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Want of the Week: Floral Haze Bra in Blue Floral By Bravissimo

Image via Bravissimo

Image via Bravissimo

Bravissimo has released new summer offerings! While most of it is pretty standard, it’s notable that they’ve included two bras that go up to an L cup this season. I’ve heard lots of people asking for more UK L cup options, so it’s nice to know that they’re listening to their customer base and working on the construction of cup sizes above a K. The other option is the Alana bra which has been around for several seasons, but the pattern loving lingerie fan in me has to pick this one. Yes, it’s an overdone floral, but the color is lovely and it’s also pretty. It’s a huge step to offer L cup bras that are not only supportive but genuinely attractive!

If I have one wish for Bravissimo at this point, it’s for them to start shooting their high cup size options on models with larger bra sizes. This bra has an additional lining in larger cup sizes, which would change the look. I’d love to see them take a page out of Forever Yours’ book and start shooting bras on models that represent the full size range, like this image below. It’s a more expensive option, but Bravissimo seems like a business where the extra expense would easily pay off.

Image via Forever Yours

Image via Forever Yours

What do you think of the new Bravissimo line? Are you happy to see more L cup options included?

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  1. I so agree. What bugs me is that bras look totally different on higher cup sizes. I am done with balconettes, as they all look like full cups on me. Note the way the bras sits like a balconette on the Bravissimo model and more like a full-cup on the Forever Yours pics.

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