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The Holidays Are Here: Is Your Lingerie Business Ready?

Black Reindeer Tights by Hose TIghts

Black Reindeer Tights by Hose TIghts

I know we’re all still in the post-Halloween sugar coma stage of things, but I wanted to make a quick post today about holiday marketing deadlines. Basically, this is your lingerie marketing public service announcement, accompanied by some of my favorite holiday lingerie pieces that I’ve run across so far (it’s a blog, I know you’re all mostly here for the pictures).

Ritzy Babydoll by Curvy Kate

Ritzy Babydoll by Curvy Kate

Everyone knows how crazy the holiday season can get, which means that the earlier you start the more you’ll sell. It doesn’t help that most business owners are busy during this season actually selling lingerie, which means you don’t have a ton of time to put together gift guides, manage your social media or blog about what to put under a strapless party dress. By hiring an experienced lingerie copywriter you get the peace of mind that you’re in the hands of a professional, as well as some extra time with your family or to invest back into your business.

Unlined Filigree Plus Size Cami by Hanky Panky

Unlined Filigree Plus Size Cami by Hanky Panky

While I offer a full range of services during the holidays, here’s a list of some of the most popular ones:

Search Engine Optimization and Product Descriptions:
Working on your SEO early can make a huge difference in where you show up on Google. While some clients hire me to do a full site audit, you can also have me deal exclusively with your holiday products for a lower price.

Blogging, Both Ghost and Guest:
Ghost blogging is my standard service for clients, but I’ve also done trades with indie lingerie brands in the past for guest blogs and shopping guides. This can be a great service if you just need a set number of blogs for the holiday and want to get them ready in advance – blog package prices are reasonable and easy to budget for.

Gift Guides:

Gift guides are great way to show off your holiday offerings, but they can be time consuming. To optimize sales, make sure you have multiple guides that cover various sizes, body types and styles. This obviously helps attract a wide customer base, but it also helps with your search engine optimization. If this sounds like too much work, I’m available to do them for you.

Consulting and Support:
While writing will always be my passion, some of the most inspired client sessions I’ve had this year have involved consulting. A small number of consulting sessions can help revamp the pathways in your website to increase your sales, help you appeal to your target market and also increase your SEO. This can be a great investment at this time of year, as it’ll help you through both the holidays and Valentine’s Day. If you want some examples of what consulting can do for your business, be sure to check out the Client Love page with more case studies and testimonials.

Got a question? Want to chat about what I can do for your business? Just email me and we’ll get started.

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