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8 Tips to Create Your Perfect Custom eShakti Dress the First Time

Image via eShakti

Image via eShakti

I’ll be reviewing my latest eShakti order next week, but I thought I’d put up this guide since I’d gotten questions from some people about how I used the custom styling on my dresses. It’s easy to go wrong, even with custom options, if you’re full busted. And this hasn’t come up since I haven’t had to return any dresses and there aren’t a ton of non-sponsored eShakti reviews, but let’s be honest – returning dresses that don’t fit to India for a refund is expensive, stressful and a waste of money. Today I’m going to talk about some things I look for when I try and figure out if a dress is a match with me, as well as some tips I have for making your orders turn out better. I’m a huge fan of eShakti, but I also think that it helps to know what you’re doing when you order.

Use all of the custom measurements available and double check them before you order:
It’s easy to feel like your custom needs are based mostly on your bust to waist ratio, but making a dress fit properly encompasses way more than that. While it may seem easier to try a standard size or just plug in your bust and waist measurements, don’t take the easy way out. You’ll need another person to help you with some of the measurements, but if you don’t change size much then you won’t have to go through the process again anytime soon. We’ll see how some of these weird finicky measurements effect your final dress later.

Don’t go out on a limb:
I love eShakti, but I think it’s less a place to experiment then a place to find new ways to reinvent your current style. When in doubt, go with silhouettes that you know work for you and think about how your new purchase would fit in with your existing style and favorite color palette. Everyone has a fashion version of a happy place, so make sure your new dress fits into yours.

Image via eShakti

Image via eShakti

Think about how the dress matches up with your body:
I’m insanely shortwaisted, so I tend to go with empire waist dresses with waist defining elements that can be customized to work with my curves. The customization is doing some of the work for me there, but the basic dress design isn’t fighting my body either. If you’re long waisted, taller, or have broad shoulders then you can find a dress shape that works with you at the start – don’t make it harder by finding something that will fight your figure and then try to customize it.

If you’re full busted, add sleeves:
Lots of eShakti dresses start out as sleeveless dresses, but if you’re full busted then sleeves should be part of your standard customization. Again, this is about taking away one common problem area – even when customized, it’s hard to guarantee that a sleeveless dress won’t show your bra on the sides. By using all of the custom measurements you’ll ensure that you avoid the other problems that full busted women have, like your armholes pulling forward or getting stuck with t-rex arms when your sleeves don’t have enough ease and you can’t move normally. Luckily, eShakti usually offers several sleeve types with each dress and will customize the length of the sleeves for you as well.

Image via eShakti

Image via eShakti

Sweetheart, scoop and v-necklines are your friends:
Necklines are a great tool to use to balance out your figure. In fact, the ability to change your dress neckline is one of my favorite features that eShakti offers. I’ve had good luck with their regular necklines as well as variations like an extra wide scoop neckline and various v-neck options. If you feel lost, look at your favorite dresses and see if they have any necklines in common that you love.

Check back often and jump on dresses you love:
eShakti is like Modcloth where they add new stuff almost everyday, which is great if you’re looking for that perfect dress. It also means that some great stuff sells incredibly quickly, which means if you truly love something you need to get it when you see it. Luckily eShakti also has frequent sales and discounts, so it’s easier to pick up an impulse purchase there than some other places.

Image via eShakti

Image via eShakti

Look for dresses with interesting waistline details to balance out your top half:
This tartan print is a great example – look at the corset-like waist tie on it. It’s small details like this that can create balance between your bottom and top halves, as well as make a pretty dress into a memorable one.

When in doubt, go with the longer length:
I’ve seen some complaints about eShakti’s dress lengths in other reviews, so my advice is to go with the longer of the two lengths you’re deciding between. After all, in the worst case scenario, shortening something is easier than making it longer.

Have you tried anything from eShakti? What was your experience like?


  1. “When in doubt, go with the longer length.”

    Oof, ain’t that the truth! That was actually the issue with one of the last pieces I ordered. I was trying to go for an Edie Sedgwick-esque mini dress (and requested a the short length for my height)… and well, I got a shirt. Definitely not something I could wear with tights without my hooha showing! While the hemline of it would have made it more challenging to alter shorter from longer, it definitely ended up having to go back… (Which yes, you’re right; the returns can be cumbersome and annoying!)

  2. omgosh! thanks for sharing this! im loving the idea of custom made dresses, and, i adore that green plaid tartan, pictured last. tgif!

  3. I love eShakti, and have ordered from them before. I did change the sleeves and hems on two (out of three) dresses, and unfortunately had to send one of them back because the changed sleeves were just SO tight (I could barely get it over my head!). Their returns center is located in Washington State, so you won’t pay international shipping. Plus, if you ask to get your amount back in gift card form, they give you more than you paid for the item. I did do standard sizes, and it fit fairly well. I definitely agree that you need to stick with styles that you know will look good-plus, you’ll get a ton of compliments on it!

    🙂 Kaitlyn

  4. Very good points. I am very “gifted” in the bust area, so I tend to choose boat neck whenever possible for dresses I will wear to work and church. Even the scoop neck can be too low for me and I have not yet found the key to customizing a sweet heart neckline. I just wear a camisole under the v-neck and sweet heart necklines unless it is “date night”. I can help to include your waist to shoulder (seam) measurement and for dresses that don’t offer boat neck but just scoop neck, I have either requested they make it in boat neck or I let them know due to my bust I would like a high scoop and I give my measrements from my shoulder seam to where the low point of the scoop should hit. This has helped me insure a work/church appropriate neckline.

    You are right that is important to make certain the measurements are correct and I would add not to get hung up on the number of the size in the stock chart. I do find that for the dresses with elastic, I can go with the stock size that has my correct bust measurement but is an inch smaller than my waist.

  5. One additional note for shortwaisted gals like me–eShakti will adjust for a short torso (like petite sizing)! You have to request it in the comments section when you order, and they will send you a chart requesting even more tricky measurements, but it is WELL worth it if you are lusting after one of the natural waisted dresses and don’t want it to bunch or end up at your hips.

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