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Summer Lingerie and Fashion Consulting Giveaway with The Full Figured Chest!

Summer is almost officially here, which means it’s the season where the lingerie and fashion industries typically get a bit of a breather. We’ve survived Halloween, the holidays and Valentine’s Day and bridal season is partly over! While I know we’re all entertaining visions of beautiful beaches with cold drinks in our hands, I’d like to take this week to encourage you to use some of your free brain space to work on making your lingerie brand more successful next year.

Summer is a great time to work on all of the stuff that really makes your business hum. You can clean up systems (or just that pile of tax documents in your office). I know by this time of year, my brain can feel like this.

More importantly, summer is a great time to breathe and get creative. The slower months can be a great opportunity to problem solve, make a solid plan to grow your business and to work on your SEO. This week, I’m going to be talking about common problems that small lingerie and fashion businesses are faced with and some solutions for them. I’ll be posting a new case study each day and answering questions in the comments, but I’m also doing something I’ve never really done before: I’m giving away three consulting spots this week as well. Three designers/brands will win a one hour consulting spot where I’ll help you with your most pressing marketing issue. If you need some super targeted problem solving, this is a really good thing to sign up for! Don’t be scared to sign up if you’re a solo Etsy designer or just getting started. I’m really hoping that these consults will do a ton of good, so I’m looking for people who are working hard already but need some expert advice to help them go the extra mile.

To enter, just fill out this quick 10 question form about you and your business. There’s even a bonus Didy picture at the end to reward your efforts! Didy and I will handpick the winners on Monday, June 16th around midnight or so. Good luck everyone!

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