Britney is Back…in the Lingerie Industry?


A sneak preview from the brand’s Instagram page

If you’re anything like me, Britney Spears was your childhood. When you hear her name, you don’t automatically envision her taking out her anger with an umbrella and a shaved head. No, when I think of her, I think of female pop sensation who was a seriously amazing dancer, with some ridiculously flashy costumes.  From her innocent pig-tales and flare pants of the 90’s to her first public relationship with Justin Timberlake (still my worst breakup.), her style became sexier and more daring as her voice became more auto-tuned.




But this isn’t a music review, although maybe an excuse to go down memory lane. Regardless, Brit has given us some breaking news to get excited about. Aside from her numerous perfume lines, her outside business ventures now include a new lingerie line!

At first I couldn’t really take this seriously because of how many times she has been photographed wearing no underwear at all, but hey, I don’t judge (that much).  Not to mention, when the girl is clothed and performing, her outfits are something that every woman could probably identify with as being confidence-bearing and sexy…and maybe a little frightening.

Don't try to tell me you didn't imagine yourself doing this at least once.

Don’t try to tell me you didn’t imagine yourself doing this at least once.

The new line of lingerie, The Intimate Britney Spears will debut in the US and Canada on September 9th. She stated that her vision was to “Create pieces that are sexy, luxurious, and comfortable at the same time.” Certainly not a groundbreaking idea, but I’m excited to see what she has in store for us.


After all, if someone’s “workwear” looks like this, you’d expect something great, no? What do you think will be revealed? Over the top, surprisingly basic, or could it be possible she’s found a new calling in design?

Get it, girl.

Get it, girl.

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