras were fully adjustable. There are so many different shapes out there that it would be nice to customize a bra strap as necessary.

    All that said, it’s very nice and looks nice under clothing. I find myself between a 30GG and 30H in Panache, but there was too much material in the 30H (too tall for my shape) and so I stuck with the 30GG. If you don’t need to adjust the straps for yourself, I definitely recommend this bra. Very pretty and comfy.

    • Thank you for commenting! This is really useful information. I’m short torsoed as well, so I’m happy to get your advice on it. I usually need to adjust my straps all the way down on bras. Can you let me know how it works with the alterations?

      • I would be happy to! Honestly, it kind of sounds like it’s going to be a PITA, but I hope to start working on it with my mom’s help (my grandmother was a seamstress and passed her knowledge on to my mom, but I am just not getting it) next weekend. I also recently bought the Andorra from Intimacy, and that one is also being fixed. Thankfully they do it themselves, but boy am I getting impatient waiting for it to be done! I too need to shorten straps nearly all the way.

        I know that email’s aren’t listed, but I don’t know if you get to see them or not. If so, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to let you know how everything goes and even take a few photos of the process. If you don’t get to see them, I can always message you. I just don’t want to forget and sometimes I can be forgetful!

      • Okay good news! It took quite a bit of shoving but I was able to adjust the straps. It’s difficult because the top strap part is padded and thicker, but you just kind of shove it through the top part and then you can pull it through the rest of the way. You just have to get tough with it!

  2. The straps are completely adjustable, they are just stiffer in the larger sizes, more cusioned but they do adjust 🙂
    I’ve had mine on all day, and it’s amazing, after never getting along with panache this is the best I’ve ever tried from them.

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